Full Moon In Taurus: October 24, 2018: Relationships & Finance Disrupted

The full moon in Taurus takes place mid-day on October 24th at 1 degree of the sign.  Sorry, says Libra, but this full moon is going to freak people out.

I say this because the Moon is tightly conjunct Uranus, a planet well known to upset the status quo. The status quo is what Taurus prefers.

Opposing the moon, we have the Sun conjunct Venus (retrograde, detriment) in Scorpio.  This is likely to disrupt relationships and financial markets.

It’s one of those situations where there may be winners and losers but the winners lose something and losers win something.  It’s unnerving!  And fast. And unpredictable. And probably vicious.

Uranus will soon retrograde back into Aries, but it’s at this time, the Fixed signs are likely to really be made aware of what they’re in for during this transit.  Fortunes made, fortunes lost. Bernie Madoff comes to mind.

On the upside, it’s only one day. But I’d sure pay attention to it.

If you’re wondering if corpses (people you’ve left behind) might come back to life at this time – YES.

Cue Zombie Jamboree!

And if you think I sound excited by this… you’re right!

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