Getting Everything You Want

Zeus_p102I’ve had what can only be called a trashy week, but some good things came out of it. Things like clarity.

My husband and I wanted to be together. Further, we wanted to be married and beyond that, we wanted to be married in the Catholic church.

It took a number of years to make this happen. Maybe five years? But the fact is we got everything we wanted.  We got exactly what we said we wanted, to the letter.

Understanding this, it made me realize there is little room to bitch.  How many people can say that they got exactly what they asked for?

I suspect there are quite a few, actually.  If you are one of them, do you still complain?

Seeing things in this light has helped me a lot. Sometimes, perspective (Jupiter) really is everything.


Getting Everything You Want — 6 Comments

  1. I guess my complaint would be ‘why am I having to deal with this?’ And then how do I resolve this so it goes away. I would liken it to grumblin about having to take the garbage out. Even though it will start to stink if I don’t.

    I think the best part of jupiter is being grateful at the bounty I do have. I try to touch base with that everyday. But I don’t want to idealize it or I might begin to fear losing it. That’s a hurdle I had to jump.

  2. No I don’t complain. I’ve realised that I am lucky and need to be grateful.

    Yes, it was a hard slog, like 10 years or more. Things aren’t that easy, but it is simple to do. Just work at it everyday and never complain or give up.

  3. I could not agree more. I know when pluto was transiting my moon, it was not a good time for me. I kept looking in lots of different places for help/relief and what I ended up getting from Elsa and others made all the difference. What I got was a big dose of perspective. To this day I remember one of those things being that, out of like 7 major life areas (they were like job, family, children, money, health, love of life, etc) I had 5 out of the 7 areas. Then the guy told me, ‘really, you can’t have it all’ and that just struck me as SO true. I remember sitting there being struck by that and feeling like the biggest baby for thinking that I should have it all. Since then, I have made a conscious effort to be grateful every day for what I DO have and to help give others as much a I can in return.

  4. I don’t have everything I want, but I have been very blessed to have everything I need and more. I don’t complain because I have been without and I know how easy it is to land there again – Sun Square Saturn. For now I have a nice home, enough to pay the bills, and good friends. I have my music for therapy – I play in two groups and as a volunteer at the senior center and a nursing home – Taurus Sun. The only thing missing from my life is a relationship, but that’s my own fault – Venus Uranus. I don’t really miss it as friends fill that need – Aquarius Moon. Above all, I choose to be happy – Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  5. @sunnysadge, “I work at it everyday and never complain or give up”
    So True. I don’t have the energy I did when I was young so it’s even more important to work at it on a daily basis. I am taking steps every day towards the future that I want for myself.

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