Commitment-Phobic Gemini & Interracial Dating

gemini Vintage cigarette cardHi Elsa,

I am a flighty Gemini. I’m 30 years old and have never had a ‘serious’ relationship. I’ve only dated a few men. I currently have a “friend with benefits” that is my longest relationship ever. I have struggled with my feelings for him, and I would never admit them to him – especially since he keeps telling me not to fall in love with him.

What I can’t understand is this guy is my total opposite. He’s the first black guy I’ve dated, while I’m pale. He’s only here for one more year of school, and I live here. Overall, we’re not all that compatible.

So, what the hell is my problem???

Flighty Gemini

Dear Flighty,

I’m not sure you have a problem. I am sure you have Uranus in the seventh house and you’re keen to shock, break rules and experiment in relationship though and I figure your man is in similar circumstance. He wants to experiment as well, but he’s got some sense of responsibility about it so it’s, “Baby, baby, don’t get hooked on meeeeeeeeee”.

Anyway, your whole deal is quintessential Venus/Uranus stuff, including the relationships with “friends” so I dunno. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s you and it’s authentic.

Oh!! And the reason you’re a little more attached than usual? It’s only because he’s detached. The fact you’re going to get out of this is a given. In other words, you’re a commitment phobe and he’s a commitment-phobe’s dream.

Good luck.

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