Full Moon: Tense Today: Pressure Building – Widespread

tense today

I woke up this morning; I could immediately feel the tension.  Granted, the current planets hit my chart pretty well, but I this the effect here is widespread.

Matter of fact, with the moon conjunct Neptune and boundaries failing aka Saturn in Pisces, this looks like some kind of breach.

The Aries / Libra full moon energy has not really constellated. We’re dealing with Venus square Uranus, Mercury Neptune opposition and Mars square Pluto.

The moon will ingress into Aries this evening. It’s likely to accelerate whatever is happening, or inflame it.  It feels like the worm is turning here. That’s for good or ill.

The chart is clickable. What do you think?


Full Moon: Tense Today: Pressure Building – Widespread — 7 Comments

  1. This is my Lunar Return, but with a late Cancer asc. I am feeling slightly more on edge but am retaining the calm that the Earth trines have provided lately. I’m liking the look of the Venus/Mars sextile and Merc/Jupiter trine, I feel they’re keeping my mood buoyed.

    • Ha, felt I had to comment again because during the run-up to the full Moon, I had a low-level tension headache. Got up this morning, minutes after the Moon had hit full (UK time) and poof! Headache gone!

  2. Elsa, have you heard about the NATIONWIDE alert coming thru cell phones next wed 10-4? going to go for 30 minutes starting at 11:20 Pacific time. it will supposedly be ‘tones and vibrations’. and i hear if your phone is turned off it will activate anyway….creepy…why??? to start the zombie apocalypse?! kidding not kidding :/

    • It’s just an EAS test. Our phones will almost certainly not go off for 30 minutes, probably a full minute. The 30 minutes is how long the test alert will be in effect. Emergency alerts (tornado warnings, shelter-in-place orders, &c.) must have a set effect period even if they need to be extended later. If there’s a delay in reception of the message, or something goes wrong when they test the system, by 11:50a Pacific or 2:50p Eastern everyone should get the alert.

    • 10-4…
      Ten Four Good Buddy ~ Roger that! They are so smart to have picked that date (rolling eyes)

      For whatever its worth people should at least take the opportunity to understand just how our insanely our electrical fields (bodies/hearts etc) are bombarded. Particularly those living near 5g integrated inconspicuous suburban/city towers.

  3. Tension, OH yeah. It has been intensifying around me for a couple of weeks now, as I strive to make up my mind about leaving my job for a free, creative, contemplative life path, which is what I’ve yearned for over many years.

    Favoritism, scapegoating, selective accountability and punishment, classism, being treated as “the help”, hostile toxic crap, yep, all that at the job. A month ago, leaving was nearly unthinkable. Now, it hurts to think that I might NOT leave — there’s just that much pressure around my heart and anguish, misery in my soul or spirit.

    The Full Moon will occur in my 7th, right between my 9 Aries North Node and 0 Aries Chiron Rx. I dunno. Doing life my way at last? Acting to heal the lifelong wounds of out-of-balance relationships? Open enemies and what to do about them?

    Well… maybe some of all of that. And my Solar Return arrives on Tuesday, so there’s that too…

    I’m just exhausted, depleted, needing rest and then longing to “work for God” and not for any human anymore, as Elsa put it in the last New Moon post, when that fell in my 12th.

    Sorry for rambling. Thanks for reading! :~)

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