Helpful Perspective For People Hit Hard By Uranus Square Pluto

I wrote this for a client, caught in a whirlwind with Uranus and Pluto transiting the angles of her chart, along with various planets at the affected degrees of the Cardinal signs.  She’s got to move her family, suddenly, in order to keep her job.

“…Things are going to be tumultuous for everyone through 2015, courtesy Uranus squaring Pluto. Those of us with planets at these degrees of Cardinal signs will be most personally affected but there is an upside to this.  We’re in the eye of the hurricane in the way. Look at you and I. Are we in denial? We’re not. Consequently, we’re far less likely to be hit by a desk flying through the air!

From my perspective, you have everything you need. You can see the big picture. You are not having to rip yourself away from family or close connections. You still have your angel on your shoulder.

Also, you are working for a company that is doing what it has to do to stay in business. You want to stick with them because some businesses are not reacting this way for any number of reasons.  You clearly want to survive, as does your company, so this is a a good match. It’s a good marriage, so stick with it.  Stay in the eye of this hurricane. Keep a cool head and keep your faith up…”

Can you relate to this model?

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Helpful Perspective For People Hit Hard By Uranus Square Pluto — 14 Comments

  1. Uranus is currently squaring my Midheaven and I do feel strangely protected as if in the eye of the storm rather than the more tumultuous part even though there are massive changes occurring all around me and others are getting knocked around. Maybe this is because I am also doing what I can to survive and am proactively making changes (including some deep shifting)to be in alignment with what the business is also doing to survive.

  2. The Uranus/Pluto square hits nothing in my chart, including my progressed planets. (Hey, I’m getting enough trouble from Neptune right now.) But damn! – my upcoming solar return has Moon exactly opposite Pluto and square Uranus! Nobody gets out of this big hurricane. Even if Neptune has me out to sea.

  3. That sounds damn good advice.

    I personally feel protected from the hurricane to some extent by this blog. Forewarned is forearmed; those who are prepared for shock and disaster stand a far better chance of surviving the same, than those who are oblivious of the coming storm over the horizon

  4. My husband has sun 6 aries, jupiter 2 aries, saturn 12 cancer, pluto 7 libra, and moon 14 libra. My AC (and therefore all my cardinal angles when using equal sign housing) is at 13 libra. Don’t think this square or any of the crosses will be close enough to hit my pluto and saturn at 26 and 28 libra or my mars at 22 cancer.

    It’s pretty overwhelming contemplating the fact that upheaval will continue until 2015, but I guess when you really hate the way life is going, a little upheaval could be a good thing. Would hate to be settled into the way things are now forever, would just be nice if the upheaval would hurry up and get it over with.

  5. Definitely, as I have Chiron at 6 Aries, my moon at 11 Cap and my AC/DC at 15, ALL of which will be directly hit by this lovely squaring off.

    But considering that I’ve had my life demolished to ashes (career, home, family, relationships) because of the recent years’ Cardinal cross (I have Uranus and Jupiter at 1 Libra), I have absolutely no fear. There’s nothing else to take away, only to rebuild at this point. Adding salt to the wound, I was also having all of my mid-life transits (Pluto square, Neptune square, Jupiter & Uranus oppositions AND Saturn square Moon) occurring at the same time. I can honestly say that I’ve been to hell and back.

    I think for me, the Uranus/Pluto squares are going to manifest more positively as I rebuild my life. There’s nothing left to demolish.

  6. Elsa, I have searched your past and more current entries. But I maybe I have overlooked things, which is quite possible. Myself and some friends are having to deal with totally bitchy, whiny and outrageously acting people, especially today. Now, I know it’s in the heavens, somewhere, but I am not knowlegable enough to find the connection, for one thing. Any thoughts?

  7. It’s hit my angles, Rising is Aries 5. I knew it was coming so I planned the big changes, still planning themm as far as I can.I like the desk flying through the air phrase. I’m gonna remember that.

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