Lunar Eclipse In Gemini: November 29 -30, 2020 – Truth & Lies

geminiThe lunar eclipse take place around midnight on November 29th or in very early morning of the 30th at 8 degrees Gemini. Gemini is a Mercury-ruled sign. You can expect to wake-up to news or some other information.

The “wake up” part of this is pretty interesting when you consider the words in common use these days. “Woke”. “Awakening”.

Gemini is known to be two-faced but it’s not always a bad thing!
The moon will opposes the sun in Sagittarius, a sign known for truth-telling, except for when the lie and come out with a “tall tale” or some other kind of inflated story.

There is a lot of duality here, which will be enhanced by the square from Neptune in Pisces. It’s wide, but it’s there. A Mutable T-square. Misinformation mixed with truth in ways that are hard to discern?

Discernment is a Virgo’s deal. Virgo is the sign that fills in the T-square to create the Mutable grand cross. If you have planets in Virgo, expect to be called upon to help people figure things out, provided you don’t slip on a banana peel and wind up in delusion yourself!

I’m sorry I’ve made this sound treacherous. It is treacherous to anyone who want’s to hold tight to a fixed mindset. There’s just way too much morphing going on. Open your mind to the truth drifting around out there because veils are bound to lift.

That’s my daughter in the picture. She’s a Gemini with Jupiter in Sagittarius. The mirror/illusion illustrates the Neptune flavor of this.  It’s a good representation of what we’re dealing with, heading into this eclipse.  What, exactly should you focus on?

Got plans for the full moon?


Lunar Eclipse In Gemini: November 29 -30, 2020 – Truth & Lies — 13 Comments

  1. Here’s a good example of this… my daughter got a text from her ex, saying he was moving out of state to get married. Whaaat?

    “What about our son?” she texted back.
    “My son is an adult.”
    “No he’s not! He’s three years old and there is no way I am letting him move of of state to live with some strange woman!”

    It was right about here, the gal on the other end of the text, idenifed herself as a friend of my daughter’s… a woman she knows with adult children. Apparently this gal and my daughter’s ex have similar profile pics — the colors are the same anyway.

    So this is what I’m talking about!

    Also, ELECTION stealing vs WHAT election stealing?
    And so many other things ongoing, coming in or getting worse or better.

  2. Looks like an interesting month ahead. Thank you Elsa and keep on keeping on. Beautiful daughter you have. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I am more worried about the December 14th, solar eclipse at 23* Sagittarius. This thing is going to hit my sister in law’s Ascendant exactly and it opposes my Moon exactly and squares to my Pluto/Sun and Inconjuncts my Saturn. Hoo boy! I have been having panic attacks over this for the last day or so since I checked it out.

    This 8* Gemini Lunar eclipse lands on America’s Uranus. I wonder how that will go?

    • Change is how it will go…and I am good with that!!!

      Elsa wrote in her newsletter..”Truth drifts in… you blink and have doubt.”

      Simple and clean!
      Looking forward to seeing many blink 🙂

      • I also realized that the lunar eclipse will tie into my nodes, and MC/IC axis. Plus others around me are going to get hit with these eclipses, yeah, time to stand up to bat. Big changes are coming for us.

  4. Hi Elsa,thank you so much for this interesting explation.I am afraid my natal Sun is @ 8 Virgo, Moon @ 10 Virgo,Chiron @ 9 Aries,Uranus @ 7 Libra and Ceres @ 7 Taurus.What should i expect please? Again am ruled by Mercury as explained and my Mercury is also @ 27 Virgo.Please Help

  5. Come on man.
    Gemini collects facts, doesn’t know what to do with an array of disconnected facts.
    Sag makes sense of the facts with higher education, higher intelligence, the law.
    So expect the SCOTUS to be in the spotlight, many facts and truth revealed.
    The election was obviously stolen to any sane person. This won’t stand. If you don’t like it then move to Cuba.
    The end.

  6. November 29 at 12am. 40.79352° N, -74.47774° E The “Cross” was bright and prominent like a Crucifix. (It’s the Egyptian Day of Mourning; The Day of Sekhmet).

    November 30 at 12am. the Moon was like a pupil surrounded by an expansive perfect circle like a protective evil eye. (Originally Sekhmet’s symbol; The right eye of Ra; Also called the Hamza and the eye of Fatima).

  7. My life has been filled with all kinds puzzles for the past week or so, as if the puzzles are clues to more puzzles… I woke up early and went on an all day adventure with my husband under extreme conditions. This full moon eclipse caught me off guard in the best way possible. I don’t know what to say but thank you, Jesus.

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