Full Moon In Virgo For People With Pluto In Virgo

Yesterday, a friend called to advise me what she saw coming up for me, via her tarot cards. I was shocked, because she told me the same thing I heard from another gal (family), Christmas 2011, right after my mother died. There was literally no deviation in these readings at all.

You just cant miss something like this. It’s too hard-core. It can’t be denied.

I am tying it to the full Moon in Virgo which will conjunct my natal Pluto in the sign. The Lights (Sun and Moon) are ON! My future (Jupiter aspects the full moon) is told.

I just wanted to post this for others who have Pluto in Virgo around 7 degrees. We’re a hot spot, people! Do pay attention.

Who else has a full moon story?

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Full Moon In Virgo For People With Pluto In Virgo — 26 Comments

  1. I have not only Pluto, but Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo.
    Pluto is 11 deg and Uranus is 6 deg. I am planning on going to a drumming circle with a fire, and a shamanic talk on this evening. The next morning I start my Clinicals, it feels like a big deal.

  2. Holy Sh*t – I have natal Pluto conj. MC in Virgo at 8 degrees. This is gonna be interesting ::scratches head::
    Thanks for the heads up Elsa – hope you come out ok!

  3. I’ve got Venus at 9 degrees, Uranus at 11 degrees and Pluto at 15 degrees Virgo in the 7th house. I don’t know enough to figure out what that will mean for me.

  4. Yep, I have Pluto at 3 Virgo conjunct my Moon at 4, with transiting Neptune opposing the whole mess. Lots of things in my life feel “on edge” somehow, as if something major is just around the corner, but I have no idea what.

  5. @virgomoon I have literally just got out of 2-3 years of Neptune opposing my Venus/Moon conjunction, opposing moon was very hard, very. I know the “on edge” but nebulous feeling, I had Synchronicities like you wouldn’t believe and they never really clarified anything, like perfectly clear and direct messages, no way were they coincidences, but gave no answers or direction. Why or what they meant I have no idea and I felt completely delusional at times but they were as strong as Elsas getting the same reading confirmed.
    I am hoping after this Pisces stellium some fog will have lifted!

  6. Well boy howdy, I have pluto transiting my asc at 12 cap, I have 8 virgo on my solar return, my natal venus is at 7 pisces, which is in an out of sign grand squarue with Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 29 and 27 leo, mars conjunct saturn at 6 and 0 sag, and last but not least my moon at 5 gemini…. its a party all right!!!

  7. @Fire crab – wow, Neptune opposite Moon and Venus at the same time? I feel for you, and congrats for making it through! I just got past Neptune opposing my progressed Venus; he will go on to oppose natal Venus after finishing with my Moon. I had a taste of the moon opposition last summer and it wasn’t pretty. Since I have four planets in Virgo this Pisces stellium should be “fun”. We’ll see!

  8. yep pluto at 5 55 virgo opposite chiron at 6 pisces, can already feel it building, so hearfelt thanks for the “heads up” Elsa

  9. I have Pluto & Venus both at 8 degrees in my Virgo 12th house. This opposes my Pisces 6th house with Chiron-10, Moon-11 & Jupiter-12. There’s so much going on there now with all the transits.

    Is this Good or Bad?

    I hope your info was positive, or will end up being that way.

  10. Thank you Elsa. I just ordered a natal report for my daughter as a birthday gift.

    I’m keeping my thoughts positive going toward the Full Moon 🙂

  11. Maybe this is the tipping point I need! Anything to get me out of “neutral” (read: stuck). Of course, be careful what I wish for and all 😉 It’s moon conjunct my 4 degree Pluto in Virgo opposite my MH and all that that implies. 4 or 10 or both? Any guesses? Sextile/trine my stellium in 5th I must add.

  12. I have Pluto at 7.48 Virgo so this is too close for comfort! It’s a generational thing and those of us with this placement are also likely to have Chiron opposing Pluto from Pisces. I’m definitely feeling a hit.

  13. Well, I was researching because i am feeling a bit odd myself.
    Sun 17.45 virgo 10
    Moon 24.28 virgo 10
    MH 14.54 virgo
    Pluto 8.12 virgo 9
    Sort of feel like I am being “downloaded” and something is afoot…any insight would be appreciated!

  14. Elsa, care to say how it turned out for you on the FM? I’m curious. I’m just your age, and feeling that it was a doozy for some peers.

  15. Elsa, this time full moon is coming at 26 deg Virgo. The same will be applicable??

    BTW I have sun at 22 deg and Pluto at 24 deg. Both are 5th house. My mom past away when transiting Saturn conjunct my Natal moon in Scorpio.

    Hummmm .. how it will play out now??

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