Full Moon in Virgo: February 27, 2021 – Fun & Seductive

Virgo moon girlThe full moon in Virgo takes place just after midnight on February 27th. That’s a Saturday. If you love drama like I do, make plans for Friday night.  I looks like it will be fun out there.

I say this because of the planets in Aquarius which include Jupiter. But also because Mars in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn.  If you’re hunting love, you may be richly rewarded!

As for the moon, she’ll not be bothered by Neptune. These bodies don’t line up by degree. The moon will oppose the sun and Venus in Pisces though. Conversation will be slippery.

I take this to be seductive rather than deceptive due to the Earthy Mars Pluto trine as well as the Aquarian energy which is most interested in being unpredictable. It’s just not a sign that cares to hurt people.

We really need a break from all the trashing and clashing going on. This should work!

The full moon will be at 8 degrees. Got plans?

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Full Moon in Virgo: February 27, 2021 – Fun & Seductive — 15 Comments

  1. No plans yet, but nice to know the heavens will be wearing a grin,
    Have been wearing o grin myself
    Not quite sure what’s coming next
    But a smile feels so damn good.
    Have a stack of notebooks been filling up my thoughts for years
    Trying to build a poignant outline
    Of my trip thru time not sure
    If anyone would like to read
    But decided it’s time .

  2. The FM will be conjunct my natal Virgo Pallas Athene opposing my Pisces Moon. It will also be activating my natal T-square involving my 1H Pisces Moon, 7H Virgo Pallas Athene, and 4H Gemini Mars. I am firming up plans to repaint my home cabinets.

  3. Hah. I, too, must love drama, because I tend to often be embroiled in it… “by happenstance”. Actually, my belief about it, is, I consider drama an inherent fact, an unavoidable element, in life. Not true for everyone – each and every person – I know. I don’t understand those for whom the clash, conflict and reconciliation is foreign to them, even though I’ve met such people. We’re an assorted bunch of us, we humans.

    Thank you, Satori, for your constancy in shining your perspective on how transits may influence us. Doing so is so similar to other Capricorn Moons, close relatives of mine, who also had – or have, for those still able to communicate through writing. My guess is, Capricorn Moon people have an inherent Full Moon attribute, because of Moon being ruled by Cancer… Maybe. Light shedders, you definitely are, whatever, exactly, that is.
    Excessive and sincerely profuse pardons to you, and to all Capricorn Moons if my thoughts are out of bounds to you, or any others. I’m pondering, wondering out loud, and, really, I don’t know.

  4. The FM is conjunct my Natal Pluto at 6 degrees in the 11th house….the Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees of Virgo is “A Merry Go Round”…I hope this means illumination and ending of being stuck, repeating old cycles, letting go of the past….
    Im a Scorpio with my Sun/2nd opposing Moon/8th…hopefully the Phoenix will be rizing from the ashes…

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