Grand Trine In Earth: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto – Personally Speaking…

We have a grand trine in earth over the next week or so. Mars is in Virgo, Jupiter is in Taurus and Pluto is in Capricorn. How does this feel to you?

Personally, I feel deeply pissed and brooding. I can say my consultations are going fantastically though. This trine is good for that. The consultations are deep, effective, penetrating, beneficial and healing. But personally? Personally, I’m grinding it out.

I don’t think it’s harsh (trine) but I do think it’s pointed (Mars) and I badly want to make this pay. Why go through this for no reason? I want to focus (Pluto) my drive (Mars) towards a future (Jupiter) goal (Capricorn).

I also notice I have no patience or interest in fluff and/or crap. I am drawn to that which is substantial and/or tangible.  Happy, giving, generous, expansive things are also very attractive.

HQ is sending me a Kindle so I can read my own book.

Thanks. 🙂

How is the grand trine in earth manifesting in your life?

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Grand Trine In Earth: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto – Personally Speaking… — 20 Comments

  1. Manifesting….comfortable in myself, in my own heart and being myself. I, me, I.

    Falls in my Sun ruled 9th House of Virgo, with my Moon/1st and Sun/5th on board for the ride:)

    Basically, I love myself. I’m going to take this ball and RUN.

  2. my comment got binned

    but–this affects my moon/1st, sun/5th and sun-ruled 9th house and i feel very very very good about myself! i like myself, and it’s a great feeling!

  3. I’ve got this grand trine natally and it’s not awesome for elevating mood; more like it just puts a floor under you so you don’t bottom out. Mostly it works to stabilize mood by making you focus on practical things near at hand so you don’t spin out into existential crises.
    It’s good for getting you to focus on the baby steps that keep you going until your mood lifts on it’s own.

  4. good for getting some serious work done.
    also, looks like a bunch of things are turning up all at once.

    but this stuff is ringing up both jupiters in this marriage. and my chiron.

  5. Jupiter has been retrograding over my MC which is in Taurus, so the grand trine is sitting in my 2nd, 6th and 10th houses – I’m hoping for some powerful career support in the coming months – I’ve been sending positive energy this way.

  6. ((Angela))

    This energy is suiting me right now, I like the Earthy feeling. It’s hitting my 2nd/6th/10th houses. My work is going very well and I’m enjoying that.

  7. I feel more grounded, which is what I need right now. But there is an irritation underneath for sure. The trine is happening from 3rd house (tr. Jupiter) to 7th (tr. Mars) and 11th (tr. Pluto). I think Mars in Virgo will be a good thing for me. I feel if I can hold onto what I learned with Saturn conjuncting my Mars in Libra 3 times over the summer I will benefit when it conj my venus and squares natal saturn. We will see. But that is the inkling I have. I think Mars opposing my moon will be trying, and that will come first. But, tr. Jupiter in my third is supporting me while I seek philosophical information and take my communication to a higher ground. Pluto in Cap in 11..scares me a bit. I can use transformation in this area but there are some wishes that I really hope I’m not asked to let go again, I turn to that tr. Jupiter and tr. Mars. You know?

    But the fact that all is involved in Earth has been better for me, I think.

  8. It’s cast in my solar return this year. I definitely feel the driving toward a future goal thing. I mean, I’ve been feeling so angry that it’s hard not to focus on the future because the present moment has no relief.

  9. I must say that this trine could not be more welcomed… as a Leo this trine is perfectly synchronized with every aspect going on in my life. It gives me chills to even think of the energy and positive flow that I am currently riding. I only wish this flow for all others… basically I am on a high of life. =)

  10. Hi Everyone!

    I was just searching the net to find out about this trine because my birthday was 11/12 and coincidentally my solar return chart has this trine – Pluto in the 12, Mars in the 8th and Jupiter in the 3rd.

    I don’t have any anger. Actually, I feel really great and everything is flowing well – especially money.

    I would appreciate any knowledge you guys have on this trine and what it could mean to me in this next year. 🙂

  11. You’re feeling that way because you’re trying to “point” mars, and it’s retrograde. This GT is in my solar return, I’m at once apprehensive and hopeful. With the Venus Jupiter conjunction too, I keep thinking I’ll make lots of easy money through power and aggression. Unfortunately, there aremt any elections for me to run in… (lol?)

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