Gifts For Astrology Lovers

Venus in Aquarius trines the Moon in Gemini today. This makes me think of women running around to buy or deliver small gifts to their friends.

You might get (or give) a nice email or a card or gift today. No matter what happens, it should be a good day for social conversation.  You can also buy astrology (Aquarius) presents (Venus).  Here are some ideas on that:

A Deluxe Transit Report is a significant gift at a small price. It’s personalized to the individual and covers an entire year, so your gift will be used and remembered for a good, long while.

My Asteroid Report is also highly recommended. People love this report. It would make an unexpected and interesting gift. Matter of fact, if you have not got one for yourself, I would!

You can shop other reports here. What’s nice is these are quick to buy. They’re inexpensive and they don’t need to be wrapped or sent anywhere by you.  If you have special instructions, there is a place to make notes.  Don’t worry, I always check this area.

I hope these ideas save you some time, net me some sales and please your friends or family.  There’s pretty good energy out there right now. It makes it possible that everyone be happy!

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