Halloween Full Moon 2020!

BluebeardAs if 2020 didn’t already have enough twists and turns, this year as the sun rises on October 31st, the full Moon in Taurus will loom overhead, casting a tinted sheen of horror over everyday life.

The Moon will be exactly conjunct Uranus and widely conjunct Black Moon Lilith as it opposes the Sun in Scorpio. Issues related to power, secrets, and hidden machinations will be suddenly brought to the surface. If you have planets around 8 degrees in fixed signs, be prepared for the shock of your life. This Moon is spooky, sexy, and unpredictable.

It’s wandering through the woods on a misty night and coming upon a coven of witches dancing wildly in the moonlight.

It’s coming home after a long day and finding a succubus lounging in your bed.

But more than anything, it’s Bluebeard.

If you’re not familiar with the story, here it is in a nutshell:

A young girl is married off to a wealthy widower, Bluebeard. Upon entering his castle, she is told she can enter every room except for one. He promptly departs on business, leaving the girl alone to explore the grounds. And, like any of us, she immediately goes to the forbidden room. As she opens the door, she finds a torture chamber filled with bodies of all of Bluebeard’s former wives. She drops the key to the door into the puddle of old, congealed blood, and the key is stained. When Bluebeard comes home, he asks for his keys, and sees the telltale bloodstain. He flies into a rage and tells his young bride that it is time for her to join the others. She asks for a moment to pray in her room and prepare herself to meet her maker. Like all villains, he is overconfident and allows her to go. She screams out the window for her sisters, who come riding in on horseback and drive a sword into Bluebeard’s heart. Thus the young bride is saved.

Bluebeard, representing the Sun in Scorpio, has his secrets revealed by a young woman, represented by Moon/Lilith in Taurus. And Uranus cuts both ways. While the young girl was certainly shaken to her core by her discovery, Bluebeard saw his reign of terror come to a sudden end at the hands of the same person he chose as his victim. So who got the bigger shock, hmm?

This full Moon is delicious. Like any spooky tale, there are twists and turns, goosebumps and monsters, and a chill that lingers in your spine. So settle in and watch the story unfold.

What are your plans for this Halloween Moon?



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Halloween Full Moon 2020! — 15 Comments

  1. The last time we had a Halloween Full Moon for everyone in ALL time zones was in 1944.

    So my household is having a masquerade party. For one night we will toss aside the pajama/sweats outfits worn for the past months, laugh, dance, eat and be merry.

  2. It’s conjunct Uranus in my 7th house. I have a Taurus DSC at 5 degrees. I am wondering what will happen because that is my relationship house so it could be tricky and delicious…something that definitely catches me off-guard.

    Trick or treat.

  3. This full moon will almost be sitting on my natal moon @10 degrees. I don’t know if I can take anymore!!! I’m going to hide from all the ghosts and ghouls.

  4. With Venus opposite Chiron and Neptune square the Nodes – quite an opportunity for healing/unifying Venus and Pluto and 7th and 8th house issues….

  5. I associate Bluebeard with some of the stuff about my mars in Capricorn in the 12th and Neptune transit. I think of it as a more Capricorn Pluto myth.

  6. We’ll I don’t really have any plans but wandering in the woods on a misty night and coming upon a coven of witches dancing wildly in the moonlight sounds like a pretty awesome idea.

  7. I’ll probably be perceived as one of the coven in the deep woods or the succubus lying on the bed. Most likely will lay low. Like in the woods or on the bed. 😀

    Maybe do a fire in the backyard. My brush pile is growing. Hopefully there will be rain proceeding the day so it isn’t so dry that I burn the neighborhood down.

  8. So now I’m dreading this Moon. With Ac on 11 degrees Scorpio, and uranus at seven degrees , it’s going to be interesting and I can’t take any more surprises. 😕

  9. On this upcoming Halloween Full Moon, my natal Neptune at 12Scorp, natal Mars at 08Leo and natal Saturn at 05Aquarius, help prepare me for my Second Saturn Return exactly 90 days later!

  10. Midara, I thought the freak show wasn’t supposed to be till Halloween. It’s he-ere!! Energy shifts in people around me. What is up with that! I get the feeling it is temporary till they fall back in their groove. I do think sitting back and watching is indeed the best course. I probably seem weird too as I am currently all giddyup go. No time for chill. So as I am moving ahead doing my stuff, I guess I have to stay aware and give others the stage to do their performance instead of trying to run over them on my path to achieve my goal. I really don’t want to see their cellar chamber.

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