Gemini Venus Quincunx Pluto: Cat Barf And Then The Mall!

“Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche

With Venus in Gemini trining the Moon in Aquarius this morning there has already been a plethora of communications at my house today. The kids have been on the phone, on skype, texting and flipping between Netflix and cable and I had three social interactions all before coffee. Gemini Venus in the sky supports the sweet, sweet flow of quick communication and new information while that Aquarius Moon loves the airy exchange of ideas. It feels right, it feels easy. They’ve got plans popping and possibilities hovering and everything feels electric. However, their dad is out of the country and we have to make time in all this to stop by his place to spend quality time with his pets, clean the catbox and track down the hairball messes.

This is a perfect manifestation of the Venus quincunx Pluto. Venus in Gemini would like to have some fun times and go to the mall, lots of people to watch, a plethora of social possibilities in the teen world. With the uneasy aspect to Pluto, they’ve got to stretch their day out of shape to do poop patrol in there somewhere as well. Sometimes these energies are just that mundane. It’s not all fireworks. For me there’s the Venus Pluto signature manifesting in a different way. I don’t have to deal with the animal effluence but I have the taboo challenge of deciding how to deal with going to my ex’s house when he’s not there. Do I go in and sit quietly or do I read my book in the driveway? Either way is awkward (quincunx) and with Pluto in Capricorn I’m trying to be responsible (Capricorn) about the taboo (being in an ex’s space) while balancing my own wishes for a decent time (Venus). Then it’s off to the mall! Oh joy.

How is your day shaping up?

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Gemini Venus Quincunx Pluto: Cat Barf And Then The Mall! — 5 Comments

  1. I’m having an eerily similar day. I spent the morning catching up with family on the phone and email and now I’m gathering up the stepkids to head over to their mother’s long abandoned trailer to collect their personal belongings before the trailer is seized by the bailiff (she took off for places unknown with collection agencies trying to hunt her down). I would prefer that my husband take care of this as I am not prepared to look at the squalor of the trailer or deal with my stepkids’ anger/grief but he’s in Vancouver painting my mother’s house. I’ve promised the kids a special night out as soon as we’ve dealt with the trailer even though I’d much rather go home to my books and PBS special.

  2. I cleaned like good will bag cleaning. A scraped drying laundry soap off the laundry shelves and went a bought paper and papered them. I washing mt bedding (3 loads I’d laundry to do that) I talked to my mom on the phone for almost an hour and to my dads wife fir over 30min. I dusted my room and scrubbed MY bathroom, toilet and all. Tomorrow I’ll do the kids bathroom. I’m alone all weekend and enjoying it:) I muss the kids so bad usually that I struggle but this feels productive. Mars is direct conjunct my 4th house cusp 😀

    I found $6 cleaning my room and bathroom, $5 of it in change, so now I’m treating myself to a drive thru jack n the box for tacos and a BIG Oreo shake 🙂 to enjoy while I watch some DVR’ed CSI 🙂 maybe an episode of bones. Lol Pluto is currently (will be for ever it seems) in my 8th 🙂

  3. Oh and I used my daughters iPod station thing for my iPhone to listen to the Madonna station on pandora all day 🙂

    What an awesome day!

  4. My cat puked in my bed (I mean under the sheets) in the middle of the night on Friday! Thank God for my Virgo Moon or she’d be dead!

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