Grand Trine In Earth… Two Dogs Eat Like Hogs

For the current Grand Trine in earth – my husband on the phone, circa 2007:

“That’s what I love about us, P. I love how we eat. We get eating some Italian food and there is no stoppin’ us. We eat with our fingers all dirty, we just eat and eat until it hits us, we can’t eat anymore.”

I laughed.

“Yeah, so then we lie down on our backs, all full of all this food. We just lie there in the sun like two dogs, with our bellies up. And I love this. I love doing this with you. We eat like a it’s a job, P.”

“Our job is to eat?”

“Yeah. We eat like it’s a job. We sure did a job on that lasagna,” he said. “Now let’s go lay around. There’s nothin’ like it in the world. Me and P eating till our hearts are content and then lying on our backs in the sun. Ah. That was good.”

Do you like your food? Got earth in your chart?



Grand Trine In Earth… Two Dogs Eat Like Hogs — 37 Comments

  1. *laugh* I cooked up enough Mexican food today to feed a small army and it’s just me. Yeah, I like food…even if I’m just cooking and not eating. I’ve got Cap all over my chart.

  2. Love to eat good food. A friend once said he thinks there is a correlation between appetite for good food and an appetite for sex. I think he might have been onto something there.

    Venus in Cancer in the 8th. Mars, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the 10th.

    Also I have never ever been able to officially diet. I always rebel, courtesy of that Uranus thing I suppose. I can choose to eat healthier and avoid refine foods, drink more water or whatever. But if I start counting calories or really restricting myself I gain weight EVERY time.

  3. My Taurus Moon is quite afflicted so I have to keep her happy. I travel often so when I’m around, I eat quality food. I go and look at beautiful things. I take time to lounge if I can.

    And also, I wear turtlenecks or wrap my neck and it’s so soothing for my Moon. I realized this morning, as it’s starting to get cooler. There’s comfort in having my neck covered with soft cloth. Funny, huh?

  4. I. Love. Food. I was just thinking about this today in fact, how much I love cooking and eating. I made chocolate chip cookies and ate half the batter before it made it to the oven.

    I have Virgo moon and rising, plus a 4th house stellium which seems to me a good house for food. What’s more homey than walking in the door and smelling stew, cookies or lasagna (the picture for this entry is making me all hot and bothered, btw).

  5. Hm let’s see, Taurus Sun/Cap Moon. Today for dinner at the inlaws I ate turkey, gravy, cheesy broccoli and cauliflower, creamy mashed potatoes, corn, asparagus, caesar salad, before begging mercy…let it settle, crumble, ice cream…on and on. Mmmm! Taurus is known for being a big fat gluttonous pig and I am proud to uphold the reputation!

    (oh, and I scored the carcass to make turkey soup! yay!)

  6. I’m an ex-gluton. venus, saturn and chiron in earth, north node too. sag moon, and jupiter in the sixth on. Since my gastric bypass the relationship to food changed. it doesn’t give me a high anymore. but I was totally addicted to food, I miss it. I could eat alot. I once wrote down what I ate in a day and it was scary. I could feed on that for a couple of weeks nowadays.

  7. Taurus, virgo stellium – used to be a hog but didnt like the blubber. Virgo makes me health conscious so i’ll eat alot but i try to keep it as natural & healthy as poss. I get paranoid about whats in the food i’m eating and have turned into a label checker. Same with what goes on my skin.

  8. Sag stellium in the 6th house. Libra moon.
    Couldn’t care less about meat or vegetables but I absolutely need my starches, cheese, yogurts and dessert pie. Yummy.

  9. Earth trine here too people. Yet other things in my chart seem to over-ride this at times ie. highly aspected Neptune finds me very sensitive to refined sugar, alcohol, preservatives which just spin me out and I have to sleep them off. As a result I’m a strict label reader now as I got sick off passing out from junk in my food.
    Recently I have put on kilos – Jupiter in Sag?

  10. Taurus Sun, Mars and Mercury (all conjunct) with a Virgo ascendant… vegan too but I still eat like a friggin horse.

    Luckily it’s all good stuff though so I’m not overweight or anything. (If it wasn’t I’d probably weigh about 500 pounds)

    I loooooooove food.

  11. Oh yeah… the vegan thing isn’t for health reasons either (although my Virgo ascendant does make me extremely health conscious), but cos I love animals so much. Might be partly due to my Pisces moon πŸ˜‰

  12. Sagittarius sun means I’ll try anything and enjoy rich exotic foods, cancer moon for those home cooked meals and Leo rising to feast like a king.
    Nothing pleases me more than a huge spread of food laid before me with a variety of food from different cultures and I have hardly any earth in my chart but a lot of fire.

  13. I only have two planets in Earth – Pluto Uranus Virgo 7th.

    I’m Italian. It’s all about the food.

    I love watching food TV, reading food blogs, and going out to eat. My vacations are all about eating at new restaurants and trying new dishes.

    I do have Jupiter in the 2nd, so I like to eat (good food, not junk food). I also cannot diet. As soon as I say I’m going to diet, I eat more. So, I go the exercise route.

  14. Taurus Asc, Virgo sun. And a lot of Italian. YUP!

    I do not understand people who do not think about food at all. I try, and shrug. Then, I feed them.

  15. Taurus Moon / PF, Sun/Venus in Cap, Asc in Virgo – double Grand Trine in Earth. I LOVE my food, and I love to cook. And I’ve done it as a job too!

    Yep, cooking and eating is more than a necessity or even a pleasure: it’s a purpose in life, for some of us πŸ™‚

  16. Taurus Mars, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Jupiter.
    I love love love to eat… so much so that I’ve gained a huge amount of weight since Jupiter started transiting my first house.

  17. 7 planets + ascendant in either Cap or Virgo

    These transit Taurus planets are forming a few grand trines. I love to eat good, rich food anyhow but lately I’ve been really pigging out an it’s showing πŸ˜€

  18. Me too teDAREka. The transit of Jupiter in Taurus to my Cappy Sun is definitely showing on my waistline. My Sag Moon is always happy to oblige any and all food festivities : )

  19. My son has a grand trine in earth and he came running up to me right as this page opened, pointed at the photo of lasagna and said “mama, I want that now, please.” Enough said. πŸ™‚

  20. Not too much earth, but when surrounded by earthy types (usually sun virgos and taurus moons)I get really a but excited about food. I have enough capricorn planets in the 6th to obsess over it I guess, when my airy-ness remembers to eat πŸ™‚
    I’ll gorge myself for a few months, then slowly forget about food (as if it were some trendy thing) and go back to my bird-like habits lol. I am now in a gorging phase, I think jupiter in Taurus is helping out πŸ™‚

  21. I love food! I enjoy cooking and eating. I usually over cook though πŸ™‚ I lack Earth in my chart ( I have a Virgo MC though could be Libra MC and Neptune Cap singleton)
    Im known for my cooking abilities. I would have to say its because of my Cancer moon sq MC

  22. I have zero earth.. but I am a daughter of Venus and very into all kinds of cuisine. My favorite room in the house is always the kitchen. One of my all time favorite movies is Under The Tuscan Sun. Love the scenes where everyone is eating, drinking and enjoying!

  23. I love to cook, no earth planets, though cancer in the 4h. I love your guy saying how he loves laying belly up with you after eating a great meal. Hmm, need to find a guy like that! Elsa, you do realize you are a lucky gal? πŸ™‚

  24. I am kind of an anomaly, but I do not know why! I like good food and will prepare it scratch to have it, but good food does NOT require the Jethro feed bag (Beverly Hillbillies circa 1960s for all you youngsters out there…). I am earth – Sun & Ascendent Conj Taurus, also Jupiter & Ceres conj Taurus, as well as my beloved Venus in Taurus, Cap moon, Vestal Virgo. Absolutely do not like the feeling of being full or the feeling of fat on me. Scorp Mars opposes Venus, Jup, Ceres, & Merc at 29 Aries & squares BML on my IC which in turn squares my Sun, Asc, & Venus. Other times I think it is my loner Aquarius influence with my natal NN placed there & Uranus in my 2nd. Will swim myself spent~ maybe Mars…

  25. I take my food seriously. Whenever I visit my mom I buy my own groceries. I don’t trust her. She is mostly air and water. My Mars in Capricorn trines my moon in Virgo. Hard to believe I only have a Taurus MC. Some of the best moments of my life were spent barbecuing with the Capricorn sun Taurus moon. I loved cooking and eating with that man.

  26. That’s one reason why it could never work with the Scorpio sun Taurus moon. Food was an issue. Couldn’t cook in his kitchen for all the paintings. I’m not even joking. He lives on sandwiches and take-out.

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