Girl Loves Boy, Boy Love Girl, Marriage Planned, So What’s The Problem? Venus Opposite Saturn


Dear Elsa,

I am in love with this boy and he is madly in love with me too. He is the most genuine guy and in fact our families are planning for us to get us married.

But for some reason I have so many fears that haunt me from past. He is being very supportive but yet I keep imagining all negative things and fear that my past will break this and I know I will be shattered. I am not sure as I know I have never been this timid in life. Is this because of Saturn?

Woman in Love

Dear Love,

Yes, I guess you could say it’s because of Saturn. You have Venus opposite Saturn and are prone to feelings of insecurity in relationships. However, it is also because of Saturn that you have a boy you characterize as genuine and supportive, so would you like to change this? I don’t think so.

You love this boy and he loves you. Lucky day, yes? So rather than allowing yourself to become immobilized by your fears, how about you work with them? Do this and ultimately you will conquer them while simultaneously becoming a better partner day by day by day. Sound good? Here’s how:

You know you’re afraid, so just accept it. “I am a scared person”. And I can tell you why you’ve never been this timid before. It’s because you’ve never been in LOVE! When you love someone for real, fear is part of the package. What if they leave me, or stop loving me? What if something happens to them? It is normal to wonder and fear these things. But should you let them cripple you? Don’t you dare! Don’t do it to yourself and don’t do it to your boy!

Instead embrace the fear as part of the love. Like this: tell your boy you’re scared to death but you are going to love him anyway. Promise him this. Commit to him and to yourself – and train yourself if you have to!

If you have to get up every morning of your life and look in the mirror and reaffirm your dedication, then do it. Do whatever it takes to meet your goal of conquering your fear and enjoying a real and lasting love with your boy… and I see no reason whatsoever that you won’t get exactly that.

Good luck.



Girl Loves Boy, Boy Love Girl, Marriage Planned, So What’s The Problem? Venus Opposite Saturn — 2 Comments

  1. Take her advice, please!! Otherwise you’re going to self-sabotage a beautiful (and rare) thing. True love is scary, but it’s worth it, I promise. 🙂 Plus, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting to your partner that you are scared, because I bet you he has some of the same worries.

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