Get It Done! Mars In Hard Aspect!

mars attacksThis was today’s newsletter:

We’re headed into conflict now.

Mars is closing a square to Mercury.

Mars is clashing with Venus as well.

The Sun and Moon are squared off.

Tomorrow the Moon will come up against Venus, Mercury and Mars. It’ll be like getting t-boned on the highway.

There is help out there.  But when there is this much crossfire, you’re better off to focus on getting through it unscathed.

People pick fights when the planets are clashing like this. You see, they’re all personal (inner) planets. So figure out how you’re going to handle trouble and then what? Git it done!

PS – There are only two days like this. We’ll see a shift on Friday.

I write these letters ahead; I’d forgotten my own instruction but I am definitely on it!  We had two house guests, staggered, over the last couple weeks. My garden has turned into a snarled up mess. I lost count how many fruit trees branches broke this year. I knew I had to go to the doctor yesterday, but I set aside today and tomorrow to totally focus on catching up all over the place.

I’d started to can peaches by five this morning. I picked thirty banana peppers yesterday, intending to stuff them today.

I started on the peppers as soon as I got the peach jars sealed. I realized I could use up some of the (garden) eggplant, by dicing it and adding to the pepper stuffing. I’ve overrun with these two veggies!

I got the peppers done, two dozen of them, anyway.  I went out and gathered more peaches. I intend to work on them tomorrow, and start on the pears if time permits.

Mars and Mercury. I notice myself thinking all the time; talking aloud as I work. I feel having this channel for this energy makes it a lot easier to avoid conflict.

A couple people have tried to mix it up with me today – God knows why.  But it’s a simple thing, not to take the bait because I’m focused.

I don’t really like to work like this – non-stop. However, I like fighting even worse!

I’m going to work on a consultation now. I look forward to it. Brain (Mercury) exercise (Mars).

What are you doing today?  Can you feel the FIRE?


Get It Done! Mars In Hard Aspect! — 17 Comments

  1. I love non-stop work days. I feel so much better when I have a day where I just cross things off my list and cross things off my list some more. With a bit of cleaning mixed in. I blame this on my virgo moon who relishes getting stuff done and doesn’t relax very well unless 50% or more of the list is taken care of. 😉

  2. Holy yes my neighbor one of moms illegit’s born in the 80’s and daughter of Terry the tall comic piano playing character drunk he has issue with guess what that I say at a church dinner held weekly Paul is my brother his is her whole one… so I’m just truthing but I can stay clear of these charity dinners Last year she ran over 5 kittens Now oddly she took up chickens and a cat I just cant…Her big war now even though her chicken flew over from her bday party doings lived through my dog one night not even a feather ruffled I should one now she is leaving tons of feet space for me to mow I wont do it I painted a property stick white like before her shannagins Just waiting a blowup no I won’t all for her nutty dad oooohhh plus dad tipped my lawn mower to break it so i bought a lock this weekend a stranger helped me burn off the oil see? ha ha.. Plus the heartbreak of dad masking his own animal abuse on me as I did crimes me a protege; stageplay hit song writer up till now now its over happy days huh? lol

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be on my guard at work tonight. Meanwhile, I am trying to get fired up via caffeine (things to do)but fighting off a cold and my body is saying just rest before work.

  4. I can feel the fire. My husband was trying to pick a fight this morning. I’ll ignore him at all costs because I’m not in the mood to fight.

  5. I was up all night VENTING via writing letters that I may NOT send ….on ALL the envy mongers and detractors that I am unable “cuss” for many reasons…after that Full Moon @ 27 Capricorn exactly on my Jupiter in 6th house of work… I feel the need to clean house and run with my Lucky breaks at work as I put together a new dynamic partnership courtesy of some
    clients that I serviced well in the past who are willing to back me financially to work for myself… LONG LAST….Venus & Jup in Capricorn in my 6th house…..HA HA HA

  6. Work has been busy. In addition to a high workload, I impulsively created a reference guide and gave someone a tutorial on how to do my job even though I didn’t have to.

    Also, I just ran into a former supervisor, an Aries, and she delivered a cutting remark. We were catching up with friendly conversation and it was clearly supposed to be a joke but there was truth to it. Damn.

    Other than that I’ve been catching up on things too, I took a bit of time off for my birthday. Getting back on track with online Spanish lessons and balancing my budget. Going to get a good workout in tonight to blow off some steam.

  7. I failed miserably. Having Mercury conjunct Mars, I exploded today over some folks that did not do their job properly.

  8. Guy in a car on the road acting like a jerk, hair stylist upset over a remark a customer said, others complaining. Trying to lay low, impossible.

  9. I have a pretty successful technique for dealing with the M&M bad boys creating energy like this . When an explosive situation is occurring, I breath first very deeply and I affirm my aggressive/ assertive response but only in my head by thinking – “This is what I want to say” and then I act by thinking – “But this is what I’m going to say.” Giving my Mars in Libra a chance. It works for me. Be safe everyone.
    Aries Rising

  10. Had a Come-to-Jesus moment with someone yesterday, sans guilt. I stood for truth, they deserved it, & I’ll sleep just fine. Natal Mars in 3rd H Leo. I’m used to this sh*t, winky-wink.

  11. This explains a lot!!! thanks Elsa. Usually my daughter and I spend a day once a week shopping together, enjoying each others company. In the last month our time together turns into a major argument. Today it was over the top brought both of us to tears. We both said we did not understand what was going on with our interactions lately. Her sun is in Gem ,moon in Leo and her asc is in SAg as is mine. I have a scorp sun and sag moon as well.

  12. The sun moon square was a stinker. Formed a fixed square with natal placements including chiron. I had no reason to be in the gutter. Decided not to let discouragement take over. And yup it passed. Getting it done seems to be the only worthwhile focus. If I sit still too long, I get nauseous. I hate that feeling.

  13. single tracking to metro on my commute- four times the people crammed into the cars. but everyone’s polite, and helpful, and accommodating. so. i dunno. i’ve been picking up my speed in my walks to the station. it’s good to burn off negery. have been getting a ton done at work. major breakthroughs the past couple days. which is good because i’m about to wrap up this project and move out. (it’s a summer internship.) they wish i could stay. i guess that means i’ve been doing ok here 🙂

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