Grand Trine In Water: July 2018

The Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will from a grand trine that will be sustained through the first two weeks of July.  This is definitely a positive.  It should help you cope with the rest of happenings out there.

Specifically, I’m talking about the effects of all the retrograde planets out there.  But also, check out the wide grand cross in the chart pictured.

Click to see the full chart.

If you’re new to astrology, the green triangle illustrates the grand trine; green for go and flow!

The (broken) red square illustrated the grand cross. It’s the Fixed signs involved and planets, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

You can expect jarring news, attacks and accidents to come from this grand cross. But you can simultaneously expect grace.

The media these days is all about EXTREME and all or nothing. But this situation is more in line with how life really is, if you truly pay attention.

If your birthday takes place in this period, you can expect a jam-packed year. You can get your Solar Return report here.  Or better yet, get my Birthday Package aka a screaming deal.

What are your plans for the first two weeks of July?



Grand Trine In Water: July 2018 — 8 Comments

  1. My birthday 34th is on Monday, July 2nd. My whole year is so turbulent and lately, sometimes I feel I can’t even catch a breath. I hope things will get better. Just being lay-low all the time, watching what I will say, how will I say or will I say it at all. And the pressure is constant. I really don’t know what to expect from the rest of the year. Elsa, what do you mean jam-packed year?

  2. Well the surprises are starting I lost a good friend yesterday. I’m heart broken. Also yesterday an elderly neighbor down the street here got run over by her own car and was found dead under it. We don’t know how that happens. But My poor friend his mother just lost her husband and daughter and now a son. I can’t imagine that pain. Everyone is gone in her family in the matter of 6 months. We already have a vacation planned for the first week of July so I’m going away. Hopefully take this time to slow down think about life and how precious it is.

  3. As a Capricorn it’s been tough to watch as everything gives the appearance of going crazy, and there is nothing I can do to stop it! Not that I’m a control freak … just like ‘order’. With everything out of order, I look at this summer as a chance to re-do or try to fix what went very badly last year. I like to see opportunity instead of ‘oh crap!’
    Hoping I’m right?

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