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questionUPDATE:  Thanks everyone!  We appreciate the interesting feedback.

Aquarius Lurker used a randomizer to chose two people to send free Transit Reports. I have contacted cathyuoc and Emma, to make this happen.

Update: Emma’s email bounced. Please contact me.

It would be nice to keep the conversation going! Yes, the forum is a separate place. The forum is accessible via site menu, across the top on a desktop or under the “hamburger” icon on mobile. I have also placed a banner at on both versions of the site.  Click the clinking bar glasses.

You’ll find a never-ending variety of topics, because we’re real people, and real people’s lives are better than TV. We talk about charts, but it’s not only charts.

Because the forum has real people, with interests that are hard to predict, you might say something and find the right person hasn’t come along to pick up the thread. Then again, it might be you that gets everyone up and about!

Some of you asked about the purpose of the forum. It supports people, and people support it. It allows you to post your own topic and get feedback from a wide variety of people.

Some mentioned posting only to have no one respond. This does happen, but not very often. I personally try to catch every thread but I am not infallible. When a thread is ignored, there is often a reason. Most times it’s because people post a chart and ask something like, “What do you think?”  That is a broad question; really we don’t know what you are looking for.

forum register

The forum is also about conversation. If you invest very little, it’s not reasonable to expect people to turn out.  I have never seen anyone with a real plea for help, be ignored, in all these years.

It takes less than one minute to register. If you’ve ever thought of visiting but never got around to it, here you go – FORUM.
Thank you all!

Astro Fairy popped up to pay for a consultation for someone in need, once a month. Now Aquarius Lurker is working to discern why the forum isn’t hopping, the way we’d like it to!

If you don’t visit or participate in the forum, please tell us why. To encourage voting, I’ll send a free Deluxe Transit Report to one of the voters.

Thank you!
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Help Us Help You! Poll! — 89 Comments

  1. I don’t always get responses here on the blog posts so I don’t expect much interaction in the forums either.

    I also am trying to be minimalist with how many logins I have unless it’s a necessity. Of which these days, there’s so much to keep track of.

    I’m also super conscious (felt self conscious even writing that) and have the thought of writing something stupid or dumb just bothers the mess out of me.

    I have Mercury/Mars in Cancer (sensitivity) in the 10th house opposite Neptune. BML is also there.

    So I’ve had experiences previously that has led me to being cautious about what I saw no matter the place.

    • Those three points are clearly written and very good info, thank you so much!

      I understand what you mean on all three 🙂 Whether to participate or not is a personality preference. And we honor differences! See Elisa’s post below for the opposite!

  2. im ok with no responses, and i participate often lol
    sometimes it’s just random thoughts that just go through my day and i see something and i think omg i need to go write this out on the forum especially astrology related 😀 its like sharing i caring xD
    since i’m participating in this topic i put down’not an astrology expert’ helllll noooo. but good enough for generalities 😀

  3. I think that being on a forum would made me overshare even more. Somedays that’s fine, I need to express my thoughts, 1st house stellium, gemini sun, gemini 5th house. Other times it’s not, pluto in 10th, mercury opposite pluto, mercury square saturn. Plus it’s the extra of logging in and remembering a password so never got to it. I went on the forum to lurk on two threads though. The food receipe thread and the perfume thread (that one dissapeared and I was bummed).

    • I know of the food thread but not the perfume thread – before my time. Good to know. Re: over-sharing, it comes with the territory. Almost all of us do it, regardless of the astrology. You would be in good company… Thanks for writing.

  4. Sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say!

    And yet, over the years I have had some great and meaningful conversations.

  5. I’ve never participated in forums, just never been my thing, maybe it’s something to try but it sort of seems like another thing to have to do. I need lots of time and space so I’m careful with what activities I pursue, they have to pay off!

  6. I selected reason ‘Other’.
    I honestly don’t fully understand the point of a forum. Logically I do of course, I understand the concept of a forum, but like ‘why?’

    My question is to people who DO engage in the forum: why do you do it, what are you getting out if it?
    I’m not against forums, so maybe there’s something I’m not getting.

    • Speaking for myself, I like the privacy of the forum. Out here on the blog, I don’t go into depth. It feels too public. In the forum, I feel free to dig into an issue. For example I can post my chart to illustrate a point and ask for alternate interpretations. Also, I can start my own conversation about a topic and not have to wait for Elsa to do it. Elsa may jump in herself and comment on a topic I’ve started.

    • education. for me, as my sagittarius side likes to learn and also teach (maybe not teach in the general sense) but through/via experience, and honest discoveries, someone else may learn too, thats a form of give and take and teaching/learning. i might even learn something from what i didnt see out of my own perspective. so yeah education. which suits my emotional side very nicely ^^ the more you learn…maybe we can understand other people’s differences. before internet i learned through school and other students and co workers, and meeting people. Now everything has turned more online due to ever changing tide of life, covid let us stay in all day and night and use internet more, order food online and deliveries. was super restricted with traveling. Now, we’ve finally gotten free. but with that freedom, there’s still the internet.

      also, i like a little drama 😀 i think that’s the fire side of it. but not too much because it can be yucky toxic.(ive watched too much drama on tv to know it can get bad) But drama in a way that you’re reading everyone’s life and it does get incredibly sad and awful. and this also helps connect us as human beings, not just online personas; as there’s honest faces here sharing their life.

    • Menu > Forum > Forum menu (look for hamburger lines opposite the search icon) > Login

      Menu > Contact > Contact Elsa

  7. Another possible reason for not joining:

    “I feel vulnerable when I leave a digital trail”

    Do any of you think this?

    • I do!
      It’s similar to how I felt when I had a Facebook and it kept all the status I had written since I was in my 20’s and I don’t like to look back and see something from 10-20 years ago.

      Although I know that online, we’re constantly tracked, I just don’t want to attached to something digitally that will leave a trail that catalogs all my thoughtlessness.

      • Yes… Although this is different in that we are real people talking to other real people, so thought processes evolve as the conversation evolves. Versus an FB status where you’re talking to yourself out loud, with no checks and balances.

        • Maybe I’m confused but this exchange is what I mean. There seems a miscommunication here and I just feel like I’m not being understood and here is, recorded digitally. I was just using Facebook status as an example of something that just pops back up because that is what triggered my deletion of the account. I joined a private group previously and I have no control over the deletion of some of data when it comes to being tagged or mentioned in that sphere. When it comes to interactions, not all of them are positive and I like the option of being able to disappear when I want to. I’m not sure if I answered the question of not. I have a tendency to misread questions or be misunderstood, even in direct verbal conversations.

          • Wish this was in the poll. I suspect this is really common. I completely understand. Even though you can be anonymous here, there’s a possibility of overexposing and potential doxing.

            • I understand but for the record, I am the one behind the scenes and no one has been doxxed on this site in all these years. Not one person.

          • I am behind the lack of clarity here and I’m sorry. I was responding to your description of sometimes leaving behind examples of your ‘thoughtlessness’ as you call it. I think this forum helps to limit thoughtlessness because the people that are here are generally thoughtful. It is true, things written in the forum are kept. There is an archive here that goes way back. But (to me) the material is rich, thoughtful and great fun. I’ve never thought to myself, ‘That’s a bunch of thoughtless people who wrote that!’

            But of course, yes. If your concern is not being able to delete things under your name, that’s a different issue, and is best answered by the Admin, Elsa 🙂

            • On your name… you don’t have to use your name. That’s the beauty of it. I am the only one who is exposed.

              Also, the posts do not last forever. I delete them to prevent the database from growing too large and expensive. I delete THREADS, choosing the ones that won’t help anyone, due to the title.

              “Do you know..?”

              That’s an example of an un-searchable thread. So if you want to see something not stick around, this is a hack. However, posts with good titles can bring people from all over the world. One of them may have the piece you need!

    • Absolutely! I’m cautious about where I message.
      But also, where is the forum? Other than commenting here, on the elsaelsa blogs, I don’t see how to get on a forum.

  8. IT’S SOMETHING ELSE: I have been a “lurker” on and off for years as don’t have internet or wifi. When I have access I do a scan of the forum for a topic that has my attention, usually from something I read on the blog. I read/observe/listen and gain so much as Elsa and all the others post. Also, it takes me awhile to get my thoughts in order and put to paper and the wifi connection may not be there. The last thing I want is to be part of a conversation and then don’t respond for several weeks – egads!

    • I would consider myself in this feeling, too. I feel a responsibility to check up on my postings and often don’t have time or internet to keep up. But I love, love being able to lurk and gain alot of insight to others’ perspectives.

  9. You can see the forum tab if you’re looking at the home page of the website from your phone. I was looking for it recently and couldn’t find it, or any other tab either. Finally, I put the desktop version on from my Samsung, and then all the different tabs at the top popped up! I’m thinking this might be an issue for others, or even for new readers who were not aware the forum is an option if they’re using their phones. Combine with shorter attention spans, you can see how that’d be a barrier for participation.

  10. Absoluely LOVE this forum …am fairly regular poster but I’m floaty light & scattered atm …think it must be transit related! I’ve not even cracked on with my solar return this year … Certainly find it an easy forum to use & friendly … ps Aquarius lurker is a fab name!!

  11. I’m intermittent because it seems I rarely if ever get response/feedback.
    It doesn’t seem like what I’m saying matters all that much.
    When I truly identify or otherwise feel connected to a certain concept I’m going to post but I’ve accepted I may not get feedback even though I wish I’d see something.

  12. I tend to have a great deal of anxiety over written interactions resulting from having a plethora of learning differences and reading/auditory comprehension issues. It also means it takes me forever to write a post because of this sooo… haha.

  13. I don’t participate (maybe once?) because even though I have used astrology for years I still have very little ability to say ‘oh this is squaring that and that’s why I’m experiencing xx’. If I’m having a really crazy time I just prefer to have a reading with Elsa.
    I do scan the forums occasionally, I get some, I dunno, comfort? From hearing other’s stories, but when they get into the depths of their own charts, I move along.
    It’s hard for me to describe, obviously, but I like the forum. I think I get more from the posts when people are telling HOW they are dealing with a tough time, rather than why Mars is whatevering their Sun…

    • I happen to like both the ‘how to deal’ and the ‘Mars whatevering’. But yes, I see your point. By the way, I do want to note that some threads are neither… Sometimes people are just talking about their day and whatnot.

  14. So, just to be sure….THIS is the forum you are asking about….right? (I know that Elsa has mentioned a subscription (fee?) forum thing…which sounds interesting….but, I never knew where to find it.)

    Can you tell that I am an astrology newbie? Lol! Which is the main reason I don’t post.

    Lastly, my experience is that a monthly zoom call where all show their faces, hear a ‘talk’ from the Blog Owner goes a long way in helping folks connect on the blog as they begin to put names to faces. Of course, we’d have to make sure our screen name matches our blog posting name….

    • The forum is separate from this blog that we’re commenting on now. It’s accessed through a link labeled “Forum” in this website’s menu. Workshops are fee-based, but the forum is free. Myself, I love the anonymity of the forum. Having said that, your feedback about connecting nicknames to faces has been duly noted 🙂

      • I thought this was the forum too! I was talking about the blog then! eak sorry – this feels ‘forumy’ maybe that’s why I’ve never dabbled further & thought this was fairly anonymous – though I think I should have picked a better name! lol!!!

        • Blog comments are anonymous too, for sure. But the forum is where you can go into detail to provide more context: what the past days & weeks have been like for you; post photos; upload music; tell everyone what you grew in the garden or what you had for breakfast, whatever. In contrast, this blog we’re on now is for general comments, really.

          • get you! prob a bit too ‘social networky’ for me … I prefer investing that time in ‘real life’ for that depth (though severely lack real life astro buddies!que a sad emoji! lol), don’t really do ‘personal’ online, though sometimes surprise myself by what will say on the blog … the blog is totally the right level of online interaction for me – love it … there’s more interaction than YT comments, but it’s not like living your life there if that makes sense … Tu!!

  15. Poll not loading…. and yes I tried refreshing…. and gave it time. In any case…. I don’t want to read content other than Elsa’s input as she has the insight I resonate with. I want to avoid misinformation and opinions from those not well versed and I would have to spend too much time (that I would like to spend elsewhere) trying to determine who might be the other people I should give attention to. I typically just scroll directly to Elsa’s comments / responses to any topic in the forum. Love you Elsa.

  16. It’s something else: life!

    I was a regular forum poster when I was a stay at home mom. That changed in 2018. My oldest graduated HS, and we also started planning our move out of state that year.

    I got sick in 2019, then recovered and went back out into the life of the employed.

    2020 through 2022 were a blur. The first half of 2023 was very unsettled.

    I hope to post more if I can only find the time.

    • You’ve had a busy number of years. Congrats on your eldest graduating, and on your move & job. Recovery too. Look forward to seeing you around whenever you’re free!

  17. Super unhelpful comment perhaps but I think I’m almost too much of an introvert to participate in any substantial way lol. I’ve read Elsa since 2017-2018 and I’ve never used the forum, and only ever comment in the blog section whenever I see a post that *really* feels personal somehow. But even then I can’t say that it’s more than, maybe, 3-4 times a year? 🙁 sorry!!!

  18. IT’S SOMETHING ELSE: I love the forums. Love that I can hop in and post something or see what is up with people. Love the anonymity, it gives me a feeling of freedom to really say my truth. Love that this space is here. That said, I am trying to not live online and to keep my online time from eating my real life.

    Is there a problem with the forums? I don’t think so at all. We all have other lives and we are all presumably trying not to be addictively online. So we pop in and out. So that’s my question, is this a problem? If it is not financially sustainable, that’s a problem. But if it is “why don’t you come play with me more?” it’s not because there is anything wrong.

    This is one of the great online spaces and what surprises me is that more of the enormously expanding astrological universe is not coming here. I can’t stand reddit or Facebook and sitting and watching astrology you toobs is not my way. Twitter is wrecked. IG is not conducive. I can’t personally bear TikTok. This seems PERFECT for astrology people of all levels, that is what surprises me. There is nowhere like this for astro people. I would think they would be breaking the thing with their numbers, but no.

    For a while I was put off by the political stuff. Repelled. But it seems to have calmed down/disappeared and I’m back. Maybe that political stuff put others off who haven’t come back? I don’t know.

    • I love the political stuff (a bit of a political junkie) but usually participate on a personal level, stuff I’m trying to work out or looking for the astrological symbolism to help me understand the underlying meanings.

    • Nice exchange here. Also, thank you so much for the detailed reply, aspire. This is an interesting angle on the issue.

  19. I don’t fully grasp the planet/chart thing and in the past no one responds with anything to clarify either. It just seem to be pointless unless you are super knowledgeable and then there tends to be responses that have value. It’s like a click and I’m an outsider.

    • I do agree. Perhaps we need to sit at the Kids Forum? But, if we do that, we don’t have the opportunity to hear what the grown up astrologers are saying…

      Not sure what the happy medium is.

      • Cali are you Cali or IN Cali? I’m in Cali myself… anyway, I do understand my chart in a general way but in reference to a lot of what is posted and talked about I can get quite lost. I am a visual and hands on learner with ADD ASD brain but an Aries Gemini Scorpio so I get frustrated when I am misunderstood which is nearly always and when I can’t get answers of value due to superficial or excessive complication of what could or should be a straightforward answer/response. I’m 56 too so I am at that place where if I can’t get any value out of it I won’t bother anymore. Life is already a crapshow and my brain and soul are just so over trying to be seen or heard or acknowledged anymore. Feeling like an outsider to a click just doesn’t feed me in any way. Or maybe I am just an ahole. I don’t know. I’m probably too messed up to function in these interactive arenas. I want to be face to face but in small quantities so I can read people’s sincerity in their being. It’s all so lost in technology. I’m gonna shut up now… see? ASD ADD.

        • My name is Cali and I have liven in California for 40 or so years.

          I hear you about being heard or acknowledged….but, I truly don’t know how to do that on line, or if it is even possible. And, I find myself vacillating between wanting to connect with folks who know astrology and those who are learning astrology and with turning back to my true Aquarius rising self and going it solo with books, articles and YouTube.

          I do find Elsa a wonderful writer, super smart, quick witted and a true expert in her field. I have learned loads.

        • Maybe get a personal reading at some point, we all have a Jupiter return at 60, hope that cuts through some of the crapshow, we all want to be seen/ heard, by brain and soul! And we all are aholes sometimes! ….well, I guess I can only technically talk for my self!

  20. IT’S SOMETHING ELSE: For me, at one point it became too political and argumentative. Some very strong opinions that became disrespectful and was a turn off for me. We are all allowed to believe what we want, but when it becomes disrespectful – I’m out.

  21. When I became active on the forum, which is recent, what you’re talking about seemed no longer the case. Having said that, it’s fairly easy to suss out ppl’s politics. But it’s not the focus of conversation. And when a normal, happy interaction happens despite such differences, it’s a good feeling. For me, anyway.

  22. I kept trying, a number of times, at least 8 or 10, but never received any response so I gave up since if nobody connects back or says anything why bother it just geeks lonely and useless

  23. I’ve been on the forum since it’s inception. My contributions vary. Free time and time away from my ever talking husband Big Sadge. His double Sagittarius self does take my concentration away from most things. He just walked in. Gotta go!!!

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