Full Moon In Virgo, Cardinal Grand Cross Forming…

wayback elsaelsa 2006 smThe site is under construction again.  It has to be redone, because the theme used to build it is non-standard to wordpress. This causes the site to malfunction every time any of the components update. The redesign will solve this problem.

As part of the process, I went looking for a graphic of the original site. It’s a 2006 version pictured.  It brings back a lot of memories.

Yesterday I was aware of how unnerved people are. On the surface, but also deep down.

It’s the Uranus Pluto square, which is currently morphing into a Cardinal Grand Cross of historic note.

I really enjoyed writing this blog in 2006. I still enjoy, but things have changed so much.  The creeping dread people feel at this time, did not exist them.  The country was nowhere near as polarized.  It makes that time in 2006, seem so sweet.

Looking at my old site, it strikes me how those times are gone for good. They’ve passed like water under a bridge. We all have to reorient ourselves.
People complain about how others change without realizing that they’ve changed, probably as much as the person they’re complaining; maybe more. It strikes me just how long ago 2006 was…and how imperative it is that I let go and come up with a new form, not just for this blog, but for my life in general.  For guidance through April, check out – Knowledge Is PowerWho can relate?

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Full Moon In Virgo, Cardinal Grand Cross Forming… — 33 Comments

  1. Totally relate, Elsa–2006 was the last really “quiet” year I’ve had for a while. Between Saturn action in summer/fall 2007 and the cardinal T and cross stuff that started in 2008, I didn’t catch a break at all until last summer. Now, this spring, I’m like “here we go again….” [sigh] but thankfully the cardinal stuff has moved on past my most tender points in the cardinals.

  2. I am initiating a significant change in my life, the first change of this magnitude unmediated by nothing more than my own desires. I’m quite aware of how much I’ve changed, and it’s time to make my surroundings match what’s within.

  3. Love your comments today! I remember a friend of mine telling me back in the 2006 era that things were going to really take a turn and then we had a bad year, and another, etc. etc…I think of her comments often! If I’ve learned anything it is that waiting for things to “go back” is NOT going to happen. I think having learned that hard fact, I am now in a grieving process….I’ve accepted the changes. I know I have to continue to move forward in a world that seems so unfamiliar. I can only hope that the acceptance will turn into contentment at some point….happiness seems like way too much to think of right now!

  4. I totally relate to it! I’ve been feeling so nostalgic, and the most “near virgo full moon” thing happened yesterday. After some crying crises (thing that is becoming weirdely frequent to a cap moon) I found again an old song that I used to listen when I was a child, the song is called ‘Ensaboa Mulata’ and was originally written and recorded by a brazilian samba composer and singer named Cartola but the version I remember as a kid is from Marisa Monte, an exceptional singer by the way, and the song is a lament of a washerwoman in the brazilian colonial period, so she cryes her perception of how little is the sink and the amount of soap she has to wash all those clothes, her’s and her family’s AND the clothes of the people of big house, and among all those things is the huge tiring and pain she feels everyday. So as l listened to the words of the song I smiled because I understood that’s exactly what I’ve been feeling latelly. I’ve been washing my emotional and psychological fabric. The sun just entered my 12th while the moon is sliding into my 6th. It really hit me how much this song means to me right now. In the final lines Marisa Monte introduce a fragment of the old classic Tom Jobim that says:

    “Though sadness lingers on
    Soon happiness is gone
    Happiness is like a little feather
    The wind has carried up into the air
    Floating so free
    Yet it can only be
    As long as there’s a breeze to hold it there”

    So, I’m doing my best to keep my feather flying though I got a big box of clothing to wash. Besides that all, I finally got to go to the doctor I procrastinated for so long! hahahah.

    trying to paste the youtube link to the song:

  5. Welcome to the Bright Side! It thrilled me to read your newsletter this morning and to learn that you have stopped being a worrier! Congratulations! Faith is an absolute. Yes, knowledge is power. I am excited by the coming full moon. I am accepting and, I am attracting good news. Thank you for your insight, I enjoyed looking back to 2006. In 2006, my reality aligned with my vision. Life was sweet,, my faith was strong and I expected to experience my truth. It is good to have such a solid reminder. I am releasing the past no matter how sweet. My Life turned upside down in the last 4 months, fodder for a good cosmic adventure story. I am enthused, humble and passionate! (In the present day words of a character who has thrilled me since I was 10!) “The Game is On!”

  6. My nerves are raw. I noticed it was particularly bad yesterday when I had to tell myself, a red light isn’t a reason to cry. It’s not merely that all the little things are adding up and bowling me over, its moreso I’m still struggling to let go of the past. Let go of control (pluto) because change (uranus) happened and will continue to happen. Saturn in the 3rd is helping me to reconfigure my thought process and the entire foundation (3rd house pluto) of my thoughts and my life but it feels like an uphill battle and I’ve been at it at least since 2006.

    I’m relieved and excited to be going through these changes. It’s definitely been increasing my faith. Also, there’s simply no choice but to move forward so I will.

  7. I can relate, but it’s in an opposite type of way, if that makes any sense. 2006 found me heading into tr.pluto square pluto(also opposing venus) and leading into tr. pluto conjunct my moon/Jupiter (and opposing my sun). I felt so heavy, like I lived in an abyss, the ‘creeping dread’ that people feel now, I felt then, only inside myself. Early 2006 was also just after my triple sag was born, so I was suffering from post-partum depression (and didn’t know it). By the time this lifted, I was into the pluto transits. That pluto transit lasted until early 2011 for me, it’s been 3yrs and there are days when I feel I’m still that heavy and never really been able to fully recover. I see the tension and dread in the world around me, but have been so busy shoring up(or in some cases totally rebuilding) internal structures.

    Things change, life goes on, and yet, I’m still here. That’s a good thing for me personally 🙂

  8. I can relate. In 2006, my Aries sun lay pretty dormant. Life seemed to be flowing along nicely, not only for me, but for many people, given the relatively healthy state of the economy then. (And we didn’t even have iPhones before 2007, remember those days?) We thought we lived in a democracy, not a corporate welfare state where the big financial institutions get bailed out by the taxpaying public. After 2006, we became a lot less trusting, more cynical.

    Personally, after 2006 a dark cloud hovered for a few years over me and changed my view of the world. I became much more jaded, had less faith in people and institutions that are supposed to protect the public, like the police and justice system, to name a couple. In 2007, the warrior in me was awakened when I was raped, and I subsequently engaged in a long, drawn out campaign to warn women in my community and expose the rapist for what he had been doing for years to other women, too. I lost my family and a lot of so-called friends as a consequence. I realized that so many people prefer to remain in denial about abuse and violence — abuse of power, abuse against one another, against oneself, and also, more broadly, abuse of the planet.

    Now the upside of all this abuse and injustice is that more and more people are experiencing it on a personal level and speaking out against it, challenging it in transformative ways. All the suffering can lead to more compassion, empathy, awareness, and a desire to prevent further needless suffering. Everyone is being tested and challenged. So the question is, how will you respond? Are you going to remain in denial, in a comfortable state of delusion, or will you see beyond the deceptive veil, speak out, and challenge abuse and injustice to create a healthier, more egalitarian and harmonious world?

    Will the cardinal grand cross help speed up transformation and global enlightenment, as the post-2006 world transformed my perspective so powerfully?

  9. Yes, I too, totally relate. Being a Cancer I love to reminisce, but to be real-am feeling a lot like CiCi above, “my nerves are raw.” Although, in retrospect, 2006 was no great time for me either – but I think I had Saturn crossing my Pluto – which is like a mini-Grand Cross tailored just for me.

    I’ve been out of a job for months. Not because the universe wants me to be out of one, but because I don’t feel like dealing with nasty a**holes – which is the majority of people in advertising these days (am a writer).

    And, am in Miami Beach, b/c of former family reasons – but now am stuck down here and I despise it. The whole culture is run like a banana republic. And nobody speaks English. I grew up in NYC, went to Columbia U and to Harvard and this place is not for intellectuals. It’s for body builders.

    Anyway, two recruiters just called me for openings – one up north in Chicago – where I’ve lived and loved (both people and the city). And, another for a cursed cruise line here in Miami – which I’ve tried before (Royal Caribbean) and loathed more than Hell itself.

    Today’s daily blog was about opportunities abounding. But am just not in the mood to jump on them. Is that the pressure from the Grand Cross? Like I said, am a Cancer Sun, and I don’t care what astrologer says what, Cancers are being crucified the worst in this astral scenario – more than any other sign combined. Am in fear of jumping into something new right now. Would rather live off the pittance of my trust fund than deal with the rat race.

    Was also considering changing careers for something in Hotel & Tourism which abounds down here. Or a job at Kiehl’s – I’m blessed with amazing skin like my Mom. But something is holding me back big time. I keep playing out a negative scenario. Perhaps my Mom’s Virgoan view of the world – which is stemming from fear – has rubbed off on me.

    I should have stayed in L.A. where I have better Astrocartography. Sorry to bore you all with this. But I find this blog cathartic, and if I hold it in – am riddled with anxiety and make moronic choices like isolate in my flat like a typical crab hiding inside his shell.

    People are just nuts down here though. And they seem to be running around like ants building a nest. That’s what it looks like from my sad eyes.

    Today am throwing out all my f’eng shui sh*t that I bought from a F.S. Master in Cali. Dragons, bulls, blah..blah..blah…they’re all going into the incinerator. I just don’t believe in talismans anymore. Not for love. Not for work. Not for nada. That’s my Cancer two cents for the day. Enjoy the full Moon approaching. Grrrrr…..




    • Ahhh I totally understand the job frustration. There’s a certain point where I just said “NOPE. I don’t care how broke I am right now. Until I’m literally out on the street, I need an effing break from this mess.” Had a terrible boss and worked non-profits for years. Hugs but also laughing because I totally get what you’re saying.

      I’m working on what’s holding me back too. There’s definitely a strong fear element to it courtesy of my dad who never ceases to tell me about how I may get fired or how he’d rather I got fired. This has happened with every single job I’ve had since I was 13. Its not even that I’m ever bad at my job he just never approves and strongly believes in my ability to fail. I’m not blaming him for my state, but his brand of encouragement isn’t helping. Yay Saturn is Scorpio for making me learn the magic of psychological boundaries.

      Hey, sometimes we have to burn everything down and start all over. If you must, and it won’t be dangerous then make smores while you’re at it. The Sun is Square my Uranus today and apparantely Uranus will be Squaring my sun in a few months. My hair will probably be purple by then.

      Miami may suck but you’re right where you need to be and you can get wherever you’re going from here. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.

      • I feel your pain, Gio. I too am a Cancer with 3 personal planets in Cancer. With Pluto tr. my 8th house, I jokingly say that Pluto won’t be finished with me until I’m either dead or homeless. Although sometimes this feels all too true…and completely unfunny. I’ve also come to believe that we have far less control over our ‘destiny’ in life than the broader American culture purports. I’ve come to believe that our options are largely fated. Sure, we always have options….but sometimes they are not (and may never be) what we want. That sounds more negative than I intended. I actually find that this view takes the pressure off. It’s kind of freeing actually.

  10. In 2006 Pluto was conjunct my natal Sun, which also meant it was on one of the arms of my grand cross. Tr Uranus was on natal Saturn, working it’s way into the grand cross. Tr Neptune in 12h was waxing into the square with natal Neptune. In 2006 I was profoundly aware that I had to come up with a new form, from the deepest inside out. The limited forms I had had ceased to work.
    I’m grateful I had that experience then.
    Much has changed since then internally and externally; ceaseless change, but I am not nostalgic. Can’t exactly see the way forward, but I don’t long for what was.
    That’s not to say the endless change isn’t hard. I like how there is talk now about building resilience to manage that ceaseless change and lack of certainty. That seems to me an interesting, valuable generational shift.

  11. 2006 was the year I got married, and started graduate school. While it seemed difficult at the time my husband and I laugh now – in hindsight our lives were as difficult as an I Love Lucy episode. Our problems were small, inconsequential even, compared to where we are now. 2006 was a “honeymoon” period and we recognize that the honeymoon’s over – for everyone. At first we resisted and resented – big time – the hard work ahead but now (Saturn in Scorpio!) we have dug deep into the darkest places in ourselves and find an immense amount of gratitude in the work that we are doing, both on our relationship, as parents, and in the world. Sometimes I am nostalgic for the good ol’ days but things have more substance now and it has become really easy to let go of the superficial and those people who suck energy out of us. Politeness for the sake of politeness has gone by the wayside and now it is either you are either down in the trenches with us or just up on the surface bitching, and in that case we pay you no heed at all. It’s been kind of lonely but the relationships we are cultivating now seem more grounded and real. If only we could break out of some more of society’s shackles. I worry sometimes about the future but after Elsa’s newsletter today I feel a huge shift – worrying is fruitless if you supposedly have faith. And I do, I just have to cultivate it more. Diver down! Hubby and I are heading into another layer, we have decided to do mindfulness training together. That will incite hearty laughter from our more annoying acquaintances and relatives, but we don’t care anymore. So in a way, I prefer the present to the past – it’s more meaningful. Damn hard work though! 🙂

  12. I am definitely on the cusp of a new life. Figuring out just what to do the last couple of years, however, has felt, to quote a friend, like trying to “nail Jell-O to a tree”.

  13. I can so relate to your problems with the site theme. I have a WP Premium theme and so far, its pretty stable. I research every upgrade, though, to make sure it won’t blow up the site. Websites are very delicate, from a technology standpoint.

    I think creeping dread really sums up how I feel right now. You’re right, 2006 was the good ‘ol days, gone except from our memories. Back then, I was optimistic about the future. Today, I feel very wary of what is to come, not only in my own life, but in the world.

    I have changed so much since 2006. Most notably, I don’t have the same goals that I did back then. I am a different person, I’ve grown, but the creeping dread is always present.

    • On the site, wordpress is cracking down HARD on themes being compliant. Hopefully, we’re going with one that will be kept up. It seems that way.

      On the creeping dread, we have the heath care debacle here, Putin busting a move, violence every where you turn, debt we can’t pay, prices rising, people losing jobs or moving to part time, government corruption everywhere you turn, no moral standard we can agree on…

      You gotta be some kind of high, not to feel unnerved at this time. That, or have a plan in place, you’re going to adhere to, having seen this coming…plus faith. Jupiter is big here. BIG.

      Anyone who tells you Jupiter in exaltation is a dark force is wrong…period!

      • It is very hard to find a well supported WP theme. Before I chose mine, called Mayashop, I found many other beautiful themes, but after researching them, I found their support was terrible or non-existent.

        My site runs WordPress, the Mayashop theme and Woocommerce as the shopping cart. Every time there is an update to one, I have to research whether the others will support the update. My theme is pretty proactive at keeping up with WP updates, thankfully.

        I really love the expression creeping dread. That describes my feelings exactly. I don’t remember a time in my life that I’ve felt so afraid of what’s to come in the future for me or our country. Our government is corrupt, dysfunctional and can’t be trusted to do what’s right for the American people. They’ve proven that over and over.

        The worst thing is that most people don’t pay any attention to what the government does. They’re too busy looking at their smartphones.

        I sure hope that Jupiter will save the day.

  14. Oh, this is great timing, just great… we have a state election down here in my part of the world today, along with our sibling state – South Australia..

    This is a big deal to us “down under” as voting is compulsory unlike other parts of the world…

    The result? have to wait another day or so yet… anything but a “hung parliament” thanks. We don’t want “minority” government with deals done under the table with minor parties just for the sake of forming government! like they did the last few years!!
    This does nothing for business and consumer confidence..

  15. Just found this on another one of my fave blogs. Thought it might help everyone by putting things in perspective. ‘Remember that “sometimes we are enriched through unfortunate events,” as our old friend the I Ching reminds us. I believe that for many, this fracturing will be excellent, especially those who can cut the oppositions into sextiles, quintiles, tredeciles, and trines via natal or progressed planets. That way we build in the midst of great releases and shifts.’ 🙂

  16. I have been so busy looking at pluto and his antics, I didnt even notice the full moon at 26 virgo is just past my ic at 25 degree virgo and my mc at 25 pisces..is that too close for comfort, or just passed and wont feel too much of this full moon?..as a cancer asc, I gues theres no way I wont feel any moon change.

  17. My first comment was in 2006, seems like a 100 years ago. So very thankful that Pluto isn’t in Sadge despite everything that is going on now!

  18. I was worried when I couldn’t get onto this site this morning. It’s become part of my every morning and I’m really enjoying the insights. I may seem like one of those cheerful/clueless/optimistic people but where I live there has been a lot of violence and people suddenly snapping in big ways. Everyone is noticing it and few of them know anything about astrology. I’m having to deal with a very menacing person who seems to have gone psychotic for the first time ever and she must be 65 or older and that’s pretty old to be having your first psychotic break! The only thing I know about her is that she has a Cancer sun. On the bright side, as noted before people are more willing to put it on the line and confront corrupted power.

    • I didn’t know there were problems on the site this morning – sorry. I don’t think it’s related to work on the site. He’s working on a ghost site…or whatever it is they call it. Once it’s ready to go, we’ll morph over.

      • Maybe it was an issue with my computer or browser. I tried and failed twice to get on this morning but I forget what the error message was. Not a big deal. I’m glad it’s working now though!

        • I’ve had some weird issues too. I’m pretty sure everything will be resolved – soon. April. Technology changes rapidly and this theme is degrading rapidly! It’s easier to start from scratch then trying to keep up with weirdness!

  19. For awhile now I’ve been dealing with a mixture of good and bad feelings. Pluto’s been trining my Venus and Moon, hence I feel buoyed to a certain degree. Plus it’s my Jupiter return.

    However, the bad feelings are like everyone else is saying–the “dread” feelings. To me, it also feels like a shadow has fallen. I feel sad frequently over this, but wallowing in self-pity isn’t going to solve anything. Might as well grieve, adjust, and try to move on. THIS is life now. No going back. America, the world….they’re not going back to normal.
    The town I live in–was the most boring town on the planet when I was in high school. My classmates joked about how the police pulled them over for stupid crap, just so they’d have something to do. Now there are murders and armed robberies going on within 5 miles of my place. They’re not bored anymore, that’s for damn certain! Had my laundry stolen a few years ago–can’t even trust my neighbors now. THAT’s the world we’re in now. Stop looking for Mayberry–it’s gone.

  20. I have a problem with worrying, too. Things aren’t great but they could be worse. Pluto is smack dab on my moon right now. A friend gave me three old paperback books by Florence Scovel Shinn. When I get down I pick one up and start reading. She tells of a woman who was asking for a realization of God. Words came to her: Act as though I were, and I am”. Florence adds to this that only active Faith impresses the subconscious.
    The words that came to me were, “I am the way, the truth, the light and power”. I have to find God inside of me before I see God outside in the world. I’m not a church goer by the way. Just a nut!

  21. Over the last couple of weeks specifically I had 5 planets in Pisces transiting my 4th house!!!! FOr a long time, there has been no less than 3…. I have had to deal with my family of origin ‘paradigms’, the family I created and the ‘dysfunction’ that is there currently. My house is on the market, I am divorcing, have no idea where I am moving to, have debt. My husband had a nervous breakdown 3 years ago, had to have electro convulsive therapy. He came out of this depression in the fall and decided he did not want to be married any more at least to me. I had not worked for 10 years due to caring for our bipolar daughter and then caring for him. I have been standing at the edge of an ABYSS for years. Landmines in my life–everything has been blown up. Perhaps the benefit of all the PISCES energy is that I have learned to have FAITH, to ‘TRUST THE PROCESS.’ I KNOW I am going to be guided I remain open and receptive. I, too, have had tears come out of nowhere. It is still hard being ‘human’ even though we are spiritual beings having a human experience!!! I am 58, divorcing for the 2nd time, parents are dead, don’t really get along with my 23 and 18 year old daughter, don’t know my ‘husband’ any more, and everything I have known, including 35 year old friendships have changed!!! I work on the image of being a leave that has fallen into a winding stream.. it will hit some rocks and get lodged, but the stream will once again carry it to a destination, the “RIGHT” destination!

  22. 2006 was quite a year. Rough but wonderful in hindsight. It’s when my head cracked open to a new reality. It weren’t pretty at all. My eyes poppin open, my mouth droppin at every turn. But I muscled through it and the following years somehow. But yeah, it was necessary. And for me, there is no going back. I don’t really look at pre that time as sweet at all. It was just business as it always had been. And to be honest, the writing was on the wall, something had to give. Of course, then, I’m an eternal optimist. Now is always the best I’ve known.

  23. Am I the only one who senses this “creeping dread” of everything falling apart, and being clueless as to how to prepare for or deal with it?

    I hope to God I’m not. Every time I think of a collapse coming, I feel like a “doe in the headlights”. Literally paralyzed. if something awful does happen, I fear being one of the first to die because this girl couldn’t buy a clue. Sigh.

  24. I prefer 2014 over 2006 any day. Between 2001 and 2010, everything was a struggle. 2006 was a “slight” break compared to other years, but it was pretty heavy nonetheless. Yes, 2014 is still a challenge for me, but I am better equipped to deal with it compared to previous challenges.

    On the one hand, I feel like people are more lucid about things (people gaining more understanding of the roots of the economic system, the discovery that government can do a good job when it’s not influenced by corporate interests, the realization that economy and jobs need to match human values and realities (eg. it’s ok if a snowstorm makes it difficult to get to work, it’s ok if an employee has a rough day etc. Yes, it’s important to be competent and dedicated as much as possible, but there needs to be room for days when a person’s energy dips), the realization that both men and women can have varying amounts of yin and yang energies…), but at the same time, I feel like people are more enraged/deluded than ever (particularly when I hear people making anti-government rants, or people who think that all men are yang or all women are yin, or people who think that greed is a requirement to succeed in the outside world…). I know I have strong opinions, and I feel insecure when I feel like other people are challenging my way of life…I’m particularly disturbed by politicians who think that debt reduction is more important than human life (yes debt is a problem, but cutting social safety nets to reduce debt is just a gateway towards historical cruelty, and it’ll reduce even more job opportunities. It’s better to resort to public banking, which is what Vermont is trying to do, and what North Dakota already has).

    Good news: some people are getting creative at creating visions of better life in a community. Every step counts. In DC, the head of busboys and poets is running for mayor on a platform of entrepreneurship, living wages, racial inclusion…America needs more businesspeople who can abide by the triple bottom line of financial prosperity, social well-being, and ecological well-being. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll win, but I think I’ll be seeing more and more politicians with helpful visions such as his over the next few years.

    I have personal goals to achieve, but I know I have to work very hard on my skills (intellectual, physical, social, driving…) in order to reach those goals. I think I could put the cardinal grand cross transit to good use here. I am at the workplaces and schools I need to be in, and I am in good hands, I just have to keep on working hard to get to the next level.

    Vice news really brings perspective, I was watching a report on the Philippines, where political factions have an even harder time coexisting there, to say the least. It is true though, that in any country, political harmony is easier to achieve if people are careful about the positions they are advocating for, or opposing, and minimize the need to “oppose everything the other person stands for”, in order to reduce friction (sometimes that kind of friction is unavoidable, but it could be reduced).

    For my full moon in Virgo revelation, I realize that increasing my magnesium intake will be key to improving my health.

  25. I was watching “Foyle’s War” the other day, and in addition to showing a mystery that needs to be solved, a social panorama of WWII era England is shown. The challenge of solving crimes while preserving the rights of people of opposing political beliefs was a big deal, and is worth analyzing for the current era.

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