Full Moon – Widespread Disillusionment With Neptune In Pisces

full blue moonThe recent stellium of planets in Pisces has moved on, leaving Neptune behind. You might think the benefit planets, Venus and Jupiter did not good at all. But it’s possible they spared us from what we have now, which is widespread disillusionment.  Sorry, but it’s like a virus.

One problem with this is Neptune in Pisces does not have any kind of handle. No handle. No lines. No brake. You’re up against a cloud here.

It’s super interesting because Saturn is headed into Pisces. That’ll be a trip.  And I’m not dissing Pisces. I’m just reporting what I see.  Virtually every client I work with is experiencing some level of unfulfillment and/or discouragement.

I don’t think these feelings can be dealt with, using Neptune energy alone.  I have some ideas about this which I hope to cover in another post.  For now, are you part of this?

Are you feeling disenchanted?  If so, how are you coping?


Full Moon – Widespread Disillusionment With Neptune In Pisces — 8 Comments

  1. Yes to all of it! I have a Neptune trine Sun and just had Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter. That’s an interesting point on feeling like Jupiter there did nothing, because I noticed the same thing.

  2. I have Neptune in the 6th house, so with the Saturn square Uranus going on with my childcare work, I’m very disillusioned with work, just the whole dream that was sold to me as a millennial about what was possible.

    I know that with Saturn going into the sixth. It’s definitely going to continue with work, my continued search for work with better healthcare because I really need that to live a life of a good quality.

  3. That would be Saturn heading into my 4th house. We certainly do have a lot to learn on responsibilities as new home owners. We want to sell this house eventually as it was left to my partner and it’s not where we want to live but when Neptune entered Pisces, we were forced to move from our dwelling due to a sale. Knowing we could not afford our area at current rent rates going up, we decided to move 400 miles away to here. Am I disillusioned? Yes and no. We kinda knew this might happen but I’m feeling a bit like a fish out of water here, that’s for sure!

  4. Yes yes and yes. Ascendant sun mars and south node in Pisces here. Neptune a degree away from my sun. The disillusionment is real. But holding on to the silver linings out there…

  5. In third house and absolutely affecting local community themes. I thought maybe…just maybe.. it’s all going to change at some point you know people are going to wake up…NAHHH that went out the door in 2 seconds.

    I am literally living in the belly of the beast aka northeast California no offense but it is what it is. There are good people everywhere and unfortunately many of them are asleep at the wheel of life and wearing masks outside in 80 degree weather, ridding their bikes ALONE and swimming and kayaking in lakes ALONE with masks ~ UNREAL!!!
    I feel like I am in an alternate cheap sci-fi reality!

  6. Oh yeah I really see and feel this one personally my neptune is conjunct Saturn 1st trine Jupiter 9th mc. I’m feeling this deeply in others and it affects me personally.I begin to feel their disillusionment, I really think the saturn libra conjunction and of course the MC JUPITER 9th house trine.,helps to give me some some stability (saturn) to keep my optimism (Jupiter) that this seemless fog will pass.and to be watchful (saturn) for the subtle delusion and deception that Neptune can cloud. Choosing instead to trancend.(neptune). I like this full moon!Im staying optimistic..think calm enjoyment and peace.✌😊

  7. Pisces Rising here.Disenchanted?Disillusioned? Well, yes. Our son has been ill for a whole year after his second covid shot.We have been to over 15 doctors,currently on a protocol with a very expensive doctor we found who may be able to help. Covid in my area is on the rise,I have heard of 6 people between yesterday and today who have come down with Covid. Had to cancel a family reunion on East Coast due to illness in t our family, having to be caregivers, and also covid concerns. Have not seen family since early 2019. I am exhausted,scared, worried,un motivated and my Faith is very very shaky. How do I cope? I cry a lot and often. I drink wine. I pray. I meditate, I ride my bike.I talk with a few friends who have had similar lifer challenges and can handle my grief.Neptune seems to be toying with my very Soul.So ready for some concrete answers and progress.

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