Have We Stopped Thinking Deeply?

thinking deeplyIn today’s culture of texting, social media, and the like, there is an expectation that we be constantly available and constantly productive. We need to be able to come up with a witty retort or a complete opinion in an instant or else we’re seen as slow or we miss the zeitgeist. We get offended if our texts aren’t answered immediately. We’re upset when a random clothing brand doesn’t have a stance on matters of international conflict. It’s all Mercury all the time!

But not every Mercury works that way. There are those of us out there (a third of the population, thank you very much), who have Mercury in a fixed sign. We might not be the best multi-taskers. We may take a week to respond to a text, and we positively embody the concept of “l’esprit de l’escalier”. But one thing we’re great at is thinking deeply. Every person I know who has Mercury in a fixed sign has thoughtful, well-formed opinions. And even more valuable is their measured response to a crisis.

A few years ago, I had a dust-up with a friend. This is exceedingly rare in my life as I tend to keep a small circle of people I trust implicitly. But this friend had what could only be described as a total breakdown, and in the process stole from my family and nearly got everyone into legal trouble due to fabricated accusations. It was horrible. And when my partner asked me what I intended to do about it, I said, “I am going to take time to think deeply.”

My partner rolled his eyes, thinking I was buying time until I could find a justification to let my friend back into our lives without addressing her behavior. But that wasn’t the case at all.

For three weeks, I pondered. I knew that I loved my friend and wanted to extend her grace, especially since mental health was clearly a factor. I also love my family and am as deeply protective of them as any lioness is of her pride. I knew I couldn’t risk putting them in harm’s way again. Finally, after many nights of letting these thoughts percolate, I had a decision.

I chose to meet with my friend. I told her that I loved her and that I was so happy she was doing better. I told her that I understood what she had been going through and that she had all my empathy. I even brought along her favorite dessert, my hand-made rhubarb soda.

But I also told her that, in order for her to be a part of my life moving forward, there would need to be a few boundaries. First, I needed her to restore what she had stolen and apologize to my partner, who suffered the most from the loss. I let her know that there may be some awkwardness in the future, and that for a while it would probably be best if we met in spaces other than my home while the dust settled.

I wish I could say it turned out well. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Her response was to say, “Wow, you really give your partner a lot of credit. But you need to accept that he is just collateral damage, and I’m not cleaning that up.”

I was gutted, for sure. But what I also felt was peace. Not because the situation turned out the way I hoped, but because I knew that I had done all the soul-searching possible ahead of time. I was (and years later, still am) completely at peace with the way I handled every single second of that interaction. I had thought it through, deeply and carefully.

And that is the beauty of a fixed Mercury. And it’s something I think the world needs a little more of. Maybe not everything needs an immediate response. Maybe we don’t have to have an opinion about everything. And maybe one thoroughly-considered idea is worth more than ten that came off the cuff. Or maybe not! But what I can say is that these days, when I say I need to think something through, my partner doesn’t roll his eyes. So maybe there’s something to this fixed Mercury thing after all.

What do you think about our culture’s need for immediate communication? Do you have Mercury in a fixed sign?  

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Have We Stopped Thinking Deeply? — 12 Comments

  1. What an absolutely beautiful and inspiring post, I have natal and progressed Mercury in Cardinal Signs but with Capricorn and Saturn influence so I appreciate thoroughly contemplated idea.

  2. I have a fixed Mercury placement, in Scorpio in the 10th House. Your post affirms the deep searching thoughts that usually fertilize my decisions. This Mercury is in a wide orb of connection with Chiron to make decisions so often tied to old wounds or regrets. This mix squares a Leo stellium of Mars-Saturn and Pluto in the houses of legacy and relationships, so over time my actions and sense of responsibility to others have been tested again and again. It’s a life practice.
    You asked whether we, in this current human cycle, stopped thinking deeply because of the sources of info and speed those sources can come at us. I think the temptation to respond quickly incites shallow responses; some of us can think clearly on our feet with little ‘collateral damage.’ But not many. Slower more organic decisions encourage being like nature: the sun only comes up once a day, the moon moves through phases and stages of illumination, spring comes once in a year …
    Living well takes time to learn. Perhaps allowing for different rates of learning, responding, thinking would encourage it.
    Beautiful post, Midara. The example of your friendship’s affect on your thinking was thoughtful.

  3. Not me.

    I had to explain to my BF The Senator that I need ‘down time’ to get back into my own head after being overexposed to people energy due to teaching elementary school kids and performing for the public.

    He gets it but he’s a Saggi on FIRE 24/7, brain process on deep analysis. Coincidentally my bestie of forever is a Sag w/ 3 kids & two businesses same brain. They’re deep thinking process is well honed and on point.

    Getting back to the post. Most of us very deep analytical thinkers. Whether we choose to use it or not. Independent thinkers who are educated, well read and hiding in plain sight while the sheeple bleat.

    Says me a Cap merc square Pluto

  4. i say let them wait 😉 few things are urgent
    i understand that sense of peace with a conflict. i think taurus is just as good at letting go as scorpio. maybe less suddenly, but as finally. i value my peace of mind too much.

  5. ‘In today’s culture of texting, social media, and the like, there is an expectation that we be constantly available ‘and I hate this from the bottom of my heart. I have fixed mercury in taurus square fixed saturn and lilith in aquarius and opposite fixed pluto in scorpio. I was the odd one out at first when stating my boundaries on communication and availability and even getting snide comments from a very fixed taurus/scorpio dominant on how this is almost anti-social behavior until she got to the conclusion that it’s unnerving, tiring and stressful to be available all the time and trying to appease everyone with an immediate response. She got to experience what I was saying months before. You’re catching up, sis. Communication requires care, attention, energy investment and closeness and exchange. It’s taxing and if you want to have a meaningful one, it’s better to have less then more. The only exception to my boundaries are extreme urgencies, medical or other hazards. I want to have the chance to miss people and look forward to catching up. That’s not gonna happen if you shot 15 messages at me daily and want an urgent reaction. I’m done.

  6. You are a fabulous writer, Midara! Your writing is always well thought out and is a pleasure to read. You’re so right – this is the age of the quick retort.

  7. Amen Elsa! I’m a Mercury Taurus and it’s my only other planet in Taurus next to my Sun, which is barley even there (a 1degree Taurus😂)

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