Hard Times! When Will This End?

t-bone accidentThe 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn brought great hardship to many. The planets broke up at the end of the year. We began a new story in 2021. This story is dominated by the Saturn Uranus square.

Most are progressing. They are getting through the days and weeks and months. Most are learning and much of what they’re learning (Saturn) is surprising (Uranus).

I don’t know anyone who is gliding along at this point. A conjunction is like a balled-up fist. A square manifests more along the line of being t-boned from the left or the right. It knocks you off course.

People don’t like being knocked off course. This is particularly true for people who have a lot of planets in Fixed signs.  This has been a hard year because you have to keep picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. Literally nothing seems “easy”.

People used to offer dates around when things would be straightened out, settled, normalized or whatever.  It hasn’t happened. People are so stressed and while I hope I am wrong about this, I don’t think life is going to get significantly easier so long as Saturn is squaring Uranus. The aspect will be maintained until the end of 2022.

I know this is not good news. But when you’re going to be dealing with something for this length of time, understanding it a can save your copious amounts of pain and frustration.

It’s this simple:  can you walk from here —> to there in a straight line?
Probably not.
You’re going to get disrupted.

This does not mean that nothing good can happen. Good things happen every day!  But your sense of being in control? Forget it!  This is particularly true if Saturn and Uranus aspect your natal planets or angles.

It’s possible to crack this code, fare better and suffer less. First step would be to accept what’s above.  It’s like taking a compulsory course in college that doesn’t interest you. Too bad – you’re enrolled.  It’s the school of hard knocks, meant to liberate you.

No, hard knocks are not liberating but maturity is.

I expect to be a different person circa January, 2023. I intend to be free (Uranus) from at least some of what burdens or blocks me (Saturn). It’s the the path from here to there is full of potholes, debris and various other sundries.

How are you faring with Saturn squaring Uranus? 



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  1. Oh this is my jam, I have most of my natals in early degrees fixed signs; concentrated in the first, fourth and seventh houses 🥴 and it’s been a wild ride for sure. But I have been liberated psychologically and literally and although it feels very uncomfortable and strange, I am learning to live in this new way. I am super grateful as it has afforded me the opportunity to work on some heavy childhood trauma, and I regained a deep sense of faith. I am not the person I was a year ago, and I can’t imagine who I will be a year from now. This transit is like a do over for my Saturn return but the stakes are higher.

    • Your life is so similar to mine. Same experiences. Except that I have a T-square in 1H,4H,10H, all in late degrees of the fixed signs.

  2. currently, transit uranus is conjunct my natal saturn in taurus 2nd house. Opposing Mars, and going on later will oppose venus in scorpio 8th house.
    How do I interpret it?

  3. For me it started in 2016 when I was in a deep depression. I looked at my progressions and I had progressed sun conjunct natal pluto, progressed moon conjunct natal saturn, and solar arc neptune conjunct IC. I was taken back to my early childhood when I was abandoned. I started the healing journey then as well. That was when I discovered astrology and began studying it hardcore. Fast forward a few years I had uranus oppose my AC, sun, mars and mercury in 2018. I felt like my entire being was in chaos. I had no idea who I was or where I was going. Then in 2020 I was hit with saturn and Pluto, it has also been during my saturn return mind you. I have progresses moon in Aries in December and two eclipses soon thereafter. Im ready to start my life over.

    • Tyler – I am glad you had your astrology studies to navigate your life paths. It’s a great tool. Continued good luck!

      • Thanks Jayne. Yes, astrology is a really insightful tool. It’s helped me understand and get through. Best wishes to you.

  4. You are so right about so very much.

    I have fixed in early and later degrees. Something to look forward to. Life would be so boring without the bumps and bruises, the broken and the changes.

  5. I have Aquarius ASC, so this is like two sides of myself fighting as Saturn also rules Aquarius.

    In my chart, Uranus sextile my ASC, and Saturn squares it. So, which one is the most crabby of the two? Which side of me will win in this squared clash now?

    So many things have been sudden luck and windfalls and positive outcome, even though they began with a strict rule orientation and shook how I saw and thought of myself. It’s like mom and dad fighting inside me living in 2021.

    But I do think something good will come along. Uranus is my sextile… Even if Saturn makes me doubt myself, I remember your quote, Elsa: God writes in crooked lines.

    These words have been really fitting for me this year and still are!

    • Me too with the Aquarius Ascendant. It feels like a tug of war and I am in the middle as a rope getting yanked two ways.

  6. Best post award. Everyone should bookmark it and keep reading it as we slowly move thru this tough transit.

    I love the phrase “Going through the school of hard knocks (Saturn) to be liberated (Uranus). 👍🏻

  7. As always, I appreciate your no-nonsense approach. Thank you for telling it like it is. I have a T-square (fixed early through late degrees) with Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Mars. To be honest, it kind of sucks. Uranus is in my 7th house. Saturn’s in the 4th house squaring my sun. So much is coming out, and into my awareness, in regard to the stories/beliefs, I’ve inherited but don’t serve me. It feels like I’m seeing the cracks in the foundation of my being for the first time. There’s so much more to this I could add but suffice it to say, it’s coming from every front! There has been a lot of kindness, goodness, and understanding that has been included; I have to acknowledge that with sincere gratitude. But this continues into 2023?!? Ok if that’s how it’s going to be. It’s better to know than trudge blindly on “hoping” for relief. Thank you Elsa.

  8. My oldest child has natal Saturn (her 10th) conjunct my natal Uranus(my 6th). Her natal Uranus (in her 1st) conjunct my natal Saturn (in my 9th) in the same fixed degree. She is grown now but we will never really escape this sudden heavy pressure unexpectedly between us. Both cases have Uranus retro moving away from the conjunction.

    Not sure why I share this except to say I understand the energy.

  9. I have had Uranus opposing my Venus and Jupiter and I feel like I am in no man’s land or invisible. The conjunction to my Saturn in Taurus and opposition to my Neptune in Scorpio is later when Uranus moves to 22-28 degrees. Saturn’s Square will be heading that way when it conjunct my 19 degree Aquarian Ascendant. Whew! That is a lot of transit that I have dreaded for years. (Natal Saturn in my 4th house/Uranus in my 8th by Equal chart) have been activated and it has been rough.

    Strange (Uranus) events have been happening around me and they seemed to have doubled in July. My husband and I watched a black orb fly between us and go through the wall. A neighbor went out of his mind before this event and was wailing to God to make something stop. My husband called an ambulance for him and he told the officer that came with them that he keeps seeing demons masquerading as humans. Brr. Lights have been flickering and batteries have been draining fast. These things have always happened. My mother and her dad both went out of their minds in the late 90s and this episode with our neighbor brought that past stuff up. That was probably Pluto going thru my 12th house, reminding me of my past. Still the things seem to be happening closer together and getting more intense. I have been fighting with a smoke detector that wants to keep beeping. I just hope the newest battery lasts longer. (No smoke) just loud alarm beeps.

    Uranus overload.

    • Sounds like you need to have your home spiritually cleansed by a professional medium or even a priest. Have you tried it yet?
      Scary for your neighbor too! I hope he gets relief and good care.

      • Things like this have happened my entire life. That neighbor got evicted. But there have been two deaths in my husband’s family. Two older members who were sister and brother to each other, died two weeks apart and both died on a Sunday. Then a young grand daughter of another family member died. Also the nephew of our former next door neighbor died. He was young too.

  10. I’m tired.
    Tired of all the death n significant illnesses of those around me.
    Tired of the rejection/solitude.
    Saturn is literally straddling my Moon/Mars conj in 4.
    Uranus has just crossed his legs n made himself comfy conjuncting my Sun in 8 (and participating fully in the square between all).
    Little to no fun, eccentricity or quirk because it seems the Saturn seems to hold the MOST sway here.
    I thought this would be a little of this AND that but that’s not the case.
    I guess the Uranian vibe has me ostracized or I’m ostracizing myself because my thinking about most things today TOTALLY oppose/challenge the going narrative.
    It’s like I’m an outlaw or rebel with a pause.
    I’m not givin up or anything but it’s like a huge wet blanket is draped like a cloak which I cannot disrobe.
    I’m tired.
    I actually look forward to this Leo square activity because this week – kicked off by the moon – Venus n Mars will conjunct first Jupe then my Pluto both in Leo.
    (They’ll also sextile Neptune in Lib in 1 and Venus in Gem in 9).
    So this week will have a ray of sunshine.
    I’m calling it. I accept n receive it.
    After all I love myself regardless.
    It’s bout all I got n it’s all I’ll need. Therein lies God

  11. I feel stuck everywhere about everything and completely lacking in energy.
    Gotta keep on trying, but it’s tough.
    But even so, your post is uplifting. A question of time and effort.
    Thank you for the encouragement!

    • I can totally relate Satsun! Too much going on for me to write it all hear but my plans to retire are being derailed by Uranus and Saturn. I’m not happy but just have to keep trudging. It is draining my optimism for sure, and my energy. Not looking forward to being forced back to work to commute in with this Delta variant whipping things up again!

  12. At 63 I’ve got all this energy manifested in a T Square (transit Uranus square Uranus/Transit Saturn Opposition Uranus natally) along with a separate but equally important transit Neptune square to natal Saturn. I’ve been a long term student of Astrology (40 years) and I guess very fortunate to have seen this coming, so the friction and angst caused by this energy seems to be more natural to me though equally palpable. I channel the energies (creativity and innovation) being offered by the focus (Uranus) in this configuration as relentlessly as I can into my work despite feeling blocked and obstructed at every step . I’m also pretty confident as a result of my life long spiritual journey (using the language of Astrology) to have finally identified my life’s purpose represented by the location of my natal Uranus in the 10th house and the work I am doing!
    I follow very few Astrologers (it tends to distract from my real purpose, even though I would dearly love to do so) and I particularly like Elsa’s interpretations (She speaks my dialect of Astrology (to coin a phrase borrowed from Kelley Hunter)) and she is right ! There is gold in them there hills, you just gotta keep looking !

  13. This analysis is spot on and I’m learning not to be fixed in my xvalues with Cap Saturn in the 11th , Uranus in the 2nd a natal Leo Venus/Mars/Uranus conj in the 6th! T-square time.

  14. Well, last year I told myself I had better change because I was not enjoying life at all. I went to doctors with my ideas, got platelet injections, spiritual healing, and then lashed my leg to the bannister and pulled as hard as I could in all directions, and an hour later my hip popped into place- after 5 years of being dislocated. Found a real chiropractor who is aligning my legs after so long compensating for my hip. I can finally move without pain- but slowly because my muscles are weak. (I ran all over town the first day, and ended up back in bed) I have real hope finally for a miraculous recovery! I have natal Uranus at 29Leo conjunct my 2VIR asc, and 23CAP natal SAT.

  15. Have been forced to deal with (Saturn) numerous and very expensive unepected ( Uranus ) home repairs in recent months.
    Roof, sidewalks, plumbing, basement flooding, trees.
    Never had so many things go wrong all at one time !

  16. I’m going to print this one out. Nailed it. Uranus is done with my AC and Sun opp pluto, but will go over NN in 2022, and over Mars opp saturn before leaving Taurus. I haven’t checked (cant deal with that as well now) but I wonder if by the time uranus hits the last degrees pluto will support from capricorn or already moved in to aquarius for a full massacre t-square to my ac/Sun opp pluto… maybe around 2077 I get a reprieve from transits like this… 🤔😓😓

  17. My chart is heavily Saturnian and Uranian already plus my chart axis is fixed (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo). I’ve been having issues with my anxiety and depression off and on since October 2020. I feel stuck in my job search with barely any opportunities coming up and someone I care deeply about has been having a very rough 2021 with people screwing him over and health problems starting to return. He’s been going through some bad periods of depression. It’s tough to watch when I know I can’t do anything to help him and he’s been lashing out at me and everyone else and pushing everyone away. I think that is a manifestation of Uranus hitting my 7th house. This turbulence with this guy and his problems is up and down. I’ve now learned to give him space when he gets like that but also be there for him when he is ready.

  18. After mulling this over, I think it’s the uncertainty that makes me itch. I am okay here in my own little paradise. I just am uncomfortable with the fluctuating lurking virus. I get more confident about ‘being out there’ and then there are upticks or a new more vicious variant. There are unvaccinated that won’t see me because they don’t want to take the chance they could get me sick. And right now there is a fluctuation in what individuals feel safe with. I still double mask and no longer get any grief over that. I was the only one masked yesterday when I was out and about and everyone was very cordial and chatty. It was fun especially at the plant outlets where as complete strangers we discuss our experiences with different plants. Yardening conquers all? 😃

    • I got the delta virus breakthrough. Vaccinated. probably a good idea to wear one. It was just a week and no hospitalization. Fever. Chills. Strange cough.
      I want to yell I don’t have the patience. Sag moon 😀 It seems everyone became became stressed. My husband had a meltdown last year. Lost his job. Now has a less paying job. Ouch.
      I need something my own!! My whole social landscape changed. Half family hates democrats. Not a thrill. Others my world hide their political affiliation. Fear. I could care less.
      Wow. Pluto crossed my rising. Saturn conjoin venus. Crossed rising. Square MC
      Uranus conjoin mars. Neptune square moon approaching sun.,conjunct. Dizzying
      I once knew what wanted
      Then found out my cap rising 16 not 22 degrees.

      I need direction!!! Saturn hitting me.,pluto , uranus, neptune . Any more . Dizzying transits. Plus . Bright spot. In September progressed sun goes into gemini I think that the problem. The 29 degree last dregs

      Thanks!!!! Elsa Elsa

      An astrologer said I be free progressed sun changing signs

    • Just to clarify one thing. Viscious is not a word to describe the delta variant, as it is only more communicable, and much much less severe than the original, as are most variants. Variants wind down the epidemic by rolling out into a less harmful form, even if more rapidly spread.

  19. Let’s hope so.
    As far as data on the graphs, children are now in intensive care.,hard to know just what is reliable sources. What is real. Conspiracy theorists abound.
    A few say too many making money to give good facts.
    Neptune drifting through 4th house USA chart.
    Other countries do not know.

    Drug laws!!! Has become a joke here. Drug dealers making money. More laws, the more street drugs., seems no one notices that. More ODs

    They keep blaming doctors.

  20. I am glad I got it (and developed antibodies) before it had a name and there was no fear associated with it. Just another pneumonia.

  21. Thousands have died.
    More would have and more will.
    You ever looked at X-rays of few . Afterwards.
    Glad you personally thought of yourself!!!

    • Yes Mair, because I can now give sage advice and concrete information to friends and others about how I got it, exactly where, why, how, and what I did to get over it, and about the severe pulmonary weakness which lasted almost a full year, but I am fine now, thank you. I was 58 then(October 2019) and am succeptible to pneumonia and have had exposure to asbestos, and still I did not freak out. I still cooked and drove for my S.O. every day, and he didn’t get it. I didn’t infect anyone else either. I was arguably one of the first people to get it in the country where I reside-just as the military were returning from the Wuhan Olympics. So yes, I am very grateful as it was a very valuable and unique experience. Plus with my antibodies I don’t need to fear others who may be ill in the future. I was closely exposed to the Italian variant and as soon as my body recognized it, it fought it off and I was fine within a few hours. The italian variant was several times more disagreeable than the original Wuhan pneumonia, which is why I am SO GLAD I got it when I did. That is my opinion and personal feelings on the matter. I don’t feel a need to have survivor’s guilt about it. I have earned my point of view.

  22. Sorry you went through this. You are alive😊
    An experience!!!!!! Hendrix

    Seems I hear many varied stories. Some great. Some horrible.

  23. Oh, wow! wow! wow! Elsa! I am astonished by your amazingly spot-on analysis of the times:

    For much of the past two years, I have been under attack from two seriously nasty ‘men’ — sewer rats, more like. I fended them off successfully for about half this time, for I invested in a two-camera CCTV, and locked myself down with secure padlocks, and a good door lock

    Now, they have managed de-activate my CCTV, so they can get into my loft unseen, through the hidden door the neighbour sewer rat has had constructed into the double brick wall that separates his loft and mine. And unbelievably: the two sewer rats co-operated to board up one side of my loft, so that I can see into only one part of it now. The non-neighbour one is publishing a torrent of extraordinarily salacious lies about me in my neighbourhood. I almost cannot believe that no-one, not even my close friend, has stepped up to help me.

    I have been asking for police help. None offered. I have tried to find tradesmen of all sorts: one to stop my neighbour sewer rat from stealing my hot water by re-directing a copper pipe in my loft; another to block the hidden door in the wall that gives him access to my loft; yet another to fix my CCTV. None of them has produced anything.

    Even so, right now I am feeling much lighter. That is thanks to your revelations, Elsa. I no longer have that nasty ‘it must be my fault’ feeling. Did you jolt my transitng Jupiter (retro) in Aquarius conjunct my MC in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces, and trine my AC in Gemini? 🙂 Now I shall set about booking a reading by you. Love you hugely.

  24. I was ready to move on 6/24 when the new apartment manager told me it wouldn’t be ready for a month! I had to stay with relatives in July, something I’ve never had to do. 7/24 move finally.

      • We all doing things out of the norm.
        These are exceptionally hard times for everyone. Take on the attitude. We all in this together. Equal. No one escapes the Uranus Saturn tug of war.
        Individuality fighting the established.

        Best bet is to look for great moon, sun, mercury , and venus days. Sextile trineMc and ascendent. Mars. Take the pressure off hard core transits.,

        Rejoice in venus days

        • Oh right, I’m not even complaining really! Lucky and blessed to have some people offer my staying! Just wanted to comment that yep we’re all doing a bit of suffer lol! Thanks! Love ya!

  25. Yep , I felt like bitching. We have smoke from the west to the east. Creepy looking.
    I worry kill the birds and animals. My cats are trippin cause of smoke or the full moon or both. They afraid. Can tell.
    They follow me like kids. Wanting petting a lot.

  26. Wow ! I am addicted to your posts.
    They are eerily very accurate.And your diagnosis and Prognosis are both Excellent.!
    I have Uranus conjuct my natal Ascendant Leo.
    One degree…
    I thrive on change.
    It used to bother me earlier, moving countries, projects, timelines.
    But now I feel like a Pro , ahahaha.

    But it still is an unsettling feeling.
    Not knowing.
    Yes getting up and brushing myself off seems regular enough,
    And now I ve earned my degree in the School of hard knocks.Oh yeah

  27. I have Saturn square Uranus natal. Will those like me have harder time during this transit aspect or on the contrary – do you think we’re already used to this energy and hard knocks won’t be felt that hard? Thank you!

    • Welcome, Nelly. Yes, you’re used to this but it’s hard to say what that means. Let’s say you’re used to yelling in the home. People start yelling in the home, it may not faze you but on another day it might trigger you.
      If you stay aware though, I think you’d tend to have an easier time than people who didn’t know life could thwart them in so many different and unexpected way.

  28. This is great!!!
    I have the trine water.

    Not sure if this effects bad or not. I have so many transits
    Basically, getting the old to accept new. Is the problem. the square.
    I have squares natal my chart. So do not receive all the sextile trine gifts.

    I think I get so use to it, that do not realize using it. I’m unconventional but have cap rising. So I still go into this space of undecided.
    You have to take turns pleasing ole Saturn or Uranus. The midpoint of a square helps resolve it. Unless this current transit effects a planet. Not worry too much.

    Mars kicks off this square. Sun.

    I have venus square mars and it has taken me a lifetime to somewhat integrate.
    I’m either venus heavy or mars. Aqua venus
    Mars taurus. I ended up a designer.

  29. Yelling at home is more mercury moon stuff.,

    Uranus is innovative. Saturn wants the same stable established way.,
    Say you want a new unusual new clothes.
    Saturn will make you feel guilty or under underserving of the innovative you. You work through these feelings to get to the new.

    Happy full moon

  30. That ok.
    What is clear right now. You have to dig through so much junk. It like a haze over everything.
    I also have transit neptune square moon. Applying conjoin sun. Trine Saturn. Jupiter and uranus.
    Besides pluto just crossed my ascendant.

    Never mind uranus conjoin mars and in fourth.
    Sort of what day am I waking up to. Neptune or uranus. Pluto.

    Let’s see I’m dreaming hypersensitive creative.

    Oh forgot Saturn is square my MC

    But got rewarded hard work. My credit score good.

    I’m being taken seriously by a lot of people.

    I have a image . I am flying. Standing on a Clift . Ready to soar.

  31. Thank god . Square moon ends next feb. then my sun.

    Why am I having all these transits at once??
    Plus. Progressed sun goes into gemini September and progressed moon. They conjoin 29 taurus right now.


  32. This transit is heavy. It’s even heavier than when Pluto was aspecting my 4 planet Capricorn stellium a few years ago. This time Saturn and Uranus dances with my Scorpio moon, Mars, Pluto and nodal axis. It’s a lot of digging my heels in and getting stuff done. Really hard when my mood is fluctuating soooo much. Even more than usual. Oh yes, and let’s add our friend Neptune! Neptune is conjunct my descendant! Let’s add a dash of relational delusion and confusion to the emotional fluctuations. This won’t be over until the end of 2022 for me. I know that my life will be different for sure.

  33. Wow, makes mine look like fluff
    Moon hit hard you know it.
    Sorry. Seems all the caps aqua . Scorpio
    Hit hard.,

    Delusional a understatement
    Wild and crazy. A crazy goat 😅😅😅😅

  34. All things considered, I’m pretty darn good. Twelve years of living through new big changes, and moving dozens of times, to stay safe-enough has been good training.
    Uranus has churned up my 4th House of Home in my Natal Chart, and my Progressed Chart puts me into my 9th year as an Aquarius Sun (Uranus ruled). There’s some universal REalignment there because 2021 finds us settling in … not moving (that’s a radical change/Uranus application:) and living in a very diverse neighborhood with people very different than we. Saturn is my Natal my chart ruler so again, the square with Uranus is another example of REalignment. Squaring things up like building a table that will work to sit at, hold stuff so they don’t slide off. It’s quite a life, all things considered.

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