Heads Up To Cardinal Signs, Oct 2017! Going Against The Grain

I was looking for a start date for my Saturn in Capricorn workshop. I came across this.  What a beast!

The Sun and Mercury square Pluto exact at 16 degrees Cardinal. If you have planets ’round there, as I do, then WHAM!

This made me check out the Transit Calendar.  The date pictured is October 9th, but as you can see, there’s a period of days there that are bound to be memorable.

This will not stop me from starting a class at this time.  It reminds me of an astrology workshop I went to, years ago. It was about astrology and gambling.  The gal presenting had studied the subject for sometime. Her talk was interesting but all about going with the flow. In other words, she would wait for benign aspects.

This sounded okay to me, but I gambled quite a bit at the time and was in the a habit of winning, significantly. My method was exactly opposite this gal’s. I liked to go up against something. Some kind of force.

Anyway, if you have planets in the mid-degrees of the Cardinal signs, watch for this week. “Interesting” does not begin to cover it.

How do you feel about operating in inclement astro weather?

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Heads Up To Cardinal Signs, Oct 2017! Going Against The Grain — 26 Comments

  1. Sounds familiar – sun square jupiter, uranus, south and north node, all cardinal signs (cappy, libra and aries)mercury square moon, saturn (cappy to aries). Incremental weather finds me, I guess it’s the fffriction that’s set to move me on and up.

  2. So Pluto is sitting on my natal Saturn/DC conjunction, so yeah, I assume this will be another ingredient in that mix. Thanks for heads up.

  3. My god have I had enough of this inclement weather. Uranus opposing my Sun, conjoining/opposing my AC and Nodes, Saturn Return – afflicting not just me as a Libra but also my Aries partner/ex-partner (who the hell knows which to call him right now) as well as Saturn opposing my Moon and conjoining his Uranus, that Venus retrograde that happened earlier this year…the list goes on. And now this happening with my AC & Nodes too? No more! I’m done done done. Please Elsa or somebody else tell me the skies will be brightening soon?!

    • It will sit on my husband’s Pluto exactly as well and that will square his AC/DC axis.

      And it will sit on his sister’s Pluto which is conjunct her MC and oppose her Sun in Aries at 16*.


  4. That’s all over my MC, 16 Cap.

    Ideas for getting back into the workforce or even starting up a small business of my own are coming to me a lot more frequently than ever.

  5. Elsa..you should also see Oct 8 and 11..

    8th the Venus makes an exact square to saturn 23 degree virgo sagi

    11th mars square Saturn.. 23 degree virgo sagi….

    Going to be baddddddddd days..

  6. It doesn’t sound like a choice,I see my strength; I whine inside
    Anxiety that I seem to conquer. For me thinking about stuff a problem
    Doing stuff a sure success, no point in giving up or not trying
    I don’t have someone to lean on ,just that little voice inside,
    ” I can do this”

  7. Sun and Mercury will conjoin my ascendant. IC is at 19 Cap. I’ll be going into a Jupiter return on my birthday late October. Will that bring protection or just expand whatever issues hit now? Last October was a doozy, and I don’t want to go through that again!

  8. Oct 8 is my birthday. ((gulp)) I’m guessing the next year or so is going to be a wild ride! But I’m with you, Elsa. Going with the flow only gets you where the flow is going. . .

  9. So October 9th – It misses my Cappy Venus by three then on either side as it’s at 10 degrees Capricorn in the Second House…and same with the Pallas in Aries in the Fifth House. She is at 25 degrees. BUT Jupiter in Libra, will conj. Sun Mercury by an orb of FOUR degrees in my 11th House. And Pluto will be just past my Venus already.

  10. My word!! Sitting atop my Saturn at 16 Cap in 6th house, square my MC/IC (Aries/Libra) and opposite Mercury at 19 Cancer. Hoping to sell my house right now and move abroad….. and with Uranus dancing with natal Mars at 27 Aries too! It’s been an interesting few years to say the least (not always good but I’ve learnt lots), this will be the last time Pluto conjuncts my natal Saturn, does this mean I’ll move on a new person in a new country perhaps? That’s a nice thought 🙂

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