Full Moon In Sagittarius: A Story That Won’t Bore You!

transit watch elsa 4The full moon takes place at 22 degrees Sagittarius around midnight on June 12th, or in very early morning of the 13th, depending on your location.  If I were single, I would definitely go howl under this one, even though it may be a bit stupid.

I say that, because Mars is in Libra (detriment), is involved in a grand cross with Uranus and Pluto. Venus will also be opposing Saturn, almost to the exact minute.

It may be prudent to stay home in your bulletproof underwear. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll be drawn to the intensity, the challenge and the potential for interesting (Gemini) adventure (Sagittarius), never mind, the likelihood of karmic (Saturn) interaction (Venus).

It’s possible that you run into something akin to this classic scene in, Dirty Harry:

But for those who can simultaneously, react quickly (Mars Uranus) and do the right thing (Venus Saturn), the potential under this full moon is off the charts.

There’s going to be a story that won’t bore you, come out of this. Adventure seekers who feel lucky (Sagittarius) are going to have a hard time sitting this one out. I see no reason why they should.

Got plans for Thursday night, June 12th?

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Full Moon In Sagittarius: A Story That Won’t Bore You! — 40 Comments

    • I sometimes volunteer w older people. A couple of years ago, a little prim 85-ish lady (in a pink floral silk dress and pearls and perfect white sweater)I was sitting around talking to overheard another volunteer, a woman about 35, telling the older woman next to us why she was afraid and uncertain about some move, she doesn’t handle change well, etc.

      The lady I was with reared up and banged the 35-year-old with the end of her walking stick and said, “What’s wrong with you! Start the party already! Have you learned NOTHING yet by being around us? We’re YOU, soon! Start the party! My god!” LOL. The woman looked stunned. Never saw her again.

  1. My natal sun 13 degrees Sag, Mars and Saturn (6 and 12 degrees) Libra are caught in the cross hairs of the Grand Cross as we speak. I am feeling an ongoing vibration of excitement and trying not to poke my finger into every tiger cage I pass but still can’t stay away from the zoo. I am finding life interesting right now.

  2. Its going to conjunct my 12th house Neptune… Oh no!

    I’ll be stuck watching the soccer world cup…:-(

    This Sagittarius always feels lucky 🙂

  3. Oh, wow. That will be ON my natal Neptune @ 22 Sadge. Hunh. And I have both Mars-Uranus and Venus-Saturn in my chart! I guess I will have to make some plans!

  4. No but I always revieve these affects early so taking PTO half day…need to meet an obligation. Hope it works out!

  5. Taking place in the fourth house for me but is on the cusp of the fifth. It’s going to be opposin my N. mercury by a two degree orb…. Really curious to see how this plays out.

  6. I can react quickly (natal mars trine uranus) and do the right thing (venus conjunct saturn) aaaand this FM is conjunct my own moon. Wonder what will go down.

  7. Thats right on my Uranus! 🙂 And its on my day off! Usually on thursdays I do nothing because moving hurts, but maybe I’ll do something next week anyways!

  8. This moon will be nestled between my venus and mars. That looks like a good date night with the husband 🙂

  9. hmmmmm I know exactly what I would do (who I would fuck), that would get me into serious trouble…. I am making plans NOW to do something SAFE. I should buy a chastity belt while I’m at it! lol this one is not for me – it’s conjunct my Saturn, and my Uranus-Mars opposition! I also have Venus-Saturn in my chart. Not to mention I’m packed and loaded with Jupiter/Sadge energy! Thank you for the warning, Elsa.

  10. Smack dab on my Vertex axis, yesss ! Asteroid Magdalene also conjuncts this point at 23 Sag’ … maybe I’ll schedule a couple of days with my friends at the Well of Mercy retreat center.

    Great laughter with the video !

  11. The Full Moon is in my 7th house. I’m going zip lining on Friday the 13th (ha!)for the first time with a 15 degree Aries Sun! I have Jupiter in Cancer, we should be fine. Cue Mary Chapin Carpenter “I Feel Lucky”.

  12. The full moon is conjunct my vertex in 5th house. But also in the full moon chart for where I live, the vertex is conjunct my sun in 1st house almost to the minute, and the part of fortune is conjunct my sun/moon midpoint. I’m so bored I hope something adventurous happens. lol

  13. Yee-haw! Natal Sadgie moon 28* …I’m going sailing that night.
    I’ll be sure to wear my life jacket.

  14. This will conjunct Saturn in my 12th house. So I imagine I’ll be alone trying to learn something new and better my craft. This afternoon I was really out of sorts -a headache, lost my car keys and then had to call my appointment and tell them I was running late as I’d be walking. My client liked my work but had a lot to criticize as well. When I got home I saw the news about the shooting at the school here in Seattle. It’s blocks from where I live. Why are there so many shootings at schools and why are they similar? And so often? This one could have been worse. My problems seem like peanuts now.

  15. I hope something good and exciting happens but idk. Lately life’s been pretty slow and steady for me. My natal moon is 24deg sag natal uranus 23 deg so I wonder if this will spark something for me. A full moon on Friday the 13th? Awooooo! I was practicing my howl just the other day maybe it’ll come in handy.

  16. Elsa, if I’m not mistaken, this Full Moon in Sagittarius will be exactly inconjunct Jupiter @ 22° in Cancer. Don’t you find it weird (Jupiter in a Moon-ruled sign quincunx a Full Moon in a Jupiter-ruled sign)? What do you think the significance might be?

  17. This full Sadge Moon falls on my natal Venus (ruler 2nd & 9th). Glad for the sextile to my Moon (ruler of 11th) to protect my $/salary! We also might wind up relocating for my husband’s career – would fit…

    Yesterday, I got the answer as to what the previous new Moon in my 10th meant – job changes for me – my long-distance (9H) client is cutting staff, but my company wants me to continue to be a key reviewer there part-time/audit remaining staff AND develop our business more (audits, marketing, training, etc.). Gemini 10H indeed. Changes don’t start until after July 1 (someone must know that’s when Merc retro ends) so I feel a little better.

  18. Elsa –

    DO you work with the Part of Fortune? I know some astrologers don’t deal with it. This Full Moon will be conjunct my Part of Fortune @ 23 Sagitarius in my 4H. Do you have any thoughts on this?



  19. I have Mars in 8th house Sag, 26 degree.
    Rubbish husband has venus exact conjunct saturn 3rd house 28 degree Pises.
    Already in restless moode. Trying to even avoid eye contact. Not sure what is waiting for me in this full moon.
    Praying to God (Mars is sitting just on top of my natal Jupiter. Oh yea, I have my mental mercury at 14 deg Libra , Ta Da *** )

  20. 22 deg sag – exact on my ascendant. also an exact square to my venus & almost exact (23 deg) trine to my moon. it’s also within striking distance of my neptune, pluto, true node, part of fortune & lilith. i don’t know if i should be scared or excited. more importantly, i’m not sure what i should do to that night to ensure the outcome is excitement & not fear 🙂

  21. Weekend sister’s reunion coming up. I’ll be on shark patrol just in case. We are doin pretty well together but them old habits die hard. Especially for the out of towner. Speaking of sharks, we are going out to eat fish dinner. 😀

  22. i got my fair share of unexpected things going down today!! so thank you but I’ll be under my blanket shivering and praying for stability and mercy

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