Grand Trine In Fire – Get Up And Go!

Fire signsExpect things to mooooove over the next twenty-four hours. We’ve got a Grand Trine in the Fire signs, including the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Uranus. Though I’m concerned for the people in the path of the hurricane, I’m personally happy to comptemplate a day above ground…

Meaning, I have a lot to make up after losing two weeks to this hack!

For one thing, I have to get my Saturn in Capricorn class going. I have the post announcing this, ready. satori (who will join me in teaching the class) was editing it when we got wiped out. I have to start over with that.

If you are having trouble signing into the forum, please clear your browser cache and try resetting your password. Please choose a strong password. Just assume someone is trying to guess it!

If that doesn’t work, you can go here – what is my ip address.

Send me your ip ( and I will try to figure out what’s up.

I’m sorry for all the hassle. But today is a good day to get over it and on with it. This energy pushes us ahead!



Grand Trine In Fire – Get Up And Go! — 4 Comments

  1. Pretty much all of us in Florida will experience hurricane force winds

    This trine is more than enough energy for me to get prepared early

  2. Saturn’s transit has always been fascinating to me. So I m natal Saturn opposite sun born with 1 degree orb and non existent father (the classic sign). On my Saturn return I actually.had my first breakthrough in career. Since then it is a nice stable growth but ofcourse slow. Despite being slow, I m not very impatient about reaching the moon or maybe it’s my mars conjunct moon in Capricorn that keeps me calm and patient.

    I have also noticed delays in settling down. But I think with Saturn in 1st house things improve post first Saturn return.

    Looking forward to the Saturn transit to my 2nd house Capricorn now. Excitedddd let’s see what it has for me.

  3. I have a natal grand fire trine of Leo MC, Uranus in Sagittarius, and Moon and NorthNode in Aries…. Air Grand Trine with Sun in Libra, Chitin in Gemini, and IC in Aquarius….. Scorpio Stellium 1st House… Sun in 12th….This is Sparta!!!!!

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