His Scorpio Moon Communes With My 8th House: “She Wants Me Dead! Mort’!”

pentangeli.jpg“She’d like to see me dead,” the soldier said. “Yeah, she wants me dead! Mort’!” the soldier said, quoting Pentangeli in Godfather II.

I snorted. “You really think that?

“Hell yes. She wants me dead just like Pentangeli wants rid of those Rosato brothers…”

Here is the scene in the movie:

PENTANGELI – The Rosato brothers – they’re taking hostages. Hey, Mike, they spit right in my face. All because they’re backed up by that Jew in Miami.

MICHAEL – I know — that’s why I don’t want them touched.

PENTANGELI – You don’t want ’em touched.

MICHAEL – No, I want you to be fair with them

PENTANGELI -You want me to be fair with them? TOM — how can you be fair to animals? TOM — for Crissakes, listen — They recruit spics — they recruit niggers — and they do violence in their, in their Grandmother’s neighborhoods. And everything with them is whores — whores! La vegana — junk dope! And they leave the gambling to last. Now I want to run my family without you on my back, and I want those Rosato brothers dead!



What I like is that he’s so matter of fact about it.

Do you inspire this kind of passion in people?

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His Scorpio Moon Communes With My 8th House: “She Wants Me Dead! Mort’!” — 6 Comments

  1. If I do, they don’t tell me. I’m more of an “in the background, don’t know I’m there until I’m gone” kind of person. Or at least I feel that way today.

  2. (Larry King, hehe..it’s the super sperm..)

    I will say though that he was totally fabulous as the ugly stepsister in the Shrek movies.

    Genius casting!

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