2018 Grand Trine In Earth: Heads Up, Virgo!

Here is something to look forward to! When the Sun ingresses into Virgo on August 23nd, it will hook up with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus to form a grand trine.

Eventually, Mercury will join the Sun in Virgo. As a result, we’ll enjoy a grand trine in the Earth signs for several weeks. The Sun and Mercury will break ranks with the slower planets on September 9th.  This means that most Virgos will have a grand trine in their Solar Return chart this year. 

Further, Virgo-ruler Mercury will be involved in most cases . This is a great enhancement. Saturn and Mercury in their own signs is also quite positive. This grand trine is powerful enough, if your birthday takes place in this time frame, you are bound to benefit, regardless of what you might be coping with 2018-19.

Virgos – get your Solar Return report here.  Everyone else can expect a respite as far “grounding” goes.  There should be something solid in your life.

After all the upset over the last few years, I think people will appreciate having something or someone they can count on, more than they might have prior to the Uranus Pluto square which rocked us all!

Got plans for Virgo season?

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2018 Grand Trine In Earth: Heads Up, Virgo! — 45 Comments

  1. So thrilled to hear this. I am a very Earthy person (in fact I have a grand trine in my own natal chart) as I have Sun in Cap, Moon in Taurus, and then Jupiter+Mars+Saturn in Virgo 😀 so this is something I’m really looking forward to after the horrible 2 years I have had.

  2. This is great news Elsa. Thank you so much! I am a Virgo and so is my Ascendant. This is great comfort and I am looking forward to it!

  3. How wonderful! Thank you!
    We Virgo suns have been slammed I want to say these last 4 years at least for me. The strong fire in my chart has helped me to trend and even grow, but my Virgo daughters and 3 Virgo best friends were decimated. Now, as a true daughter of Mercury I will deliver this hopeful message today to them and spread this good news of a fantastic summer🤗
    Aries Rising

  4. Will be definitely investing in a Solar Return chart for my husband! He’s a good luck magnet as it is, with trines and sextiles involving sun, Jupiter and Mars.

  5. I am so looking forward to this! I quit my job in February (uranus effect!) as it had become a toxic environment. I’m still job searching–actually finding myself resistant to job searching but must–so a grand earth trine is something I am very much looking forward to since I have so much earth (virgo sun, virgo moon, taurus ascendant, plus stellium in virgo). How can we plan for this to take full advantage?

  6. My birthday is August 26th. On the day of my solar return, Uranus and Saturn are both forming an almost exact trine my sun. I’m excited!

    As a Virgo sun, mars and ascendant, the eclipses in the Virgo/Pisces axis of 2016, changed absolutely everything. These past 20 months or so have been an absolute flood of situations where I’ve found myself out of my depth, just barely treading water. In mostly painful ways, I’ve learned an incredible amount about everything I didn’t know about life, and myself. Pluto was already digging, but Saturns ingress onto my 4th house has so far been absolutely brutal. With Saturn I suppose I should say thank you, haha!

    Because ultimately – I’m building new structures in cement, with these new, cool tools I’ve found.. and I know that my birthday is several months away, but I can already feel the electrifying sense of adventure waiting around the corner. Things are shaping up to become quite interesting, and at the same time, I’ve never felt so sure of my choices. They come from a much healthier place now 🙂

    So I can’t wait for fall! I’m ready to put all my newfound knowledge into practice.

  7. Wow I just did my Solar Return for 2018-2019. I have my Sun @2’40 Virgo so it will be in an EXACT trine with Uranus and Saturn. My ASC @2’47 Taurus so Uranus will be conjunct but not cross it until next year. I’ll also have SR Aquarius ASC and Moon in the 1st.

    • Oh, and I’m also having a Venus Return at the same time of my SR apparently.

      Other not so nice-looking aspects are: SR Moon square n-Pluto, SR Mars square n-Moon, SR Pluto square n-Venus. :/

  8. Super cute bag! Is that yours Elsea? Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio ascendant. Thank you to all who wrote. It has been rough. Thank you Elsea, for the good news.

  9. Hi all. Nice to see my fellow Virgo travellers comments AND some Grand Trine Summer GOOD NEWS chatter! Thank you all for sharing. August 26 #2 checking in; 3 Virgo Sun Sqr 3 Sag AC.
    We have certainly had our challenges, time for some opportunity. The last 7 years since my Chiron return, and an injury, has changed everything -upside down and shaken apart. Still putting pieces of me back together. Its all good. Grateful to be here. Glad the wounded healer is in Aries as of last week. I have 2 in Leo, 2 in Virgo 9th House. plus N.N. My Virgo Venus sits next door in the 3rd decan of my 10th House. I’ve learned to love me and live with me anyway. About time, right? : ) I’ve learned so much about myself and astrology reading Elsa’s updates and references the last 7 years or so. I so look forward to each and every email and update. This one especially. Saturn, Uranus, Grand Trines, Virgo season!! YeeHa. Yess! Thanks for this heads up post Elsa! Appreciate ya! And for all you do! Thank you readers and commentary!

  10. How about for a September 17th birthday (late Virgo)? I’m happy with the grand fire trine I have with my current solar return, and Mars in the 6th house, but Saturn in the 10th is really a double drag on career…I’m hoping the next solar return can incarnate something solid as a result of all the work I intend to do during the upcoming retrograde cycle…

  11. I’m only a virgo by my Asc 14 degrees (Taurus sun and Merc) so no grand trine in my solar return.

    Dunno so much earth may feel very stagnate Elsa!

    I will write a thesis for my degree between September-November, so… yay! (nope)…

    • I was suppose to write this thesis last autumn, when transit Jupiter was in my 3rd house on my natal pluto, oppo my Sun, merc. I thought that would mean great focus but nope, I had to prospone my thesis writing to this autumn..

  12. “Respite. Grounding. Something solid.” Wow!That is sure something to look forward to! Thanks for the ray of hope to hang on to!

  13. Sept 1 Virgo with Virgo Asc and 5 planets in Virgo…..@ 1 to 4. Fingers crossed….

    Thank you for writing this post. Something to hold hope for after an I intense year. And feeling like I have been on hold….lately feeling like thinking about myself for a change as well.

  14. My birthday is August 23rd and we are flying to NY on the 22nd for the 1st time. I am excited because it looks like it will be great!

  15. I have been ready about this for about 4 weeks my. Birthday is 29 August so excited what will come I have read if I focus on my dreams this may happen

  16. My birthday is on 1st and have 3 planets in my 1st H but untll now i see no different (where us the work of this trine?)Only suffering as usual…no money!!

  17. At 11 PM of the Full Moon, I a very fated romantic connection. With this attached to uranus + saturn (unconventional and yet stable?) sounds about what I am looking for! I am moving slowly … With my Sun in the 7th, and many planets in Pisces and my rising in virgo … Let’s see how this unfolds…maybe it will be a good thing?

  18. How long does the Grand Earth Trine last? I assume it ends when the sun leave Virgo. Also I like to burn green candles during earth trine. Does it matter if the moon is waxing or waning?

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