Harsh Full Moon in Gemini – November 27, 2023: Mental Stress

geminiThe full moon in Gemini will take place in the early morning on, Monday, the 27th @ 4 degrees Gemini.  Mars and Saturn are involved with this. The aspect are tight so I’d not expect this to be pleasant or comfortable.

Further, Gemini ruler, Mercury is tightly square Neptune.  I’m sorry, but mental stress with is a given. You can see the chart here.

I see the sun and Mars conjunct in Sagittarius; perhaps, ego-fueled rage out-of-bounds. With Saturn in Pisces check this? I wouldn’t count on it.  The moon in Gemini’s involvement with this makes me think of, Elon Musk’s, remark, “The most entertaining outcome is the most likely.”

It leaves me with this question: Entertaining for who?

When you factor in the Mercury Neptune component, involving boundless Sagittarius and Pisces, this looks like worldwide news to me.  Controlled, of course, and concealed by the thinnest of veils.  But that’s out of our hands? What can an individual do?

This sky is super stimulating to the sun, moon and Mercury.  What can you do with your emotions, your mind and your creativity, lit up?

I can see some marvelous content coming from this: the key thing to keep in mind is the intent. What’s Mars trying to accomplish (Saturn)?

Never forget, the Mars Saturn combo van be merciless. On the flip side, it can be ferociously supportive. I guess it depends on who you run with.

Whatever happens, few will be bored. This alone is worth something in my book!

What do think of this full moon in Gemini?



Harsh Full Moon in Gemini – November 27, 2023: Mental Stress — 20 Comments

  1. I think it won’t be gentle to february Pisces. I’m already dealing with Saturn sitting on my Sun, feeling restricted or invisible,like I’m not aloud to shine in anything. this full Moon is just gonna amplify this.

  2. my Sun is 4 Gemini conjunct IC, already beaten by Saturn and it is a long way to go.. I am exhausted and sad. I am worried about this moon ( despite my Sun is otherwise well aspected in the natal chart)

  3. I am looking forward to this one, don’t know why, I get a good feeling.

    In terms of the collective, could be in the vein of the energy were already experiencing, but more, an expansion, regarding deception being revealed, revelations. Sag is truth, and I have a good feeling about this Sag season for bringing in some truth.

    • I agree! As someone who’s felt the last several years have played out like a bad superhero movie I have been rolling my eyes every time a new catastrophe threatens to be launched, knowing it’s just as likely to be fear porn as not, but that with this bunch you never know what abominations they will try to push through or actually do so yeah, Truth is way overdue.

      Quote of the day: “Mercury squaring Neptune will not help you with this because it forgot.”

      • I also wonder whether Mercury forgetting has been applying to institutional NON-customer service of late? Lots of stonewalling, narcissist-type deflecting, even in the face of being presented with “receipts”………

        • Business is literally, desperate, in some cases. This is the feeling I am getting.

          Also, some are selling at a loss (car biz, in particular, in many areas).

          But the idea you know/don’t know is Mercury Neptune for sure.

          Also, you’ve been missed. 🙂

          • oh!🤓ya…life gets wacky on the treadmill. Always has been the case but more so in recent times, I guess we can call it “California survival.” Which becomes California Zen. Actual text I sent yesterday: “Grand Solar Minimum and Schuman Resonance got me all…” Which is to say many things suck but managing so far to survive, although I simply MUST mentally check out from the mischigas from Time to Time, Darlings — Time, which seems to be flying… But I definitely feel things WILL get better. We’ve just gotta remember the spiritual soul warrior mofoz we are and positively vibeyvibe this shizz, for ourselves and the rest of humanity yadayada where’s my coffee???

            Love, Mecury

          • Oh, I mean people who just don’t (and likely won’t ever) get it. Casting pearls before swine sort of thing. like trying to perform Shakespeare at a strip club. It’s art but no one cares because they came for the T&A.

            Although I’m still learning, I’ve long been acquainted with this great divide; the rest of the (my present) world seems to have been slow on the uptake, or sense it and find whatever they can within that cause to stir trouble. “Othering” which I usually manage to ignore but it’s annoying people still try because it is so stupid and petty. Do they actually think I (or anyone paying attention) won’t notice?

        • “I also wonder whether Mercury forgetting has been applying to institutional NON-customer service of late? Lots of stonewalling, narcissist-type deflecting, even in the face of being presented with “receipts”………“

          I feel like this also—or especially—applies to the mainstream media., which is also supposed to provide a service. A classic example of mainstream media stonewalling and deflecting even in the face of receipts (Mercury—Neptune) is the press not only memory-holing “bombshell” stories it was wrong about, but even denying they ever were

  4. Leo Sun/Libra ASC – have an important IT-related job interview Monday morning a few hours after the full moon is exact. Really want this one, but with Mercury already being in retro shadow and the square w/ Neptune, I am concerned that I may not be as sharp as I need to be. At least I am aware and can attempt to compensate. And hopefully the other candidates (and maybe even the interviewers) will not be astrologically savvy and therefore be a little more clueless and confused by it all than they normally would be 🙂

  5. aaaaand Quote of My Life:

    “….is like working a 5000 piece puzzle. It’s different from a 50 piece puzzle and most won’t bother.”

    If they don’t know what to do with all those pieces, is it really a loss not to have to deal with them?

  6. Oh, why not…. Saturn has been all over my 0Pis38 ascendant and opposing my 0Vir10 sun for what seems like forever, might as well have some fun with it.

  7. i’m not really familiar with gemini placements on a personal basis, ive never dated one with any gem placements or have close family. but i know my cousins and my little nephew has gemini venus/ gemini mars. my little nephew is close but it’s just recent that he came into our lives. so i’m also observing. and my husband’s best friend has a gemini venus/gemini mars too. They do get alot of nervous energy and feel low about themselves if they aren’t up to par, lots of insecurity too, although they seem to have everything in life, they still feel like it’s not enough.
    although i’m quite familiar with pisces and sag placements (jupiterian flavoured) i’m not familiar with gemini as much.

    the mental stress aspect is definitely correct; can’t deal with what most earth dominant/earth signs can deal with. If they have strong earth in them it helps. but wow the mental stress can be so great. i think gemini can be closely to mental illness if not taken care of, nurtured mentally; give freedom. Freedom (which is their sagittarius opposite too) but freedom of the mind and to get out there, because if stressed will breakdown. Im beginning to understand why they need freedom badly too.

  8. “What can one person do!?” Now you sound like my father. He was always telling me, “it has always been like this, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I didn’t believe it then, and I certainly don’t believe it now! Nothing will get done if you don’t do anything.
    This dilemma requires a very Zen-like perspective. Is doing nothing doing something? Yes. Just be-ing is doing something. Just like the 100th Monkey Effect if I do nothing then it just may flip the script for myself and 99 others! What we have always done is what we need to stop doing. Flip the script!

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