Help For People Who Struggle To Find Love

Venus-Cardiff_castleLet’s face it. Some people have a harder time than others, finding real love. I frequently work with people like this, people who have a Venus Saturn signature in their chart.

Thirty or sixty minutes is nowhere near enough time to cover the topic in a way that is comprehensive, never mind having the chance to outline a solution, even though I know how to resolve this stuff.

It’s very frustrating.

I decided to address this by having a workshop on the topic when I realized that no one else was going to want to cover this. It’s too depressing or whatever.

Well it’s not depressing! How can real (Saturn) love (Venus) be depressing? I realized this was my job to do and I took it on with my whole heart.

I put everything I’ve learned over 40 years about the problems common to this group into this workshop. My style is conversational which makes it easy to understand the material.

Here’s a sample:

“Reading this far, I am pretty sure this gal is not going to partner unless she makes significant changes.

I don’t mean to be rude with my judgment but I’ve worked with a lot of people over many years. After a while you can discern things, sort of like a dressmaker knows the size 12 dress is going to hang poorly on your slim frame.

If you want the dress, you can have it. But it you want it to fit, it will need alterations.

See the limit in the dress analogy? There is a restriction, but it’s reasonable. Most importantly, you have a choice whether you sign on for change or not. You’re in control!”

The transcript is close to 70 pages long. It’s completely focused on helping people who have all but given up on finding love to overcome their blocks.

Check it out here – How To Find Your True Love & Soulmate With Venus Saturn Workshop Transcript

I put all the cards on the table. I don’t think you can find anything like it, anywhere.


Help For People Who Struggle To Find Love — 14 Comments

  1. I was a participant in the workshop and it was enlightening and helpful! I realized I was not alone, love is possible, but I needed to clarify the issues and take a deeper look at myself to figure out what I truly needed and what I had to offer. Elsa and Satori did that with their insightful analysis, straight to heart conversational style and the humour and love of all of us in the workshop. Highly, highly recommend!!!

  2. I’ve struggled to find love all my life and now in my mid forties I realized it’s probably never going to happen for me. I don’t have Saturn Venus..?!? But I have Aries Venus and Sun opp Uranus and have been told I’m super independent and don’t want a partner (yeah, right!!). I also have Pisces Sun conjunct Saturn (somewhat shy and hate being center of attention) and I like a guy to pursue me…. I’ve been told I will always attract the wrong guy this way, that unless I act in a way true to my Aries Venus (i.e., out going, confident and willing to pursue) I will never find a suiteable partner. I feel doomed.

    • L, my ex husband has a Pisces Sun, and an Aries Venus, and he had plenty of women chase after him, but he was a “pursuer” indeed. It was subtle, but very evident at the same time. Hard to describe, much better if you can see it on a visual movie screen. It’s the “charm” but he just didnt sit there, there were subtle ways he went about it (maybe neptunian) he had a pisces mars. It really is perhaps different when a woman has these love placements though. I would imagine you’d have to be like Elizabeth Taylor… know….vamp it up and be sexy. She had a Venus Aries. also Pisces mars. Woah… O_O

      So, that would make alot of sense that you really should act out your aries venus – that’s your god given gift, along with your mars.
      Good luck!

  3. Venus Square Saturn – after your mother and father reject you what else is left – so, figured had nothing to stop me – lost my shyness gained confidence in myself and found true love-life partner – married now for 47 year and we’re in love – not bad for sun, moon, ascendant , and venus in virgo with venus in 12th house – probably moon sextile midheaven that makes it work

  4. Have this signature! One astrologer told me that, would meet broken hearts… so many time the girl I met was coming out of an relationship and became too cautious (seeing red flags too soon) because of baggage!

    • “Do you have Venus in Capricorn? Venus square, opposite or conjunct Saturn? Do you have Saturn in the 7th house or Venus in the 10th?

      Are you a Cancer or Capricorn rising? Do you have Saturn conjunct your ascendant or your descendant? Saturn in Libra?”

      Those are the markers. 🙂

  5. with a venus trine saturn, venus square uranus, venus square neptune, virgo sun, virgo rising, sun in 12th house.. its harder than hard. :-/

    • thank you, Elsa. 🙂
      I think a venus-neptune aspect makes it even harder, more difficult to see whats real.. and definitely more depressing once disillusionment sinks in.

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