Halloween Full Moon 2020!

BluebeardAs if 2020 didn’t already have enough twists and turns, this year as the sun rises on October 31st, the full Moon in Taurus will loom overhead, casting a tinted sheen of horror over everyday life.

The Moon will be exactly conjunct Uranus and widely conjunct Black Moon Lilith as it opposes the Sun in Scorpio. Issues related to power, secrets, and hidden machinations will be suddenly brought to the surface. If you have planets around 8 degrees in fixed signs, be prepared for the shock of your life. This Moon is spooky, sexy, and unpredictable.

It’s wandering through the woods on a misty night and coming upon a coven of witches dancing wildly in the moonlight.

It’s coming home after a long day and finding a succubus lounging in your bed.

But more than anything, it’s Bluebeard.

If you’re not familiar with the story, here it is in a nutshell:

A young girl is married off to a wealthy widower, Bluebeard. Upon entering his castle, she is told she can enter every room except for one. He promptly departs on business, leaving the girl alone to explore the grounds. And, like any of us, she immediately goes to the forbidden room. As she opens the door, she finds a torture chamber filled with bodies of all of Bluebeard’s former wives. She drops the key to the door into the puddle of old, congealed blood, and the key is stained. When Bluebeard comes home, he asks for his keys, and sees the telltale bloodstain. He flies into a rage and tells his young bride that it is time for her to join the others. She asks for a moment to pray in her room and prepare herself to meet her maker. Like all villains, he is overconfident and allows her to go. She screams out the window for her sisters, who come riding in on horseback and drive a sword into Bluebeard’s heart. Thus the young bride is saved.

Bluebeard, representing the Sun in Scorpio, has his secrets revealed by a young woman, represented by Moon/Lilith in Taurus. And Uranus cuts both ways. While the young girl was certainly shaken to her core by her discovery, Bluebeard saw his reign of terror come to a sudden end at the hands of the same person he chose as his victim. So who got the bigger shock, hmm?

This full Moon is delicious. Like any spooky tale, there are twists and turns, goosebumps and monsters, and a chill that lingers in your spine. So settle in and watch the story unfold.

What are your plans for this Halloween Moon?

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Halloween Full Moon 2020! — 60 Comments

  1. The last time we had a Halloween Full Moon for everyone in ALL time zones was in 1944.

    So my household is having a masquerade party. For one night we will toss aside the pajama/sweats outfits worn for the past months, laugh, dance, eat and be merry.

  2. It’s conjunct Uranus in my 7th house. I have a Taurus DSC at 5 degrees. I am wondering what will happen because that is my relationship house so it could be tricky and delicious…something that definitely catches me off-guard.

    Trick or treat.

  3. This full moon will almost be sitting on my natal moon @10 degrees. I don’t know if I can take anymore!!! I’m going to hide from all the ghosts and ghouls.

  4. With Venus opposite Chiron and Neptune square the Nodes – quite an opportunity for healing/unifying Venus and Pluto and 7th and 8th house issues….

  5. I associate Bluebeard with some of the stuff about my mars in Capricorn in the 12th and Neptune transit. I think of it as a more Capricorn Pluto myth.

    • Myths are Truths that disappeared due to a prior time in which materiality was lesser than now due to the ‘Law of Falling’. Many speaking, scientifically, of evolution. Think instead of what de-evolution might look like in relation to ‘Myth’.

  6. We’ll I don’t really have any plans but wandering in the woods on a misty night and coming upon a coven of witches dancing wildly in the moonlight sounds like a pretty awesome idea.

  7. I’ll probably be perceived as one of the coven in the deep woods or the succubus lying on the bed. Most likely will lay low. Like in the woods or on the bed. 😀

    Maybe do a fire in the backyard. My brush pile is growing. Hopefully there will be rain proceeding the day so it isn’t so dry that I burn the neighborhood down.

  8. So now I’m dreading this Moon. With Ac on 11 degrees Scorpio, and uranus at seven degrees , it’s going to be interesting and I can’t take any more surprises. ?

  9. On this upcoming Halloween Full Moon, my natal Neptune at 12Scorp, natal Mars at 08Leo and natal Saturn at 05Aquarius, help prepare me for my Second Saturn Return exactly 90 days later!

  10. Midara, I thought the freak show wasn’t supposed to be till Halloween. It’s he-ere!! Energy shifts in people around me. What is up with that! I get the feeling it is temporary till they fall back in their groove. I do think sitting back and watching is indeed the best course. I probably seem weird too as I am currently all giddyup go. No time for chill. So as I am moving ahead doing my stuff, I guess I have to stay aware and give others the stage to do their performance instead of trying to run over them on my path to achieve my goal. I really don’t want to see their cellar chamber.

  11. My husband’s birthday is Oct 31. Oh no! planning zoom virtual video to help celebrate. Hope Uranus doesn’t interfere. My rising is 7 Leo……my husband is 7 Aquarius squaring his Sun in Scorpio.. Should I be nervous or simply trust in the Universe?

  12. I have a Pluto in Scorpio @7’40 degrees in the 2nd house and a Neptune in Capricorn @7’17 in the 4th house. That’s conjunct right??This doesn’t sound very promising…

    • Welcome, Emily!

      Yes, your Pluto is caught up in this. So is mine! There may be some shocks doled out, but if you remind yourself to stand in your power and not be cowed by what life throws at you, you’ll be just fine.

      • Thank you for the welcome, Midara. I just thought about it. I was told my job was going to try and give me a raise (unlikely to go through because of funding though) and the company just shut down again because someone got covid. So now we’re all in quarantine. So this could definitely be how this applies.

  13. All major numbers all around me.
    In fact this Aq moon is a bit of preview of my early 2021.
    I’ve got Mars conj Moon in Aq at like 10 n 6 degrees respectively.
    Sun sq’s all this @12 of Taurus.
    In fact this entire week will be revealing.
    Don’t forget it won’t be long before Mars ingresses Taurus to join this fixed sign party.
    2021 n the remainder of 2020 outta be a hoot.

  14. Here, the energy started the end of last week…& as Midara says, it’s the mystic out of the box…a whole new take on what Pandora & her box may really have been up to…old magic becoming new…it IS delicious in so many ways if one is really willing to give up ALL illusions & step into the enchanted forest…:):)

  15. The Full Moon will be squaring my natal Saturn in Aquarius (at 8 degrees). To say I’m a little spooked by this would be an understatement. Luckily, it is in a nice trine with my natal Pluto, so hopefully it will only be shocking and not complete and total devastation.

  16. Oh my, Midara! My sun@8 Taurus, Mars@11 Scorpio, Uranus now in Taurus. I can’t take another shock!
    I am planning on staying home both Friday and Saturday.

    Should I be worried? I’m not good at this.

    • I don’t think any of us should be worried, if for no other reason than Uranus being inherently unpredictable. Whatever it is that you’re worried might happen is probably off the table simply because you expect it! Not to mention, Uranus is not always a bad thing, and in fact is often liberating. Just like the Bluebeard story – that girl got free!

  17. Thanks Mildara. I live with natal Mercury 4 Taurus 4th square natal Pluto 4 Leo 7th so the energy might feel familiar. I was eighteen months old at that last one in 1944. My Aquarius mother fell pregnant, couldn’t bear to be touched so Cinderella was handed over to the step sisters to raise.

  18. Oh boy… me: moon @ 8 taurus, Ascendant/Descendant @ 9 scorpio/taurus, north/south node @ 6 taurus/scorpio. This sounds big and bad. Feeling nauseous 🙁

  19. I have Mars and Venus in Taurus and I couldnt be more broke and behind in bills, I just dont understand…. thought the Full Moon in Taurus would be when the 2nd stimulus payment would be announced

  20. So my North Node/South Node axis is 9 degrees Aquarius/Leo. Does that mean anything with it nearly exactly square the Full Moon?

  21. Alex, Im only a newbie in astrologer but once read from a Jewish mystic that North Node Aquarius means you find new trendy ways to help and collect people together. In south node, your former life was about ego and self. Im already feeling my North Node squaring to moon getting ready.

    Ive been working on reviving my dead New Age Christians website on reddit, a whopping one member sofar, lol

    • Hi, S!

      Oh wow, do you have the same in your birth chart (Aquarius North Node)?

      I’m more afraid that because the angle is a near-exact square, it may mean some more difficult things. This year has been my Saturn Return (with Saturn currently 1 degree away from being conjunct my natal Saturn again), so things have been hard. I just hope that there won’t be anymore crushing experiences for the rest of the year.

      Your website sounds like a lot of fun! I hope in your case that the upcoming full moon will mean some good luck for it’s revival! (On the spiritual night of all Hallow’s Eve, it surely should be!)

  22. Natally I have Merc Scor 2,& Sat Scor 8. I should be feeling vibes of what will come my way, on Halloween, when tomorrow morn, the 29th comes. I’m usually able to hone in on what’s to come “lunarwise” 24 to 48 hrs before a moon transit is at its peak. Here in California, Full moon is at 07:49am on Halloween. With 4 planets in my 4th natally, you can bet I’m moon influenced. ??

  23. I just learned that this coming Halloween full moon is a Blue Moon. The first full moon this month was on Oct 1. My birthday was that day. It was soooooo uneventful. Perhaps Halloween full moon will put me on a roller coaster. Get in, sit down, hold on. ?

  24. Thank you! This describes my situation.Here is a lock down after eight, no one is on the streets anymore, except the police and the ambulance. Spreading lies via Whatsapp, hunting people; and spreading lies if something worse happenrd to them. Of course the people help them. They are watching like Bluebird, sitting inside, looking out the windows and they are connected via a Whatsapp Group. If someone is walking outside they call the police via Whatsapp and the police is doing the rest of the deadly group attack. During the day, they play the nice helping citizens. But this is ending now. I know bigger things. Happy Halloween!

    , happy The people around me looking at me like bluebeard.

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