Workshop For Beginners: “At Your Service” – Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Concept – Planets conjunct the Ascendant.

Sometimes you may hear someone say they have a particular planet “rising.” This means that planet is conjunct the Ascendant. This will add a very strong energy to a person’s presence. On the 1st house side, the energy will be very obvious. On the 12th side, a little more illusive. Definitely still there, but harder to put your finger on. Here is a list key words for each planet on the ASC. Try to imagine a piece of clothing or accessory that embodies these ideas. Then imagine the person wearing it.

Sun – Genuine, Bright, Warm-Hearted, Sun Hat
Moon – Moody, Changeable, Nurturing, Sweater
Mercury – Agile, Intelligent, Chatty, Cell Phone Charm
Venus – Loving, Sensual, Artistic, Ornate Rings
Mars – Active, Aggressive, Energetic, Sneakers
Jupiter – Expansive, Open-Minded, Jovial, Dashiki
Saturn – Serious, Dependable, Dark, Overcoat
Uranus – Eccentric, Experimental, Free-Spirit, Nude
Neptune – Intuitive, Compassionate, Invisible, Gauze
Pluto – Intense, Penetrating, Polarizing, The F Word

Now, consider the sign and any aspects and blend these ideas together to get a feel for the meaning.


ASC – 15 degrees Gemini

Another Gemini rising/Mercury Ruled Chart. Also, with 12th house Moon conjunct the ascendant. (See Chart IV) But this time the Sun is elsewhere. So we get a quick wit with an emotional undercurrent but minus the yang-iness.

The Sun – Sagittarius in the 6th House
Another Sadge (See chart 5) this time in the 6th. That natural philosophical bent gets put to work here. This is a great position for a teacher.

The Moon – Gemini in the 12th house
I think we’ll just rename this the 12th house Gemini Moon workshop. Just because your mood can turn on a dime, doesn’t mean you didn’t feel it.

Can you guess who else has this combination of Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon?

Julianne MooreActress Julianne Moore. There is a short ad before this clip, but I promise it is worth it to hear what she learned from her “itinerant childhood.”

And Satori says…

With Gemini Rising, widely conjunct the moon in Gemini, how this person is seen matches the Moon needs. That is to say that the face they turn up to the world does not conflict with getting their needs met. This is a helpful influence as the moon itself is hidden in the 12th house. People will respond to this airy, communicative persona in ways that feed their emotional nature.

The Rising and Moon are the apex of a tee square with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces at the top of the chart (public ) and Pluto, Uranus, Mars in Virgo at the bottom (private). The challenge (square) is to use this social and communicative nature in integrating the powerful, electric drive (Pluto, Uranus, Mars) with the gravity of the public healing placement (Saturn Chiron in the 10th) over the “serve or suffer” axis of the Virgo Pisces opposition.

The Sun in Sagittarius is in good house position for this challenge. In the Virgo-ruled house, the 6th, the fiery ego is expressed well in service. Venus conjunct the Sun here will like service. In Sadge with the Sun, Venus enjoys the same things that fire up the sun. Jupiter in Leo trining from the 2nd house fires up the Sun Venus conjunction and lends the support of compiimentary values.

A sextile, aspect of opportunity, from the Sun Venus to the humanitarian Aquarian Midheaven reflects the possible outcome of a tie to a career in service.

The TowerAnd here’s Dixie!

Your presentation may be airy with Gemini rising and moon energy, but this is only one part of your nature. The aspects to powerhouse planets intensify your impact considerably and put you in a position to topple the status quo if you choose. Your mind is quick enough to instantly perceive cracks and you instinctively know just which bricks to remove for the biggest effect. With your humanitarian-flavored sun, you could easily use this skill to help fight injustice or empower those in need. Whatever you do, though, be sure to use this superpower for good, lest some of the burning wreckage ends up on your head!

How might this person integrate the energy of their placements? Do you have aspects in common with this chart? How would having a 12th house moon impact this person’s relationships? What do you see? This is your workshop, so make the most of it by participating. We only have one more chart to go!

see chart 9 full size



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  1. Thanks for this post. I loved it! I have Moon conjunct Asc too (orb of only 1.5 degrees), in the 12th. But it’s in Scorpio which is totally different from Gemini of course. Any insight into this, aside from the words already in the post (moody, changeable, sweater)?

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