Full Moon in Virgo: March 5, 2015 – Inspired To Help

chart of full moon 2015There is a lot going on under the full moon in Virgo but none of it is particularly negative.

Saturn aspects the Sun. Moon and Neptune, suggesting that a commitment to service will go over well.  This would also would utilize the energy generated by the stellium in Aries in a positive way.

Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries are supported by Jupiter in Leo. The image that comes to mind is that of a crew setting up for a concert of some other large event.

Everyone has a job. Everyone knows that their job is, and how to do it. This is a day where most people will work efficiently, effectively and happily.

It may not be sexy, but there’s always tomorrow for that!

If you want to thrive under this full moon, pitch in and help someone, somewhere. “Industrious” is the word of the day.

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Full Moon in Virgo: March 5, 2015 – Inspired To Help — 13 Comments

  1. My Asc/Desc axis is 14’30 Virgo, and Moon 15’39 Capricorn, so this will undoubtably be a biggie for me! And yes, very appropriate one, since work, service mostly to my family and health are priorities in my life right now.

  2. Also, that post you mentioned at the boards on being reminded not to think linearly sounds a very timely for me right now. I’ve been waiting for certain things to happen for months now. And yes, I have been thinking linearly, that A has to proceed B, but there’s definitely a build up for things just happening all together.

  3. Sounds good, but this Virgo wants to go on strike! Right now I have Saturn squaring my Sun exactly and a Neptune opposition. My body hurts, my bones hurt. I feel overworked and under so much pressure. I dislike my co-workers right now, they suck. My diet sucks, and everything’s a mess. And most of all, all I can do is nag and criticize at everything.

    This Virgo is ‘out or service’. If you try to release the lever on the machine, the pinball may get suck. I feel ‘out of service’ because I need a ‘serviceman’ in to fix me!!!

  4. Don’t really know what to make of it. Its opposite my mercury. Virgo is totally elusive to me. . . I have met virgos who weren’t critical, but they’re all fussy about something or another. Sometimes they create things to be fussy and finicky about when they feel bored or something. During a virgo moon I always notice specks of dirt or hair that i otherwise wouldn’t have noticed and i get totally grossed out with myself, like wtf, have i always been this disgusting and a frantically clean every speck of dust in sight. But I need Virgo, Im Pisces. They help me out a lot. During this full moon i think i should contact a friend who has this conjunct theirAC

    • We like helping! I have lots of Virgo (including Virgo moon) and I’m really more critical of myself than others because I don’t knkw what it like to be in your mind! Honestly I feel like a hypocrite sometimes because I can see what other people need more clearly than what I need: my ceiling could be falling on my head but oh my fosh, you poor thing, your walls are crumbling, let me fix them.

      Virgo moons can irritate me, too. Mostly if I’m uncomfortable with myself, that’s when I’m fussy.

  5. One man’s “industrious” is another man’s “indifference.” My holiday. I agree with Mike at 1:01pm; I like to schedule Virgo Moon’s off because the energy doesn’t mix well with my Leo Ascendant. Virgos stereotypically think too much about too much! That very limits the possible heights of positivity. I travel with dignity, pride, and discipline. Virgos are sedated. I don’t discriminate wrongly, but Virgos criticise everything, including themselves! Virgos are frequently pursing their lips in judgement while I try to improvise through this dramatic life of mine. Leo: Dramatic. I don’t seek this drama, it’s just spontaneous. And Virgos add to this in a negative way. Virgos in my experience are the rain of parades. My pure heart cannot tolerate quiet gifts. Let the Virgin monk try to teach me patience, and I’ll try to teach her Magick. Virgos are so inhibited they don’t grasp what it means to live in the moment. You can’t plan on a moment, they just happen. Yet, we’re both masters of daily life, health, and vitality. We both have the strongest work ethics, along with capricorns, so we’ll see who comes out on top.

    Aries Sun. “Work hard, Play hard.” I understand how to win over the Virgo Heart, but it’s contingent upon my want and desire to play the waiting game with this particular treasure.
    Aries is the red flag of the zodiac. The action hero. Typically forceful and overaggressive. Self directing energy can be scary to some, but I don’t care. “I’m just being honest.”

    Relevant Anecdote: I’m trying to make a menage a trois with a Virgo and Aquarius work with me, the Leo with a Dark Triad complex.

    Elsa can bring out the best in me sometimes. : D

  6. Woo hoo! The full moon next Thursday’s in my sign. This should bring lots of positivity, productivity and blessings my way. I’ll spread the kindness out there and watch it boomerang.

  7. Well, this might turn out to be interesting, for a lack of a better way to state it. Just guessing,but I might not notice any of the effects of the full moon or maybe my natal moon tendencies will be amplified(?). The full moon in Virgo on March 5th will be conjunct my natal moon in Virgo by 2 degrees in my 3rd house. My natal moon is also conjunct my IC in Virgo so this moon is also conjunct my IC (not to state the obvious or anything. 😀 )

  8. I have no planets in Virgo, but my ascendant is in gemini with venus and my sun sign is cancer, overall I felt the Virgo moon was a positive influence for me, it felt somewhat grounding. I am an air dominant in astrology despite my sun sign in cancer I have libra moon house 6, and a lot of air influences and very little earth or fire.

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