Astrology of Halloween, October 31, 2013 – Something Spooky

halloween-pumpkin-21Here’s something spooky for ya.

On Halloween, the Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Mars, Uranus and Pluto will all be at 9 degrees of the sign they are transiting.  The Sun will be a 8 Scorpio 59, so just 1 minute shy of 9 degrees.

Do you know how rare this is?

Either do I!

Now who (besides me) has planets @ 9 degrees?

You’re going to be tweeked for sure.



Astrology of Halloween, October 31, 2013 – Something Spooky — 89 Comments

  1. Just one: Jupiter @ 9 AQU, but I also have Pluto, BML & Moon @ 10 VIR, Neptune @ 12 SCO, Sun @ 6 CAP, Mercury @ 12 CAP, & Ceres @ 12 TAU

  2. My Moon (in Capricorn, 9’56). Pluto’s final pass is just days after Halloween.

    I am beyond exhausted at this point. No complaints but I do need to eat and sleep more if I want to stay vital. I’m wound up something incredible.

  3. Both my Venus in scorpio and pisces ascendant are at 9 degrees. My husband’s Aquarius sun is 8 and 51 and his aquarius venus is 9 degrees.

  4. I’ve got a shitload of planets and points at 9 right now, the last year’s been quite intense-both natal and progressed. I’ve got them in 9 of 12 houses… Crazy hard, but it’s been great for moving me forward.

  5. Eek! My Mercury in the sign of its “detriment”, which I perceive as its least structured or consistent manifestation, Pisces at 9 degrees. Hopefully if deeper meaning emerges it will be painless.

  6. I say, keep a very close eye on 9 degrees over these next weeks. I have looked at charts all day long for decades and this really is odd.

  7. I was born with my natal Sun at 9 degrees Scorpio. November 1. When I was young, my birthday cake once featured leftover Halloween candy as decoration. Nowadays, when someone says Halloween, I think instead My Birthday Eve!

    Anyway, my ascendant is also 9 degrees Sagittarius. Don’t know if that matters in this transit watch…?

    Should be an interesting birthday this year for sure.

    • Too funny; I also have a 9 degree Sun/conjunct Neptune at 8 and share your birthday – been a year of letting go and clearing out old beliefs and habits. I also have the ascendent at 12;59 so Saturn has been right there too, been a very long transit for sure; I can’t wait to see the “new me” when it finally goes into the first house!
      Happy Birthday my fellow Scorpio warrior!

  8. Spooky for sure.Uranus @9 Scorpio,Mercury @9 Taurus(conjunct Sun and Chiron),Aries Venus @8.41(opposite Pluto).I feel very disturbed…”listening” to my dreams the best I can,reading between the lines for guidance.Otherwise I’m just out of control,so yes I’m feeling it!

  9. OH BOY! I have my Sun at 9 Sag, Pluto at 8 Scorpio, and ASC at 8 Taurus! I also have Moon and Saturn a little further out at 11 Sag. Its mostly trines and sextiles. Mars square Pluto is the only thing scary. Chiron will be square my Sun, but Chiron has been squaring my Sun for a million years now, its no biggie. I don’t think I feel anything yet.

  10. For some reason I can’t sign in so I’m just going to leave a comment this way.

    My question is… Is this supposed to be a “good” kind of spooky or a “bad” one?

  11. Ok, I have Neptune in Capricorn at 7 degrees, Mars in Aries Rx at 8 degrees, Pisces Ascendant at 9 degrees, Moon in Sagittarius at 10 degrees, Pluto in Scorpio at 10 degrees and Venus in Leo at 11 degrees.
    Venus is supported by transiting Uranus, but will be challenged by the Scorpio Sun, Moon and Mercury. My Neptune and my Mars are challenged by Uranus and Pluto. My Ascendant will be challenged by Chiron, but supported by Pluto, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun. Pluto is supported by Chiron and Pluto, but will be challenged by Mercury, the Moon and the Sun. My Moon is being challenged by Chiron, but supported by Uranus.
    I’ll see how it plays out!

  12. Halloween is my birthday . . . hope this all bodes well for me! I have a six planet stellium in Scorpio (sun, moon, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Mars). The closet thing to 9 degrees is my sun being at 8 degrees (my moon at 11 degrees). WHAT DOES IT MEAN (LOL)!?!?

    All I know is I have been plowing forward, moving ahead in many strange ways. Shedding a lot of junk in my home and office, and sort of staying away from people. Don’t get me wrong, I like people but they seem to distract me from what I feel I need to be doing. Its a strange time in my life, but its not bad. Just different . . .

  13. heehee….my husbannd found a vender downtown that was selling pumpkins 2$ each..he text me at work…I asked him to get as many as possible because that is a great price…this from a man who doesnt even like halloween…he brought me 10 pumpkins home tonight! woo hoo…let the carving begin..getting out the dremel tools and surfing for cool ideas!!

  14. Me! I have Sun, Mercury and North Node at this degree in Scorpio, in it’s own house of the 8th. It’s been crazy good times already this year and I’m curious to see what is next???!!!

  15. 5 planet Stellium in Scorpio….and my Taurus moon is at 9 degrees (H10) Hope I don’t die at work
    My Jupiter is at 10 degrees in Scorpio in H4…..

    I too have been staying away from social media, family and friends. Going through the shop throwing out all the junk … I am shedding junk and people too. Very strange time for me as well. I have been happy being left alone to hang out with my dog.

  16. Pluto @ 9′ libra
    neptune @ 9′ sag
    NN @ 9′ sag
    moon @ 10′ aqu
    jupiter @ 11′ pisces…
    And all this happening on the Night of Halloween, or ‘Samhain’ according to old irish/nordic customs. It was believed that on this Night the King dies and enters the underworld. The wise Queen mourns the loss of her beloved husband. ‘Samhain’ marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new year…

  17. Neptune in Sag in the 11th house and Pluto in Libra in the 8th house. Sounds like drunken debauchery to me…..which sounds like fun! Good thing to aware of for sure because it seems there are many tipping points with that scenario that could end up very badly for me.

  18. I have both Venus and Uranus at 9 degrees. Potential for some crazy love stuff.

    I’ve been feeling STRANGE the past 48 hours and I’m really novice in astrology but I think the upcoming eclipse will affect me (I have Venus, Mars and South Node in Aries and North Node and Pluto in Libra in my birth chart) and now this Halloween thing.

    Something is in the air……

  19. Whoa…eerie, eerie. And right before the P/U exact square. Me, I have nothing exactly at 9 degrees. But Saturn’s at 8 Libra and AC’s at 10 Cancer. I think I will do best to stay on my toes.

  20. Nothing at 9 degrees but I have my sun at 7 degrees cancer and my mars at 7 degrees libra. The Gemini has his mars at 7 degrees cancer and his Jupiter at 7 degrees Capricorn.

    • Oops my Pallas is 7 degrees libra not my mars. Mars is 12, we both have a lot at 12-13 degrees. He also has Saturn at 8 degrees Gemini and Lilith at 10 degrees Scorpio.

  21. 9 degrees Scorpio sun (critical degree) tweaked you say, can’t be any worse than Saturn sitting on my ascendent at 12:57 – sighs…………been a long transit

    • Thanks Elsa, love you style girl! Astrology is my first love too; due in part to this difficult journey I chose this life time – what was I thinking lol. Thanks for all your great insights.

  22. I have Pluto at 9 degrees. I also have a job interview on Wed. the 30th. I was given a choice of 4 dates: 29th, 30th, 31st and Nov. 1st. I hope I picked the least awful.

  23. Jupiter 9 Capricorn (has ‘Fall’ status) in 12th house .. its funny bc business has been on my mind and I have been pretty lucky. In addition I happened to ask a prayer group for a request to pray that I receive favor from a certain company to sell my idea. Its not happening like right away but its getting there. And hopefully Sun Scorpio just shy of the 9th degree yet in conjunction with this planet will shed light on much needed aspects of life.

  24. Hi
    What if my MC/IC falls on degrees in scorpio/taurus. Does this count too? And is there any orb or should it be exactly 9?

  25. Hi
    What if my MC/IC falls 9 degrees in scorpio/taurus. Does this count too? And is there any orb or should it be exactly 9?

  26. Greetings all. . My Moon. . . @ 9 Aquarius opposition to Mercury in Leo. . and I do LOVE Halloween.. Was supposed to leave for AZ that day, a trip I had looked forward to for most of the year. . . then realized my bank balance would not allow it. . . so I’m disappointed for sure as I had to cancel my plans. Hope I can make it happen next year. But hey, I’m glad it finally got off my Venus at 4 Libra. . . where I lost just about every friend I ever loved, treasured and valued. Thought I’d have a breakdown. . . . but I got thru it, I think. I’m still here and functional, if a bit lonely.

    Currently going thru a 2nd Saturn Return to all my fixed (I’m heavily fixed). . . so I’ve been beat up during this cycle! Will be glad to see Saturn and Scorpio kiss and say Good Bye for another 29 years or so!

    Elsa. . do you write about Second Saturn Returns?

    Happy Hallows All!

    • “Elsa. . do you write about Second Saturn Returns?”

      I do and I have, but I’ve not covered this in a way that is deep or extensive. I’ll try to fill that in, first chance. 🙂

  27. I have an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mars at 9 degrees Leo squaring my moon in Scorpio at 5 degrees and Saturn in Scorpio at 14 degrees! Now that is scary and I have learned to live with it!

    • Hi Elsa,
      That is my grandmother’s and my daughter’s name! I have enjoyed your refreshing take on astrology. Soon, I will have a website focusing on the feminine side of astrology of all the planets! I will let you know.

  28. I have Transiting Mars 9° 9′ 4″ conjunct my Natal Moon 8°37’26”.
    I hope it works in a positive way for me, giving me more positive drive or something good like that.

  29. Nothing at 9, but my nodes are at 10º (NN Pisces/ SN Virgo) and my neptune is at 8º32′ Capricorn. Definitely been entering a new spiritual phase of my life and HOW lol (along with everyone else in my immediate age group)… Especially as its setting off my Neptune opposition to Chiron (6º12’r). Lots of wounds coming up for healing, and lots of letting go of old emotional patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me.

    A rather interesting case is that of my favorite spiritual teacher, Teal Scott, whose Saturn is at 10ºScorpio natally… You may recall that old man Saturn went retrograde at 11ºScorpio earlier this year, meaning that she is technically having (at least) THREE SATURN RETURNS this year. She has definitely been meeting challenges, but in my opinion she’s been handling them like a champion. I mean jeez! Triple Saturn return?! No thanks haha. Though I guess in some ways its a blessing… getting to go through a few mini Saturn cycles before going in for the long haul. I imagine she’ll be that much better for it in the long run, bless her.

  30. Wow!
    Thanks for this cool report!

    I have a 9 Leo sun, and Neptune at 12 Scorpio, getting hit by all those transiting in Scorpio- Think I’ll try to transcend by meditating 🙂

    I just noticed that Uranus at 9 Aries will trine my sun, and Venus will be sitting on my natal moon.
    Going to trine to think of this as a GOOOOD time 🙂

  31. I have pluto conjunct mercury at 7degrees scorpio and MC at 9 degrees virgo. I’m debating whether or not to host a Halloween party for people at work… The thought of it exhausts me lol

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