His Scorpio Moon and My 8th House: Death, Loss and Legacy

8th house death“Yeah, she lost her grandmother and she has already lost both parents. I wonder if that makes it worse,” I asked my husband after writing the post on loss.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I have lost so much in my life. I have lost so much, I don’t know about that.”


“Everyone loses everything eventually,” he added. “I lost things very early in life though… I think. Really, I just don’t know about this, I just don’t know.”

He’s right. Everyone does lose everything eventually. Ever gone to an estate sale? They sell your couch so fast it’s a joke.

What matters is your legacy. So says my 8th house.

Have you created a legacy? Tell us about it.

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His Scorpio Moon and My 8th House: Death, Loss and Legacy — 12 Comments

  1. gemini rules my 8th house, and so my 8th house ruler (mercury) is in my 11th house. not sure what that means.

    my legacy is my music. not sure who will ‘inherit’ this legacy outside my friends and fam, but i’ll leave that up to fate.

  2. It would be my writing, but no one really reads it. I like to think of my daughters being able to become acquainted with my mind at a later date. Right now they are too busy living. And, I’m still here and hopefully not going anywhere.

    Not everyone has the opportunity to visit someone’s mind. My mother didn’t write but she did leave some books, which is sort of an indication of a persons mind.

    I get a kick out of reading about Henry’s mind. He’s quite a character, very ahead of his time. What a gift his upbringing was.

  3. I have a packed 8th house. I try to live my life knowing at the end of the day eventually everything turns to dust…Im not sure what legacy Im creating at the moment but I have a bunch of journals with writings, poems, thoughts, everything and music both I’ve collected and created myself and I’d like to think when I pass I’ve left something in these things for the people I love that I leave behind to follow much later <3

  4. I like to Seed Ideas in People, Family & Friends so they can use them for their benefit !!!!

    Jupiter in 8th House in Piscis !!!

    I also have a lot of Faith so i Try to share it!!!

    Best Wishes everybody !!!

  5. I think so. My daughter posted (on facebook) this line from a song last night: “My momma mapped out the road that she knows. Which hands you shake and which hands you hold. In my hand-me-down Mercury, ready to roll. She knew that I had to go.”

    I told her I’m mapping as fast as I can for her. We’ve had a lot of really deep conversations lately. Seems like she’s getting my intent. I know she’ll go off her own way soon and I want to convey as much as I can about how people (and the world) work.

    Last night I read for a woman who loves an older man who’s health is not great. It’s a very limited relationship for several reasons but the love between them is transcendent and beautiful. What I saw when I pulled cards was that he is lining things up so he can go. He is close to my friend, his sister and his son. I could see his energy flowing into them like a clear stream. He is actively, though maybe unconsciously passing his legacy to those three.

  6. I have Aquarius Jupiter in 8th, Uranus in 2nd (not opposite Jupiter). So, legacy is important to me. My three kids are my most important legacy. I did my best to raise them (alone) to be mature, responsible and compassionate adults. Now that my youngest is 21 years old, I have an astrology blog, where I plant my seeds. I hope many could benefit from them.

  7. Yes, when I am dead my possessions will be scattered to the winds. The only beliefs others will hold about me will be what someone else has told them, truth or lies.

    But, rumor mongers and the deceitful will die as well. And, unless I am historically famous, the gossip will die with them. Nothing will be left of them, except maybe some long past boring scuttlebutt.

    That’s why I blog. As long as some server, somewhere, holds a small piece of my psyche, as long as some embodiment of my spirit reduced to words and images can speak to some yet unknown kindred spirit, that which is of my core will live to speak again.

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