Grace At The Neck Fry Thing Today

cervicI know you’re curious how my neck-fry went today after Monday’s debacle: Neck Thing – Unfathomable. I’m pretty sure it went fantastically.  I was out late last night for that gig. But when I pulled up to the doctor, I felt really good. I texted my husband, “I’m going in. Feeling good, happy and rested.”

The more experienced (male) nurse was on duty. He took me back and apologized for Monday. He said he was sorry he wasn’t there. I told him it was no problem. “I could tell it was a fluke,” I said.

He prepped me, which is real quick. The doc came in and this time we all three chatted throughout the procedure.  He asked me to tell him when / if I felt sharp pain. I felt it a few times, very briefly. This was nowhere near as bad as being shot in the side of the neck.  Mostly, we talked about my husband. About soldiering. Mars is conjunct Saturn today, yes?

Turns out they know a lot about war and Special Forces and such. The doc has a friend who was in Somalia (Blackhawk Down). My husband and my brother-in-law were there too.  Small world.  Many connections were revealed.

They took exceptionally good care of me. I thanked them. The doc thanked me for giving them a second chance.  “I knew that was a fluke.”

We all three wished each other a great day…I left, numb and just a little dizzy. Not too dizzy. Nothing like when they shot my neck from the side.

It’s been about 4.5 hours. I think that’s long enough for some numbing to wear off. I feel something but it’s not pain and it NOTHING like what I feel this time of day, normally. I pretty sure this was a success.

Just for people who might read this about this (cervical radiofrequency ablation), he finished by injecting a steroid into my neck. He said it helps prevent the “sunburn” like feeling / pain some people experience with this.

As I understand, it can take four weeks for the nerves to completely die. I’m so happy right now. It took me ten months to get this done. You can imagine my glee and my gratitude.

Oh!  And my husband is relieved. My friends too, I’d suspect.

If I wake up tomorrow with now pain, look out!  Expect all hell to break loose, you know. Pain is OPPRESSIVE. It wears you down. I feel like the poor kid in the Life Magazine shot I like, when he gets a new pair of shoes. My joy is unimaginable.

That’s a picture of what I had…times three.




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    • Thanks! Another hour gone by. There is no pain in my neck AT ALL. Some pressure on the side of my head. Not pain, though. Just feels full. Might be swelling.

      They heated it up…said to tell me if I felt any discomfort. They said it was quite hot. Named the degrees but I forgot.”

      “It’s slightly warm. Feels good.”

      They both laughed. “We’ve never heard anyone say that before,” the doc said.

      “Hmm.” I knew from, Monday, they only heat for 90 seconds. That’s when I knew I was home free! 🙂

  1. Yay! That’s wonderful news. I can’t wait to tell my husband about it. He’s scared to death about having the nerve in his spine done. I hope it provides the lasting relief you’re looking for.

  2. It’s the morning after.
    No pain! No pain! No pain!

    I am deliriously happy!

    This was worth waiting for…the whole ten months. Seriously. I have some dead nerves in my back and I am giddy!!

  3. I am so happy to hear this! It’s like a new lease on life, a 2nd chance. Amazing how a crippling condition can be treated (so simply, yet so complex) and the pain just go away. What a blessing 🙂

  4. Yay, Elsa! This is such good news. I’m so glad for you, and for so many others who can benefit from having this procedure.

    • My husband text me today, said it was my real mom, Mary, who did this for me. I should say the Angelus (which we do, daily) in thanksgiving. 🙂

      So I did.

  5. This is good news! You are way too Mars/Mercury to be crippled by pain. You should zip through life like on that scooter you had.
    YAY YAY YAY!!!! ???

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