Full Moon In Scorpio: May 10, 2017 – Raw & Authentic

Joseph orginalThe full moon in Scorpio takes place midday on May 10th at twenty degrees.  She’ll trine Chiron in Pisces and enjoy support from Scorpio co-ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. She takes no hard aspects at all.

I took one look at this situation and decided to start my class on this day. Use Astrology To Solve Problems.

I don’t like fluffy things. I want my work to have oomph. I like to be effective. If you’re looking for a day with a lot of power, this is it.

If you’re comfortable with Mars, you’re going to love this full moon. Scorpio is Mars-ruled, along with Aries.

Venus, along with Mercury and Uranus are all in Aries.  These four bodies track to Mars in Gemini (sharp mind) trine Jupiter in Libra (widespread social grace).

This is an excellent time to be assertive. What’s missing in this picture, is cruelty.

It reminds of times in the past, when a person could have a mouth on them and people liked it. Think Richard Pryor.  He was born to a pimp and a prostitute. His work was raw and authentic. He eventually refined it to where he was simultaneously on and off the chain (Jupiter in Libra).

This is a day for deep insights, and effective, spirited, courageous discussion. I know I’m going to love it. I hope you do too!




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Full Moon In Scorpio: May 10, 2017 – Raw & Authentic — 11 Comments

  1. Love! It’ll be exact on my Venus @ 20 Scorpio and next door to my natal moon @ 19 Scorpio, both 6th house. The moon then quickly moves into a trine with my Mars @ 24 Cancer, 2nd house. It looks like it’s several days for me to really be a go-getter (Mars) who’s deeply engaged (Scorpio/Venus) and emotionally (Moon) invested (2nd house) in the daily grind of apprenticeship (6th house). I’m actually training right now to increase my skills and responsibilities for my job (6th house) so that I can generate (Mars) more income (2nd house) while working (6th house) at home (Cancer).

  2. The 20 degree Scorpio Moon in my 9H will sextile my 7H Virgo Venus, semi-sextile my 11H Sagittarius Saturn, and square my 1H Aquarius Chiron. A mixed bag of emotions and actions.

  3. My Mom had a collection of the astrology dolls I used to love them growing up (like the one in the photo). Beautiful vintage pieces now. I have no problem with Mars! I know I’m going to love this Moon 🙂

  4. My natal Venus is at 20 degrees Scorpio in the 8th house, opposite natal pluto in the 2nd and trine natal Mars in Capricorn in the 6th, where transiting Pluto is now conjunct said mars – tell me everything is gong to be ok, its a big week for me career wise, ill be heading home that day from a huge creative career changing trip!

  5. Elsa have u experienced kundalini energy or an awakening? I’d love u to write about it if u have cos I’m having trouble dealing with the symptoms. I love reading your posts.

  6. This is loosely conjunct my natal moon in the fourth (16 Scorpio) and opposition my natal Venus in the tenth (21 Taurus)….this makes me think….mother stuff, romantic stuff, creativity? Strangely I am an artist and have long worked in a restaurant as a side job (feeding people!) Have been wanting to ditch this for a while now and go solo….funny that fourth house placement has always seemed to have a connection with work, for me….

  7. @ Karen Mcpaul

    you can ground, the kundalini by focussing on your energy and draining it down, into the earth, worked wonders for me, a few years ago, it really does help

  8. I ‘ll take it, I love Mars! All this power and Scorpio and no cruelty- wow what great press for my bad boy. I’ve been enmeshed in that Stellium for so long that just finally is breaking up and then all the subsequent water energy everywhere. Nothing really got done. Gonna use this energy to actually complete about 4 projects that have been in limbo for quite some time. I love to produce and this full moon will inspire, help, and deliver!
    Aries Rising

  9. Starting yesterday and into today which is June 6, I am feeling the build-up of this month’s June. I am Scorpio on the cusp to Sag, 11/21. The moon is particularly brilliant and expanding, and I am also feeling it emanate love. I wonder about the Venus aspects of this particular moon. I am feeling a very sweet love energy and it is wonderful! Is anyone else feeling this warm, sweet, love energy as well?

  10. This moon wasn’t fun for me at all. It fell into my 4th atop my Uranus and trine my 12H Mercury in Cancer. The day before, I received a very shocking (Uranus) phone call (Mercury) from my mother (Moon) regarding the sudden (Uranus) loss (Scorpio) of my grandmother (Moon) and the sale (Scorpio) of a home (Cancer) property (4th) and the upheaval (Uranus) pertaining to dependent relatives’ (Cancer) living situations (4th). It’s still a mess I’m trying to sort out. Gotta love family f*cking drama. ?

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