Hey Psst… Telling Secrets Under The Scorpio Moon

scorpioHey psst. I feel like copping to this under the (well aspected) Scorpio Moon.

There is a blog I have read for years and years and years. The gal is a great writer but she’s just a ridiculous human being. She hates women, doesn’t think much of men and even her kid(s) suck because they act like their father… or her sister… or the neighbor… you get the idea. She on the other hand, has no flaws. None, damn it! None at all.

And for awhile there I guess I was waiting for her day of reckoning but five years later, I had to concede it would probably never come. And I thought about signing off at that time but decided she was way too valuable as an anti-example. I have every intention of reading her blog until the end of time. I never miss.

Do you have an anti-example in your life?

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Hey Psst… Telling Secrets Under The Scorpio Moon — 11 Comments

  1. Yes. I think the non-examples are just as valuable as the good examples. Equally as valuable. Some people are in our lives to teach us how we don’t want to be…

  2. ::chuckle::This is a funny blog because although I see the value of an anti-example for some, my particular Virgo Moon gets way too riled up with criticism and judgment relative to what I feel comfortable with to indulge more than once. So I have to take in the lesson and move on.

  3. They say that you learn how to manage by being poorly managed. It makes the good bosses stand out. I’d say that’s the truth. I learned the hard way what I don’t like and what I do like. I’d like to think that even on my bad days I treat people better than the bad bosses.

  4. i have “anti-examples” for different reasons. there doesn’t seem to be a single person who epitomizes everything i don’t want to be – probably just groups of people connected in a single way.

    in the case of the blog, perhaps it’s a negativity-ego-insecurity release?

  5. Melody – but her writing is so good… I just love the variety of ways she finds to be preposterous. I can’t read her blog without grinning ear to ear and also thanking God she lives in another state. She is funny like a character on Saturday Night Live, 🙂

  6. Most of my biggest,life-altering decisions have come after an encounter with an anti-example.I’ve had several over the years.What I took it as at the time and even still,was that if I was not careful,if I just let things go on as they were and got really lazy,I could very well end up living the life of my anti-examples.Scared straight,I realized I was at a fork in the road and consciously chose to go in the opposite direction from my anti-examples.I believe that they karmic angels.They come to point the way.

  7. No, I just can’t tolerate people who are that messed up. It disturbs me to be around them and just knowing they exist and thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Best to ignore them. That’s just me though.

  8. Yes, this person’s name came up a couple of times this weekend — he’s like the anti-me… all style, no substance, he’s even a DJ, like I am, but we’re polar opposites in just so many ways. Even though we’ve never interacted much he’s one of few people that I genuinely dislike being around and I’ve done my best to avoid. Fortunately, he’s moved to another country.

  9. I am with Amethyst — I can appreciate the demonstrated examples not to be, but continual exposure to them makes me twitch (and get frustrated).

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