Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: July 27, 2018 – Mr. Big Stuff

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius takes place mid-day on Friday, July 27th.  This means you want to look for FULL MOON impact on Tuesday night.

This is an active, potentially aggressive feeling full moon. Mars is conjunct the moon and Uranus squares it. I am sure you’re going to read all kinds of crap about war breaking out and such.

I’m not saying that won’t happen or that can’t happen, but when I looked at the chart, “Mr. Big Stuff”, came to mind. It’s a song from the 1970’s. I think it’s perfect.

Ms. Knight (the woman, the moon) challenges, Mr. Big Stuff (the Sun in Leo).  She even mentions the “stuff” (Uranus in Taurus). Money, cars and clothing. These are hard goods. Taurus!

I took this a step further, just to check myself.  Sure enough, Ms. Knight is an Aquarian with Mercury and Venus in the sign.

If you want to have a great time under this full moon, this is the gal to emulate. Independent, creative, fiery, full of heart and detached (Uranus) from possessions.

Got plans for the full moon?

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: July 27, 2018 – Mr. Big Stuff — 20 Comments

  1. I remember this song! I loved it in High School. I think my Saturn in Sag likes it too – tells it like it is and exposes the phony. “Who do ya think you ARE?” I also have Chiron in Aquarius (3rd) so can relate to this as well on that level.
    Sure hope a war does NOT breakout anywhere but if it does…will not be surprised. Some days worldly tension is palpable. Vedic Astrology believes in cosmic rays coming down from planets that are “alive” but Astrophysicists now know they come from outside our Galaxy.


    Planets emit Blackbody radiation AND reflected solar light. There must be some effect on us and events that pass…and further from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-body_radiation

    Let’s hope this does not all culminate into something.

  2. Yesterday’s eclipse,opposed my Venus Pluto Cap, left me drained with emotions and surprises.And now this.I have moon at 4 Aquarius, “Watch it. After a train,there may come another”

  3. Last week was such an emotional intense week. I realised i had to let go of someone who I had really strong feelings for and it triggered some deep stuff. Also had other upsets but at the same time it ended on a fairly positive note at a party but i still feel like processing everything that has happened. It conjuncted my MC and squared my natal Pluto .

  4. BF and I will be away on holiday at the full moon. Traveling home the 26th of July, and Mer is retrograde. I do so hope the plane trip will go relatively smooth… If Mars is involved I will be in the ringer, as this will also be conjunct my progressed Mars… A lot of energy. Phew.

  5. Elsa, you got this! Perfect song for the times. Blessings for a full recovery and relief from pain. We so appreciate and love your guidance.

  6. This eclipse hits my daughter’s moon (in her 4th house) exactly. She and I will be traveling 7hours by car on Wed or thurs and I am trying not to go into fear about an accident (mars) releasing (s node) her mother (moon). The only aspect to my chart the eclipse makes is a square to my IC where uranus is sitting.

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