Full Moon in Virgo: March 7, 2023 – Mutable T-Square Distractions

mutable t-squareThe full moon at 16 degrees Virgo will take place early in the morning on March 7th.  The Pisces sun and moon will square Mars in Gemini.

Mars aimed at the moon can set you up to be triggered, emotionally, but don’t bet on it. There are endless other ways for this to play.   None of these signs are stupid or easily trapped.

Expect distractions. If you love to juggle ideas and tasks and various communications, you’ll be in your element. If you don’t, you may want to avoid scheduling things on the 6th or the 7th.

Note that both choices are equally viable. Acting (Mars) to avoid (Pisces) chaos can be efficient (Virgo).  But you also have the option to assert yourself and drive conversation.  I’m going with the latter, hands down.

The picture is meant as a nod to the possibility of crossing the line into chaos.  Again, this is just one possibility. It’s more likely to occur if you try to FOCUS on one issue.  The Mutable signs thrive with variety. You’ll probably have more fun juggling conversations than you will trying to push someone into a corner.  All of these signs are “Houdini” in their own way.  I say, why enter when you can’t win?

You may change your mind under this full moon but I don’t know that it will stay changed.  If I’ve made this sound like an exercise in futility, I’m sorry. But yes, that’s another possibility here.

Do you have planets near 16 degrees of the mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius Pisces) signs? How do you feel heading into this full moon?


Full Moon in Virgo: March 7, 2023 – Mutable T-Square Distractions — 35 Comments

  1. 19, degrees Gemini.
    Right now I am feeling shattered,as with Mars ,I have been getting civil work done, painting etc…
    Looking after my Mum too.
    But it’s crazy how upbeat I still feel.
    I just KNOW something big is gonna happen.
    It may be difficult,with sharp corners…but I feel I can swing my way through… that’s got be crazy!!!

  2. March 6th I’m flying to the Midwest with my son and husband. We will load a uhaul with my parents antiques and drive it back home,1500 miles.im trying to play out all scenarios and be prepared. My sun and moon are in Pisces so this will effect me. Also, dad passed exactly one year ago and it will be very emotional packing things up to take. I spoke with you Elsa about 8 months ago should bring the stuff home or not. It will be a burden but hopefully my son and husband and I can turn it into a fun,memorable road trip.

    • I see it quite possibly being that way; with the Pisces helping transform this life transition event into a sort of play or artistic expression, spiritually speaking

  3. 16 degrees Virgo, huh? I have Uranus, Pluto, Mars at 14, 16, 18 Virgo, 5th house, opposite Chiron at 14 Pisces . Should I be scared?

  4. This will be hitting my Pluto and Uranus conjunction in the 4th house at 16* squaring my Gemini mars at 5*, sun at 15* and after moving on my Gemini Asc 22* and Gemjni Mercury at 25* 😣 then opposing Saturn in Pisces at 28 . March is scaring me already !!

  5. Not sure about my personal chart astrology. Just know I’m about to drop a press release re: rat infestation in my part time job big retail chain workplace. What’s more I’ve been hoarse for 6 weeks. Hope it’s not from airborne dis-ease. Could be from corp. gagging order.

      • It seems Sag, Jupiter and Pisces together would be very positive!

        So interesting that I think this may be the 1st time in awhile I don’t seem to be getting hit too challengingly…or at least ignorance may be bliss in this regard. And I could certainly use some positive change. We all could right now!

        On a side note, E, I love how you interact with people and the learning one may glean(!) I love the comment in the article that you “guess it’s my natal Mars Mercury conjunction. I always stay in the kitchen.” I guess I need to keep studying as I figured that meant you would always stay in the library…

  6. Moon in virgo involved … not even thinking abt it atm!(brain stopped working! Maybe I’ll just intuit!!!) Also peaked at my solar return following your email … Mars opposite Pluto forming a T’square with some planets!again not even thinking!! Will be looking forward to getting my reading with you Elsa nearer the time! Defin gonna need the heads up!

  7. With Saturn about to cross my ascendant (within one degree applying) and opposing my Mercury exact today and about to oppose my Sun (within 40 minutes) and Mercury today on my ascendant, I am still feeling the effects of a concussion I suffered from a fall on Feb. 12. I think I’ll stay out of the kitchen for this one, for I don’t think my brain can keep up.

  8. Sixteen degrees Virgo is exact on my rising sign. I am scheduled to receive new kitchen appliances to replace a refrigerator,(25yo), and range, (50yo), complete with installation. Trusting all will go well.

  9. Ended up in ER last night.
    Sun 16 Sag
    Mars,Pluto,Uranus, 14-16 Virgo
    Let’s hope that’s all that happens!
    Thanks Elsa

  10. My birthday is on March 7. The following is what is going on in my and his charts:

    NN is exact 7th house cusp. Progressed MC is exact on natal moon too.

    On solar return: Saturn exact 7th house cusp.
    AC exact natal Pluto. Hmmmm. I’m in a new relationship and we have been unusually close, quickly and spending a lot of time together. He is the most affectionate man ever and we meld together like never before.

    He is A Virgo with Pisces Moon, Aquarius AC. Being at 29 degrees Virgo, he seems almost a Libra?? I am thinking my Saturn, NN & Moon conjunctions signal this is a VERY IMPORTANT & MEANINGFUL relationship as felt this way immediately. After 5 years a widow, this one feels right so far!! On his chart there is also significant Moon activity on March 7 and of course full moon opposes him but not so much since he is 29 degrees Virgo:

    Transiting Mercury conj natal moon and
    transiting Moon Natal conjunct his vertex and Pluto.
    Prog Moon conjunct NN,
    Prog AC conjunct Uranus.

  11. Sun will be conjunct my Chiron in 6th House, Moon just finished plowing through my 4-planet Sun conjunction in 12th (still conjunct my Pluto).

    I’m hoping my Gemini Moon shines at work!

  12. Full Moon will be exactly on my MC, and exactly square my Uranus in Gemini in H7.
    I’m in such a state of shock that I feel as if I’ve just fallen onto this strange planet Earth from a very great height

  13. Mars in the 9th and Virgo/Pisces on the 12th/6th axis in my chart. A long brewing issue that includes people around the globe running out of patience with an in-transparent and inapt ‘head office’ that doesn’t deserve the title comes to a head on the 7th and I am in the middle of it. I have a powerful urge to ‘disappear’, calling it ‘doing my own thing’ – lol. It doesn’t work anymore, that strategy. Guess Saturn trough Pisces will be helpful – in hindsight 🙂 Progressed Sun in early Pisces too. Its a make or break situation, or lets say it feels like it, I have to juggle my heavy Scorpio Moon/Mars/Neptune/TN influence with my Sag Sun and Jupiter in Libra in the 1st house.
    What was intriguing – we wanted to schedule the meeting for another day but most people asked for Tuesday instead – so much about the frantic full moon.
    For me its Mars in Gemini in the 9th finishing up a big issue that is related to both, the work I do and my sense of safety re the framework in which I do it.
    I will not run away…

  14. I have a Virgo moon (12th house @ 1 degree) and Virgo Asc @ 27. I have a Gemini Sun @ 12 and Saturn/Uranus opposing with 18-25 degrees.

    On the following day, I’m supposed to get stitches from my dental bone graft removed. Hopefully all goes well. 👍

    • My coworker was taken to the hospital to be checked. We were in the middle of – tornado drill. She is doing well but the whole situation shook us up a bit.

  15. Been ok! Touch wood my moon’s been happy, hubby gave some kind words on the day and the day after a friend/ mentor who is 40 yrs older than me (she really is my oldest friend! Loving the sync with your newsletter Elsa – I did think about her when I read it!) got back in touch out of the blue, which was nice! Think we’d had something like a 10yr gap …as this is alo around my lunar return, looking forward to the month ahead!

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