Good Gemini Morning!


I’m really enjoying the comments on the last post, Reality & Imagination.  Thank you!  My mind is hopped up right now and I like that.

I’m thinking in multiple directions, or maybe it’s more like popcorn popping. In whatever case, this story came to mind.

Now I am not trying to continue an argument. But this story illustrates how unreliable my imagination is.  It’s comical. It’s also one of my favorite stories because it has legs. My encounter with the, Juvie Guy, set the course of my life in one area.  Also, while this story is complete, I did see this man again.  He comes up in my California story. It’s another favorite.

There is a lot of swearing in this story. It’s because the dialogue is true, and I mean it’s exact, verbatim! I don’t know what boys go through but if you’re a woman reading, just remember how it felt to have hormones surging through your body at thirteen.  It’s a Mars Mercury family and this is my rage phase.

Last, I like this story because it’s a real life example of psychopathy. It’s casual and true and material like this is scarce.

The Juvie Guy

Have a happy day!

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