General Remarks And Observations Regarding Pluto In Capricorn The Cardinal Cross 2010

grand crossOn the post, Scope etc. I explained how I have spent most my life coming up / thriving in an environment where decay, deprivation and hardship dominate the scene and the experience. This an Pluto archetype or for the non-astrological, you can see this in nature when a flower springs up from a heap of manure.

I think building and maintaining yourself amid loss and death and decay is going to be a major theme with Pluto in Capricorn and people will gravitate towards people like me who know how to do it. Come up smelling like a rose, that is because if you can’t do it the only other option is to be buried in some really nasty stuff.

I have a client with a grand cross in her chart that sits on the angles of her chart so is very boldly drawn. I’ve worked with her for a number of months and recognize her as a(nother) prototype. She has spent her lifetime living under a hard core grand cross and now we as a collective get to see what that experience is like.

As I write this, the Moon is leaving Cancer and the cross is breaking up temporarily but I am beginning to get a grip on it or at least be able to offer some observations that may help. What I am seeing is a number of points or angles (check the picture) that are showing themselves in my life (and in yours) and creating a gift and a curse.

A curse because there are so many things or people to be concerned about and a gift for the same reason and I will explain.

On my honeymoon, I met pretty much all the people who are prominent in my husband’s life. He has known most of these people between 30 to 50 years so that is a lot to absorb. Everyone has a story and all the stories are important so I ask you, which is most important?

It is impossible to tell. The stories, like the points in that cross are connected and a person is caught in that. You can’t really focus or obsess on one point (or person) without being pulled to another point (or person) and if you can get a handle on this you can see where the “gift” comes in.

To relate this “at large”, just look at the news or the state of the world. Which point should you obsession, huh? Unemployment? Heath care? The decay of society in general? By now, I am sure most of you can relate to what I am saying so here’s the trick:

If you can see and acknowledge the people / points you are dealing with, you can contain this thing and start working within the limits. It’s gives a sense of control people want and need right now and it offers a chance at mastery or at least a chance to strive in that direction.

Name some of the points or issues in your life right now…

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General Remarks And Observations Regarding Pluto In Capricorn The Cardinal Cross 2010 — 28 Comments

  1. I have felt that way a good portion of my life. Just cursed at times, but not so much now, even if last week gave us an unusually juicy turn of events. We’re making it through, smelling like soap. Ah.

    Speaking of curses, has anyone ever tried a protection chant? I know that some may find chants to be horsesh*t, but I’ve found a couple that have actually boosted me up. Might be worth a try.

  2. “I explained how I have spent most my life coming up / thriving in an environment where decay, deprivation and hardship dominate the scene and the experience”

    I think that is why I am here and why i need to get a reading. I am sure my chart will raise your eye brow. Just the one of the many things I have faced would cripple most people. While I never crumbled I can look back and see my last Jupiter cycle 1998, that was the point where I really started coming out of the manure.

    I still have some clinging on that I need to shake for this cycle to really get under way. I am ready but not sure what all will need to be left behind for this one to be the one that puts my life where it has been heading for a long time, and the balance and peace that will bring.

    I’ve earned it.

    I will be getting in touch with you when I find some time, and my mental state is where it needs to be to absorb that. If you want a peak give Feb 28th 1965 @ 11:57 a look. Should be a lucky year for me, but no luck yet, but we shall see.

  3. I’m not being flippant when I say there’s alot of richness in that manure we heap around our plants and flowers-sometimes its (the manure) placed purposely with hopes of beautiful thriving things that come out of it. Others its accidental/spontaneous. I’m trying to figure out what is happening in my life. Sometimes I scoop out the manure and put it exactly where I want it; other times I find it, or step in it-at times with the flower Elsa mentioned. (Very glad you’re back too, Elsa!) What about the rest of you? Planned or spontaneous? 🙂

    Guess that’s a Pluto/Uranus thing tho…

  4. “You can’t really focus or obsess on one point (or person) without being pulled to another point (or person) and if you can get a handle on this you can see where the “gift” comes in.”

    love it. This is so, so juicily helpful.

    -family problems
    -stable housing
    -completing my education and promoting my artwork
    -paying off bills
    -managing my finances better
    -continuing to nurture this relationship I’ve entered

    The Grand Cross falls in my Cardinal Houses, right on top my Moon-Pluto-Venus/Mars T-square.

  5. @Deb please share!!

    All I know is that the dream I was really hoping for completely crashed all around me and the person’s involved don’t get it. I feel like a humming bird that is continually crashing into the same window and no one sees, cares or wants to look at the pain I am going through over this. I am alone in my suffering because I can’t get to the bottom of any of it with anyone in the picture and those people are not wanting to even admit that they had something to do with setting it up. And now I have money issues that are overwhelming me and nothing I think of to get out of it seems to lead anywhere.

  6. Over the last six weeks or so, life has become increasingly challenging – each time I deal with one problem or issue, another one comes hot on its heels. It’s unrelenting.

    But what is now happening in me is an increasing detachment from all of it, and I think this may be key. The worse things get, the more emotionally detached you need to be to survive it all. I wonder if this is the way to remain in the centre of the cross, in a way like standing in the eye of the storm, so that you can keep a perspective on what needs to be done and deal with it as efficiently as possible.

    One thing is for sure, I feel like I’m in training for worse to come.

  7. The situation with my family has finally come to a head once and for all.

    I was having a verbal argument with my controlling father the other night, and my sister interjected herself. We started yelling at each other, and I invited her to go ahead and hit me since she’s thrown the first punch twice in the past already. I was looking forward to getting a good yank on her hair (and then putting her in a bear-hug, since I don’t aim to harm her), but since she didn’t touch me, I didn’t touch her. That’s my rule. Self-defense only, no matter how mad. (She’s 21, I’m 26.)

    Lo and behold if she didn’t pick up the phone and say “I’m calling 911.” I said, if you make that call, you won’t have a sister. She did it anyway. And when the dispatcher picked up, she said, “Uh, I’m sorry, I guess I called by accident…”

    Later that night, as I was setting out to go for a drive to get some coffee and get away from the madhouse, she said to me, “You know why I called the police? To show you.” And she asked where I was going. When I asked her why she wanted to know, she said, “No reason, just if you’re leaving it will make me happy. Very happy.”

    I’ve been beating my head against a brick wall looking for work in California and trying to transfer schools, so I’ve been living at my parents’ house temporarily. But the control games are so thick, the therapist I’ve been seeing labeled it an incestuous cult. No joke. (Unfortunately, I’ve had experiences to back up both sides of that label. Talk about the heap of shit.)

    And then even later, my father wanted to talk, and he basically let me know that if I didn’t fall in line with what he wanted– control over me– he might conveniently “forget” how things went. That I seemed a little violent, that I’d had a fork in my hand (nevermind that I was eating at the time), etc. Ghastly stuff.

    All because I don’t give them what they want– my parents want complete control, my sister wants unlimited access to my time and attention– when I don’t give them what they want they’ve made it very clear that they are willing to ruin my life in whatever way possible. So, I am disowning my family. It’s been a long time in coming, but it’s happening now.

    I also dumped my partner once and for all this past week. He was gone for five days and didn’t call me once. Meanwhile, I slipped a rib and a vertebra sleeping on the terrible mattress I’ve been begging him to change, while the $300 TV set he bought as a SPARE sits on his desk. It was very symptomatic of the relationship.

    So I’m moving out to the Midwest to live with a friend who’s letting me trade babysitting for rent while I find a job and a place. I have Venus in Scorpio opposite Chiron in Taurus and I literally JUST went into my second Chiron square. (Also, Cap Sun/Merc with Saturn in Scorp.) I’m bloody sick of being used so hard by the people who supposedly “love” me– had I not been so brainwashed I think I would have seen what a bad situation this is long ago, but better late than never. I’m getting my own place, a cat, finishing my education, and then I’m migrating to another continent. No joke.

    Sorry about the long rant, I’m really stressed right now.

  8. Thank you Elsa!!!!!! I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a hurricane – the winds are blowing around me and I can’t quite get a handle on where to turn and find my way out….Good heavens, your blog said exactly what I’ve been feeling!!!!

    This is why I’m being passive in action, but attentive in thought – if I did anything else, I might miss something important….

  9. (((Shaina)))

    ““You know why I called the police? To show you.”

    What she showed you is that she is a jackass.
    Glad you’ve got a plan.

  10. @opal: I am new here and, like others, have a lot of issues right now. Anger is a biggie. I just wanted to say that I like what you said above about detachment.

    @opal and Elsa: I regards to both your posts, I may be missing the point, but is this part of the “whatever you focus your energy on multiplies” theory that I’ve heard before? I’m thinking that if I can detach from the anger I feel at my ex-husband that I would be a LOT better and be in a better place. Or did I miss the point?

    I’m still trying to understand the whole Cardinal Cross thing and will go look for more info now.

    Oh, and did I read this little pearl here or elsewhere: “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh Crap, She’s up!” -unknown
    I love that!

  11. where to direct my creativity
    what are my responsibilities to others
    what are my responsibilities to myself
    how to grow roots and to flower

    thanks so much Elsa

  12. Rosemary, I am sorry but I really don’t know what you are referring to when you say “posts” but no, I did not have anything like what you mention on my mind when I wrote this.

    This is a fairly abstract concept and it’s possible I fail to convey my ideas adequately.

    I am not being self-deprecating. I just know that I think these things and try very hard to transfer them because I think if I can it will help people but at times I wind up confusing people and not sure what to do. I guess it’s like tossing things out and if it resonates, then bullseye and if not, disregard?

  13. What am I trying to focus on ? Let’s see…

    Helping my kids focus on a direction (they’re in their late teens) for their lives; I’m trying to lead by example.

    Overcoming the barriers to buying a home — even though I sold mine in another state to relocate here. The rules have changed drastically.

    I’m 40+, and want to remain healthy and vital — to age gracefully. I weigh (entirely) too much, and am an exceptional cook, unfortunately. I’d love to feed every one of you ! The weight’s gotta go *sigh*.

    My artist/healer self has been shelved/back-burnered, because I only have so much energy; and that goes to making a living and being present for my kids.

    Some days I just have to remember to breathe and savour every blessing as it comes; maybe that’s my way of making a garden out of a shit-heap. I know I’m doing better than some, so I give thanks and share the empathy wherever it’s needed.

  14. @Elsa: Oh! I’m sorry. My bad, certainly. I should have said blog entry or topic, not posts. And I’m supposed to be a wordsmith. Ha!

    No, it’s not you, it’s me. *smiles* I’m just stressed and my comprehension level is low. Please ignore me for the time being. 🙂


  15. @Rosemary, thank you, that is generous but I really am capable of writing gibberish only I can understand.

    I am thinking Saturn’s transit to natal Mercury might help this. I have already wrapped up Saturn through the 6th (Mercury) and through Virgo (Mercury) and apparently there is more to suffer. ::smirks::

  16. (((((shaina)))))) i wish i could help. hopefully you let us know how things progress because i will definitely be thinking about you.

  17. (((ReikiHeart))) Haven’t seen you much on posts lately – have I been missing you?

    Know what you mean about the kids, feeling tired but blessed, and hope you find the energy/love to keep it all together..

  18. Thanks, AriesSun; good to see you too !

    (((Shaina))) I hope you and your family can somehow come to an understanding. peace.

  19. Shaina, when I moved out of the nest, I cried for a few weeks every night. A lot of what you typed here is…

    Good luck. You’ll be better off no matter where you wind up, and things will get better.

  20. oh, that might explain why the mercury t square seems to make my brain go all rattle-ey.
    nice imagery. should be helpful in directing focus/energy…

  21. (((shaina))) Good that you are getting out of that mess…I’m thinking time and distance are going to give you the perspective that moving is the right thing to do (on several levels).

    People on this blog have said it before – you can love your family, but not get along with them, and that’s ok!!

    Smile sweetie – good things are ahead!!

  22. I have a grand cross in my natal chart.
    here it goes:

    -Knowing of self/ Self growth
    -Relationship /love issues
    -career/job related issues
    -Family issues.

    The natal cross touches Asc and Desc and 10th & 4th house ruler, and each point is activated by transits.

  23. “I explained how I have spent most my life coming up / thriving in an environment where decay, deprivation and hardship dominate the scene and the experience”

    I cried on and off all day after I read that line.
    It so describes the reality of my 20 something daughters lives. I’ve been torturing and tormenting myself because I felt SOMEHOW I should have been able to give them an easier life. So filled with fear for them, shame and blame for myself. Somehow what you said put it in perspective. Yes, they are thriving. Thanks so much, Elsa.

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