Grand Trine In Water: June 17-23, 2018: Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune

The grand trine formed by Venus, Jupiter and Neptune has just broken up. Beginning June 17th, Mercury in Cancer will replace Venus, giving us another grand trine featuring Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

This grand trine may not be quite as sweet as the last, considering Mercury is not Venus. However. Gemini and Virgo should benefit and odds are that any news (Mercury) you get will be soothing and/or beneficial in some way.  This is no small thing.

With the last grand trine, I suggested you consider the houses in your chart, activated by the grand trine. This grand trine will grace the same houses in most cases. This is because Jupiter and Neptune are either slowed or retrograde.

Cancer is also looking good here.  Soon after Mercury moves out, the Sun in Cancer will move in to take it’s place.  It’s a streak of planets in Cancer, catching support from Jupiter and Neptune,

If you have your birthday during one of this period, the grand trine in Water will show up in your Solar Return.

May 29 – June 5th: Venus – Jupiter – Neptune
June 17 – June 23:  Mercury – Jupiter – Neptune
July 1 – July 10: Sun – Jupiter – Neptune

You can get your Solar Return Report here.

Have you been able to feel this flow?



Grand Trine In Water: June 17-23, 2018: Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve been waiting for a comment on this second grand trine in water. The one Last week gave me a big breakthrough in love life. With Mercury maybe it will be a big breakthrough in communication. Venus was in my 9h, so Mercury too. Jupiter in 1st conjuct NN, Moon and Ac. Neptune in 4th house.

    • Kumquat, no joke …. the same for me! I cannot imagine that I will fall in love at a party nearby…. I think you are younger than me
      (i’m almost 64!) 🙂 🙂 I am very curious
      at your experience afterwards!

      • Kumquat and Dorien, the same for me 3/7/11; [I’m 49] we ‘re exploring the trine through inner love and today I have been able to redesign and calibrate one special box; I haven’t done that for years! The Box project includes now three of them, like the trine so to speak! Creativity is in the water too (not only in the air) and I do love swimming & diving (Born on March 18)!

  2. My birthday is on the 19th so I’m happy to have the trine in my 1,5,8 houses(unequal house system). My natal Mercury is at 14′ Cancer. The New Moon/Mercury in Gemini at 22′ is also near my Natal Sun at 27′. Hoping this will be a year of positive change for me. (The last Full Moon in Sag was also near my natal Moon at 4′ Sag)

  3. Gem Sun Cancer Ac Sag moon….Trans Sun sq Nep rocked me hard today…my birthday…profound sadness came over me. No relief until the moon entered Aries…then I started to get a tad angry about it…lol I don’t ever remember anything like that (well, that I was aware of astrologically anyway)… Neptune in Scorpio anchors a grand trine with my Cancer Asc and Pisces MC in my natal chart. Curious if anyone else felt something like that in the ;ast 24 hours or so? Thx…:)

  4. i’ve been feeling alot of love with all this water trining.
    also, alot of sadness/sorrow from outsiders, like their lives…if they are not happy…the intensity of their sadness will show more it seems. we had a recent death in the family, similar to what happened to Kate Spade; so i wonder about the intensity of water’s feelings. sooooo deep, u can’t see it and know because it’s ‘hidden’ in the ocean’s depths. but the signs are there. just gotta be careful and be kind and loving to others as much as we can. you never know what they are going through.

  5. 3(nept)/7(venus)/11(jupiter).

    Love and support is crawling out of the woodwork for me. I was telling someone the other day, that I feel like Im being surrounded by angels. Its kind of overwhelming when I think about it.

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