Full Moon In Scorpio: April 29, 2018 – Determination

The full moon in Scorpio takes place on Sunday, April 29th at nine degrees. This is phenomenally potent full moon.

I see it this way because Mars and Pluto; Scorpio co-rulers, will be tightly conjunct in Capricorn. Think in terms of a controlled a strike.

We’ll see this play in the collective but you can use this energy in personal life as well. This is an ideal time to push towards a goal.

I’d also say that less is more under a sky like this. It there is something you want, plan to get it near the end of the month.

Not by some kind of fluke, though. The emphasis is on plan.


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Full Moon In Scorpio: April 29, 2018 – Determination — 16 Comments

  1. “If there is something you want,plan to get it near the end of the month.” That’s exactly what I’m planning. Thanks Elsa, this is validation I needed.

  2. “I’d also say that less is more under a sky like this. It there is something you want, plan to get it near the end of the month.”

    Yup, the writing is timely, like synchronicity, and a bit psychic. I’m back to apartment hunting now that Mercury is out of its darn retrograde.

  3. Natal pluto @ 5 Degree Scorpio (11th House) trine Neptune @ 5 degree Capricorn (2nd House).

    Natal Mars @ 22 degree Capricorn loosely conjunct my moon @ 28 degree Capricorn and trine Jupiter @ 19 degree pis (4th house)

    so this full moon will hit my natal pluto (3-4 degree orb); while transiting pluto and mars conjunct my natal mars & trine my natal Jupiter.

    TOOOOO much happeninggg I m going back to sleep zzZZzz

  4. The guy I am seeing has this on his birthday so in his solar return and the Mars/Pluto is on his descendant. I am wondering is that me as I am pluto rising and an Aries. Ha.

    On a personal note I am getting my survey done on my house on this day also – so it will be interesting to see what happens, I hope there is no difficulties in negotiating money with the owners.

  5. You are gonna like this… I am a 0 degrees Taurus with Moon conjunct Neptune in the mid degrees of Scorpio… For many years now I have been slogging away as an artist without the appropriate rewards for a variety of reasons… the Mars Pluto conjunction will be in my solar return chart, which I am grateful for, but starting on Thursday for four days, I will be exhibiting one of my best erotic portraits(not overtly but more psychologically so) at Erotic Art London, which is a four day extravaganza with live music, burlesque, Shibari and erotic photography and life drawing classes… I have been waiting a while for the right exhibition…hopefully it will yield good results… How Scorpionic is that??

    • wow sounds great Fixed Cross. congratulations.
      me and my husband love Luis Royo art, which is very erotic art of women but not overtly so. good luck!

  6. This moon will be conjunct my Pluto in 12th At 8 degrees but also my Asc At 11 degrees.
    How does one intepret this when it’s on an angle ?

  7. I have Scorpio Moon at 8 Deg, 6th house and opposed by Saturn in Taurus 8 Deg, 12th house.
    In the year of 2013, it was devastating, lost mom.
    On 2014, I got eclipse right on my Saturn, lost dad.
    2015, 2016 and 2017 … nothing significant…
    But I still feel intense on Scorpio full Moon or new Moon.

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