Full Moon in Scorpio: May 18th, 2019 – Complex Negotiations

scorpio nudeThe full moon in Scorpio with take place on Saturday afternoon on Saturday, May 18th at 27 degrees.  At first glance, it looks taut and stressful with Mercury conjunct the sun in Taurus opposing the moon.

I admit, I have Libra. It looks off balance to me. It looks unfair.

I also wonder if Mercury in Taurus can speak to the deep-feeling Scorpio moon.  What would motivate these two characters to even bother?

As it turns out, they probably won’t have to bother or at least they won’t need to communicate directly. This is because there are several bodies that can intercede and/or transmit or translate information.

I’m talking about Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. The planets are supporting the sun, Mercury and the full moon and chances are very good that everything works out.

To better understand, just think of a kid who wants something. He or she may go to mother, and ask her to talk to the father on their behalf. Or maybe it’s the father who has to soften up the mother.

Either way, you see what I mean. The deal gets done.

I expect most deals will get done under this full moon but I don’t expect it to be comfortable (for anyone).

It’s not like you have to make a deal with the devil, but you may have to make a deal with someone you can’t control. Some feel this is a fate worse than death!


Full Moon in Scorpio: May 18th, 2019 – Complex Negotiations — 17 Comments

  1. Makes me wonder about our family triad, with son chomping at the bit to get his car on the road, ready or not.

  2. This will be directly on my ascendant, 10 days before my solar return. I am presenting a project/idea that has been a year in the making at work a couple of days later. Hopefully this supports it moving into fruition… and with Saturn/Pluto in my 2nd, that I am compensated!

    • It’s on my daughters MC and my ascendant. My son has his part of fortune there, if you consider that. Hubby and I have our composite Uranus/Mc conjunction there as well. I’m sure I will notice this full moon.

  3. Exactly what my significant other is experiencing on the work front. And since I have Scorpio/Taurus on the 1st/7th axis, it’s manifesting for me through my relationship.

  4. This will fall on my ASC and too much going on everywhere in my life. I’m sick with a virus now and just want/need a break from the hamster wheel. Maybe someone will need to talk me off it or try to keep me on. Or try to get me to see what I may be doing to gum up the works.

  5. This will fall directly in my natal 8th house scorpio moon conjunct Pluto, opposite natal Taurus conjunct Mercury… Ha haaaa. Totally spot on with the transit and natal. If people think this is an intense placement for a few days of the full moon, try having this constellation aaaaall the tiiime… Inner intensity is an understatement and honestly anyone who doesn’t have scorpio moon but talks about it as if they understand, still lack a certain something in their explanation. I’m always looking for that one being who will describe spot on how I feel deep down, where the water is so murky one can’t see straight, but these beings are hard to find.

  6. The FM will be exactly conjunct my Scorpio MC. I’ll do my best to keep my emotions in check. The day my Pr Moon was conjunct my MC, I had a full meltdown in a very public place over a brewing situation. It truly was a volcanic eruption.

    • Ooh I can relate to all that Scorpio stuff… My moon is in Scorpio in the 4th, an my sun is in Taurus conjunct the MC, which has been conjuncted by Uranus… I have all kinds of changes brewing, and it feel like things have been extremely stretched… Particularly financially… It also seems a time of cutting professional ties and making new ones…. Strangely that full moon is on my fifth house… Does this mean creativity or love affairs? I recently got a painting into a major public e hibition, which opens on the 23rd May… I have learned not to expect much, even from the best of venues, and value the exposure….

  7. Mmm sitting by my Mums bedside. She will pass soon. Possibly under full moon in Scorpio. She has Natal Uranus in Taurus, me
    Natal Moon in Taurus same degree as her Uranus: both of our planets/lights conjuncted by Transiting Uranus. 3 sisters none of whom speak to one another. A challenge indeed.

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