His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: “If I Am Ever Murdered…”

wyatt-and-doc.jpgI don’t imagine most people discuss stuff like this but the soldier and I do. We like to talk about what he know, or think we know and last night we got around to the idea of my being murdered.

It’s not all out of the question with a chart like mine. Matter of fact if I were killed, astrologers would throw up my chart and say things like, “Of course she was going to be killed, look at this!”

Now personally, I think I will probably not be murdered however if I were to be murdered I am pretty sure I know who the villain would be! And like I said, the soldier and I like to talk about this stuff so last night I told him the name of the person I figured would kill me if ever anyone did.

“Well they thought they were gonna kill Wyatt Earp but Doc Holliday was there,” he said.

“Yes, that could happen too,” I said.

See why we’re going to get married in Tombstone?

The soldier discusses his death as well. For example he’s told everyone he’s ever known that he would never commit suicide so if anyone hears he has, they should know immediately he was murdered and hunt the bastard down and make him pay!

I guess we are not very civilized however I think this is funny and maybe you do as well.


His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: “If I Am Ever Murdered…” — 14 Comments

  1. Haha. I can be pretty morbid myself. I come up with all these scenarios as to how someone will break into my house, rape me then TRY to kill me. I would fight to the death and I would fight dirty as all hell. Hubby is always like “why do you think of these things??!!” I chalk it up to my Pluto square Mars, 12th house Pluto, Mars in Cancer (don’t fuck w/ my home or family!)…..or watching one too many episodes of “The First 48” on A&E…lol.

    I often fantasize about my funeral too. Who will be there? What will be said? How will I look and what will I be wearing?

    I’m slightly obsessed w/ death/afterlife.

  2. My dad is obsessed with Tombstone. Whenever we go home to visit (AZ), my dad and his dad always make a trip there. This is a pair who have been at odds with eachother since I can remember (until recently), but they always have Tombstone. I think that place means so much to him, he takes pictures whenever he goes and decorates his office with them. His library is full of Western books too. Quite the Capricorn.

  3. My Scorpio ex and I agreed that it would be ok for the survivor to eat the other should we ever wind up in a situation where it’d be necessary.
    We also talked a quite a lot about dying in old age, supporting the other and what it would be like to be the last to die. I have Sun/8th (Vir) and Scorpio NN. He has Pluto/1st; I’ve Pluto/9th (cusp).
    Composite Mercury conjunct Juno rising in Scorpio^^, with Mercury ruling the 8th.

    I met him for coffe today, and we discussed demented grandparents, death and dying…;)

  4. Well, with some of the updates happening today, I wouldn’t swear I might not get murdered by some dudes (one of my X’s) wife. The Leo I was referring to a while back (the one whose wife is called D, and with whom I am in e-mail contact for like 9 years now?) well, now it seems that I am also receiving e-mail now from his current wife, (they just ‘celebrated’ 2 years, or so she says) I’ll call her B. So I am getting e-mail letters (freakin LONG letters no less!) from both B and D … this is all a full 22 years to the day after I met Frank (first laid eyes on each other). D is like 16 years younger than me, and I consider her a friend now (shes remarried now). This new one, this B is even younger than that, I think (he is 7 years younger than me, which is nothing to us) but I am old and they love to harp on it, especially B now, well, OK then what the hell is it that that they feel so threatened by me that I can’t even say hi to him! Amazing! I just wanted to see that he’s OK, I had gotten some vibes he was not OK. B is going Ballistic (maybe how she got her name he he; D is laughing her ass off). hmmmmmmmmmm, this is a pretty good soap, nothin’ like a lotta Leo-drama!

  5. Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell & Sam Elliott…

    They are Hotties in this movie..

    I can watch this movie over and over again..

    And it does have a nice ending…

  6. I LOVE that movie. Need to see it again. And I used to live near Tombstone. I think it’s perfect. I didn’t get married in Tombstone the first time but we did go to Bisbee for our honeymoon. It’s a little mining town a few miles away.

    I don’t have conversations like this with John. He can’t watch tv shows that are too dark or talk about morbid things too seriously. I think it’s fascinating though. But I am one of those buggy people your sister avoids. 🙂

  7. Sun in 8th, Scorpio Moon. Dark thoughts come naturally, I guess. I remember, not soon after 9-11…I asked some friends what they would have done if they had been in the twin towers and knew they faced certain death: jump? or stay and burn in the fire? And they all just looked at me like I was perverse.

  8. In “Milk” – the new Gus Van Sant movie about Harvey Milk – the main motif they use is a tape that Harvey Milk made about a year before he was murdered. Basically, he said “I realize I’m in a position that I may get killed, and I want this information out there in case I do.”

    Eerie. But wow.

  9. I love Sam Elliot…I am going to find a picture from his younger days and make it my screen saver.. That man is hot…So western cowboy looking…He is delicious…

  10. Honestly, i am not above killing myself, if i felt there was absolutely no way out and my life had been a disgrace/total failure– i suppose as long as i have animals to look after, i’ll be here. I have cats but look forward to a couple dogs (when i live in a bigger place and prob not in NY) —

    I would suspect my chart probably shows this tendency much more than murder/violence from outside–

    I hope it won’t come to that of course– eh but who knows– Guess i better hurry up and find those dogs!

  11. I find myself in a heavy relationship (composite sun, venus, mars and pluto all conjunct in the 8th house)that will probably end up getting me murdered. I know this. I don’t walk away. Am I insane? Probably.

  12. I haven’t read the book “Final Exit” but its in my house, for intentions of dignity. A friend asked me to unplug him once -he was too weak physically to do it- and I did not have the guts. We were both very young. If I ever am near his position, I want to be able to do this for myself (before I’m unable to) and not have to ask, although it would be nice to have a loved one able to do this.

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