Grand Trine In Fire & Mutable T-Square: Bad Bet!

The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus are all in fire signs. It’s a giant, flaming grand trine that’s going to dominate the next two days.

Unrelated to this, Venus in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces. Some out there will be caught up in this alternative energy. They may feel disillusioned or victimized in their relationships. They may also place very bad bets.

That’s the risk right there. The fiery energy pushes you forward. Your judgment might be impaired. It’s not at all uncommon that a person who feels they’re a victim is a perpetrator, unbeknownst to them!

Saturday the Moon enters Virgo. She’ll be at odds with Venus and Neptune. Thankfully, Mars will leave Libra for its home sign, Scorpio.

Considering this, if you’re inclined to attack someone on Friday, you might want to postpone until Saturday when it will be easier to discern and handle your knife.

Also, as an overview, Saturday and Sunday there is a T-square in the mutable signs. Expect a lot of communication. It will be a mixture of truth and lies, including people who believe their own lies.

Luckily Mars is not involved, so the gossip (or whatever it is) is not likely to be deliberately malicious. This is more of a situation where an inflated person preaches, a know-it-all with Neptune added.

Have you ever seen a drunk person go on and on? That’s what I’m talking about.



Grand Trine In Fire & Mutable T-Square: Bad Bet! — 6 Comments

  1. When seeing this photo I immediately thought of the LA wildfires right now. The Neptune/Pisces film connection squaring all that Sagitarius.

  2. Saturday and Sunday I am planning on writing final papers for school. Hopefully my professors dont think I sound likr a drunk Know-it-all. Lol. I’ll try and use the Virgo energy to my best ability.

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