Astrology of Halloween, October 31, 2013 – Something Spooky

halloween-pumpkin-21Here’s something spooky for ya.

On Halloween, the Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Mars, Uranus and Pluto will all be at 9 degrees of the sign they are transiting.  The Sun will be a 8 Scorpio 59, so just 1 minute shy of 9 degrees.

Do you know how rare this is?

Either do I!

Now who (besides me) has planets @ 9 degrees?

You’re going to be tweeked for sure.



Astrology of Halloween, October 31, 2013 – Something Spooky — 89 Comments

  1. I was born on Halloween in 1986! Aries Ascendant, Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, a loaded 7th house, but my sun is the only one close to 9 degrees at a little over 8. I’m still excited.

  2. Check out Degrees/Ellias Lonsdale…. and look up your signs’ 9th degree….amazing depth and breath using Chandra degrees …guaranteed to “knock your socks off.”

  3. 5 natal planets at 9 degrees here! Aries moon, Virgo Venus, Libra Pluto conj. Mercury, Sagittarius Neptune. I guess it’s time for a makeover?

  4. Transiting chiron will be between natal mercury 8 degrees and sun 12 degrees in 3H and Wednesday the 29th is when we will be learning about whether the company that acquired us is going to offer us jobs and whether/when they’ll be taking over our current tools and access. This is a huge paradigm shift for me. With Chiron there I’m worried, wondering if I’m a valued resource. Elsa, does it mean it looks like it will be upsetting in that placement?

  5. Pi_Seas, I have no way of judging what will upset someone. Some people are thrilled with what upsets another so it’s just impossible to know.

  6. Just realized something amazing, per your amazing realization, Elsa–that on October 30th or so, there will be a yod configuration of 9/10 degrees Virgo (tr. Mars), Scorpio (Sun, and upcoming moon for the eclipse), and the finger, Aries (Uranus).

    THEN there’s the Ur/Pluto exact square. Those of us with planets at 9/10 Aries (that’s me) are really getting hosed! (or elevated 😉

    Oh, then there’s the eclipse on 11/3 (which will kick off a second yod for me in this short days-long time–this better be GOOD is all I have to say…) But my plight/etc aside, that yod is really interesting for all. Never mind the other 9 degree stuff you commented on…

  7. I have my Sun Moon midpoint at 8 degrees Taurus so this stellium will conjunct that. And also my part of fortune is at 9 degrees Scorpio…so I think I’ll feel this.

  8. Hi Elsa and all,
    My Neptune is at the bottom of my chart in the 4th house. At the apex of a T square between Mars and Jupiter. Yes – my Neptune is at 9 degrees Scorpio. It should be an interesting day. Halloween the veils are always thin anyway.

  9. My birthday is on Halloween, so I am truly looking forward to this!
    I have Sun at 8.19 degrees in Scorpio and I have Capricorn in Saturn at 9.19 degrees…

  10. Neptune @ 9 degrees in my 6th house sextile pluto in Scorpio. Does this possibly have anything to do with health issues? Diagnosed 3 weeks ago Endrocronologist called today with not so good test results referring me to a hemotologist .

  11. Mercury at 9 Cancer in the 7th–part of my wide T-square involving Saturn in the 4th and Mars in the 9th. I am exhausted from trying to keep everyone happy!!!

  12. Venus ruling planet 10 Libra and Sekhmet at 9 Virgo! Roarrrrr! My son has 9 Sag Moon- friend has 9 Aries Sun- recovering from TBI. I noticed the lineup too/ watching for those triggers.

    Happy Haunting!!

  13. The 9th degree is opening the door to what it is to come with tomorrow’s Pluto-Uranus square and most certainly the eclipse on Sunday, two very strong event, very close from each other.

  14. Asc at 10 degrees Scorp… it has been quite a year. My daughter moved home in Jan after having a diagnosis of thyroid cancer and has recovered beautifully. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer on July 5th and after a successful surgery (IT DIDN”T SPREAD!!! YAY!!) I am halfway through chemo (thank GAHD!) That Saturn has been kicking my ass, but I am grateful for all my blessings… a great boss, good health insurance and I am being treated as Sloan Kettering–how much better could I have it!?? Today, I had a contract land in my lap and my daughter was in a small fender bender–no one hurt and maybe no damages… IS THAT A TWEAK?? My Sun is at 16 degrees Gem…. I haven’t felt the eclipses…. but you know, I am sure one lucky woman.

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