Heads Up, Gemini and Virgo! Mercury in Aquarius Into March, 2014 (Mercury Retrograde)

Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs 1734 Francis BoucherMercury is in Aquarius now, his sign of exaltation. Even better, he’ll stay in the sign (for the most part) through mid-March, due to a retrograde period.

Like this:

Mercury – Aquarius – January 11, 2014
Mercury – Pisces –  February 1, 2014
Mercury retrograde – February 6, 2104
Mercury Rx in Aquarius – February 12, 2014
Mercury direct in Aquarius – February 28th, 2014
Mercury leaves Aquarius on March 18, 2014

Mercury is brilliant in Aquarius.  Expect Gemini and Virgo to perform exceptionally well during this time period as their minds will be liberated.

Mercury in Aquarius will work well with Mars in fellow Air sign, Libra. This combination is smart but not obnoxious! It’s fast and light on it’s feet.

Mercurial types are likely to have numerous innovative ideas at this time. However, easy come, easy go.  Be ready to jot down what comes to you, because light bulbs that come on, don’t necessarily stay on when Uranus is involved.

Look at the painting. Does it look like Mercury is going to hang around forever? No.

He’s a messenger, babe, and that’s it!

Are you looking forward to this transit as much as I am?

pictured – Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs 1734, Francis Boucher

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Heads Up, Gemini and Virgo! Mercury in Aquarius Into March, 2014 (Mercury Retrograde) — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you for providing a positive perspective on Mercury in Aquarius and its retrograde period. While I am a Virgo Sun, my 12th house is in Aquarius and Pisces. So I usually tend to dread 12th house transits, but this gives me a reason to look forward to Mercury in Aquarius. I must also tell myself that while Mercury in Aquarius squares my Pluto, and opposes my Venus, it also trines my Jupiter, sextiles my Mars, sextiles my MC, my Saturn, my Uranus, and trines my natal Mercury. The favorable transits outweigh the challenging transits to my chart. In any case, I think the Pisces bit may be more challenging than the Aquarius bit. I am not the most creative person in the world, so this transit could help.
    I notice how my martial arts training themes shift according to transits, yesterday’s training session had a more innovative dimension that I enjoyed (learning how to react more quickly, and coming up with an interpretation of a series of movements in application). I also watch different types of movies according to transits.

  2. I looking forward to this. Mercury is on my Asc. now and soon be in the 1st house. I think this will be the time to make notes about any idea that will come to my mind.

  3. Okay! The tip about Mercury being (just) a messenger and not meant to park is really funny and insightful. @whynot: good plan!

    This retrograde transiting my 1st and 2nd Houses; notes about who I am and what I value

  4. I am just wondering and pondering what is the meaning of exact conjunction of Mercury to my natal Mercury in the solar return on February 1, 2014. It’s not retrograde in the chart, so I am guessing that the guy (Mercury rules my 7H) will be slowly breaking so he could see me better 🙂 Eventually, he will stop to catch his breath and talk to me hahahaha 😀

  5. Shadowing already? Just got off the phone. Auto shuffle. Vehicles are on the fritz. The secretary of transportaton for our circuit is on it. And I am yet to discern where all the cybergate stuff is going.

    And oh yay, merc is retrograding over my natal IC. That means opp pluto and square saturn, too. It’s probably time for me to shut up and listen already. I can just not heed the demands. I don’t need to be vocal about it.

  6. I’m a Gemini and the Mercury retrograde will be going through my 2nd house. Maybe I’ll think of some innovative ways to make more moolah!

  7. As a triple Gemini with a stellium in Virgo I can say that I am definitely looking forward to this. I’ve needed to think more logically and clearly about a big issue going on in my life and it’s finally starting to happen. Oh, sweet sweet clarity. It’s like the lights are turning on and when I look around I can finally see everything just as it is (and was), without my emotions getting in the way and clouding things like they had been. Venus being retro is helping me a great deal as well. All this couldn’t have come at a better time for me!

  8. Hi Elsa,

    Can you tell me for how long the exaltation of Mercury has been considered Aquarius? According to the classical tradition, Virgo is the exaltation of Mercury, and has been for thousands of years. I know that some people give the Outer Planets rulership over the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces (classical rulers are Mars, Saturn and Jupiter), but I didn’t know that the exaltations were also changed. Are there any other changes of this sort to the scheme of exaltations? Sun – Aries, Moon – Taurus, Mercury – Virgo, Venus- Pisces, Mars -Capricorn, Jupiter – Cancer, Saturn – Libra.

  9. I am excited for a Gemini friend of mine. She needs the boost!

    No Virgo at all, I have Mars in Gemini at 14 degrees. Will that mean anything?

  10. I’ d like to know how’s going to work for people with water mercury(pisces), natally challenged by all the outer planets and trine neptune-moon…is it going to help with some more detachment and grounding,hopefully..?

  11. It’s funny because I’m reading your posts backwards. Soooo, my lil’ ol Mars Aquarius is being struck by my chart ruler Mercury…Freeeedommmm. (ala mel Gibson in Braveheart) Let Art Live. haha. funny.

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