Full Moon In Taurus: October 24, 2018: Relationships & Finance Disrupted

The full moon in Taurus takes place mid-day on October 24th at 1 degree of the sign.  Sorry, says Libra, but this full moon is going to freak people out.

I say this because the Moon is tightly conjunct Uranus, a planet well known to upset the status quo. The status quo is what Taurus prefers.

Opposing the moon, we have the Sun conjunct Venus (retrograde, detriment) in Scorpio.  This is likely to disrupt relationships and financial markets.

It’s one of those situations where there may be winners and losers but the winners lose something and losers win something.  It’s unnerving!  And fast. And unpredictable. And probably vicious.

Uranus will soon retrograde back into Aries, but it’s at this time, the Fixed signs are likely to really be made aware of what they’re in for during this transit.  Fortunes made, fortunes lost. Bernie Madoff comes to mind.

On the upside, it’s only one day. But I’d sure pay attention to it.

If you’re wondering if corpses (people you’ve left behind) might come back to life at this time – YES.

Cue Zombie Jamboree!

And if you think I sound excited by this… you’re right!

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Full Moon In Taurus: October 24, 2018: Relationships & Finance Disrupted — 38 Comments

  1. this is gonna hit my Venus at 1 degree Aquarius, also Pisces Sun at 1st degree. Good and bad unpredictable. It will effect my relationship for sure. Composite Moon 1st degree Scorpio

  2. Like Ema, I have Venus at 1 Aqu. This is conjunct my Moon – which is in natal Square to Neptune at 4 Scorpio, conjuncting the transiting Sun & Venus! Fortunately the Moon-Uranus conjunction at 1 Taurus is Trine my natal Pluto, so the Transformation is gonna flow, not crash … I hope!

  3. Things are really really quiet at the moment. It seems to me if you relate to the emotions you are subject more to the moons transit.

    1 degree Taurus Sabian symbol is ‘An electrical storm’. Holy hell this is going to be a stressful month. There is zero indication of it at the moment but it is obviously coming.

    Nice to look ahead on things with astrology.

  4. This sounds bad to a person who’s having money problems. This makes direct contact with my Venus (leo) square pluto(scorpio) aspect!

      • I am intrigued to hear you say that, Elsa!

        This one will put the Moon right on my natal Vesta-Part of Fortune conjunction at 1+ Taurus in the 8th, and the Sun on my Merc-Pallas conjunction at 1+ Scorpio in the 2nd.

        Wowsers. I’ve been needing a serious change/reversal of fortune for a very long time… please let this be it!

  5. One degree away from my sun/moon midpoint. I expect my relationship with my inner feminine and masculine, my husband and possibly other key relationships to be affected.

  6. Full moon is also square to the nodes–super karma. Like, a monster wake-up call of sorts.

    Something to do with technology? Facebook? Stock exchange? October surprise? Back up your everything.

  7. This one will ping me a lot, and I’m a little nervous about it. The last couple of years have been tough enough w the sudden unexpected loss of my sister-in law, murder of a good friend, 3 surgeries w prolonged recovery, and yes, a significant financial loss, robbery better defines it. Yikes. Maybe it will be good news!!

      • Thank you, CrisLondon. Always looking forward-
        I remember a Betty White interview where she was asked about her life and outlook; what her secret was. She said – resiliency, the ability to rebound from loss.

  8. I just don’t know what to expect. Full moon in my 7th house in Taurus opposing my natal venus, mercury, and Uranus in my 1st house Scorpio… yay 😁 come what may…

  9. I am on the fixed cross with my sun at 0 deg. Taurus conjunct the midheaven, and moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in the fourth… Square the nodes in mid Leo and Aquarius… Saturn conjunct the South node in Aquarius in the seventh… I feel this is probably a very important culmination in my life, which has been difficult… Am wondering “what now”… I have done the work, although I do live in the edge… How wrong can it possibly go?

  10. So my son & I are in for it then? Our North Nodes are conjunct the Uranus and the full moon in my 7th and his 9th. And my moon is in Taurus too. Finances are a real struggle, we can’t catch up, my marriage is teetering also. My son is having a hard time finding his place at a new high school. I wish I had the money to send him elsewhere. My moms Alzheimer’s is breaking my mental strength but work when I get it is good just doesn’t pay much but I love the people. I need a reversal of fortune & blessings to get me where I need to be. I pray most of all for my boy. Love him so much and just want him happy.

  11. When people talk about stressful aspects, I tend to think “Oh, good. At least things will get moving again!” Sure, your driving might be a bit erratic and the streets somewhat unfamiliar….but at least you’re going somewhere! And the change of scenery can bring a welcome break. Take heart and get ready for an adventure.

  12. Who knows if the full moon will impact us exactly on the day… In my experience a lot of these eclipses and lunations have not been exact, but have been a FLAVOUR of the times…althoughvtgere have been dramatic effects for sure… Movement would be good… My problem with my natal fixed cross formation has been feeling trapped…. Having many issues to weigh up against other issues and there being no movement at all…

  13. The Taurus FM/Uranus conjunction will take place in my 2H opposite the Sun/Venus Rx in the tail end of my Scorpio 8H. That day I have my annual dermatology appointment. This placement hints of surprise findings and further medical procedures. I do have a suspicious mole…

  14. It feels like a costly mistake this new piece of furniture. I vowed no more hurting my back slouching but its hard, literally.

  15. I dont feel like a winner, but i am not a loser either. I look around and there are those without food, shelter, medicine, etc. Etc. I have the basics – which makes me a winner? Right? Each day feels like such a struggle to walk through the mud.

    • Mud – I agree with you. Got lemons make lemonaide. My experience if people see u want seriously to go a direction they will help. I was in photography and beautiful ol people would have given me much but I confessed I just wanted to take pictures, not professionally.

  16. My natal Moon is 1 degree of Taurus in my 3rd house. I am planning to reach out in a kind and loving way to someone who has not spoken to me in 3 months. I love this person very much and am heartbroken the relationship went sour so quickly.

  17. OMG @Elsa,
    The Full Moon has passed but I took a big hit in my 401k. They say don’t panic – it’s healthy for the market to blow some steam…regardless it was a shock!

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