Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 9, 2017 – Your Greatest Good, Realized

The full moon in Sagittarius takes place in the morning on June 9th, 2017.  Deep down, you know probably know what you want (and need) for your future in order to manifest your greatest good.

I see things be illuminated under the full moon. You can see in the picture, soon after the moon is full, she’ll hook up with Saturn. This is a day to commit to whatever work is needed so that you can fulfill your potential.

You may need to further your education.
You may need to control your wanderlust.
You may need to adjust your expectations, in or out or up or down.
You may need to work on faith.
You may need to do the right thing, cheerfully.
You may be need to expand your sphere.

You get the idea.

If you fail to do what’s needed, you’ll become defeated. If you push through your blocks, you’ll graduate.

This full moon is concerned with free will and the path you choose to follow.

Do you like where you’re headed?

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 9, 2017 – Your Greatest Good, Realized — 26 Comments

  1. I will be on holidays, on an island (typical sag I am). This will be in my 12th house, with natal Neptune, transit Saturn and full moon. Loads of crying???

    I know where I want to head, right now, I’m still in a fog, but I understand I need to trust my instincts or use my other senses to guide me through it.

    I have a goal/plan, but if needs to be changed, I’m okay with it.
    Needing loads of guidance or a lit path is what I need.

    Can’t wait.

  2. Oh yeah I love where I ‘m headed – A beautiful sprawling Ranch in Montana right next to a calm pristine Lake?! Gonna take about 7 years till I can retire though. But I have a lot of patience and planning is a personal strength of mine. I’m thinking Sagg will have none of this – and kick me to the curb and out of the party?. That’s ok – I think I’ll meet Uncle Saturn there who will drag me up and clearly show me 7 years of the “blocks and obstacles”. It’s all good….I love a challenge!?
    Aries Rising

  3. We are heading home! It will take a commitment to expanding our approach, open to collaboration and defining ‘home’ to include the generations ahead of us (11th House cusp for me; and 4th House for my mate).

  4. This is in my 4th. I just want a nice house! Financial stability and solid decisions. Sigh.

    It’s also the day my progressed Venus hits 0′ Capricorn. Hope the switch means good things 🙂

  5. Nothing much going on for me though this will be smack on my Saturn in Sag in the first house. I am working on defining my future, but that so that is something I may be expanding on..what my real needs are. I do feel fairly optimistic about it!

  6. it seems to be for family and home maintenance: just doing alot of family activities, and more physical outdoor fun, hiking, biking, and traveling close to where we live. we’ve spent alot of money on our home, improving it, over the last two months, with a new bathroom, roofing, a new fence, new beds, painting interior, dishwasher and gas heater for more expenses. It was just alot where usually it is spanned over one of these once a year or more. Having a home is really expensive with maintenance. it’s not like renting where the landlord takes care of everything, so after all these years we’re seeing how maintenance is important.i kind of never saw how hard my parents worked at their home, and how my father worked alot in the yard and fixing up the garden, trees, front yard, roof, toilet, it’s like we take advantage of how hard people keep things up and how as we’re older, having responsibilities, there’s a deep appreciation. we feel like those couples from the home improvement shows.

  7. Full Moon will be conjunct my 11H Sag Saturn. I plan on starting a 2-part horary astrology course on June 9th.

  8. Oh yes! it’s looking good, like the dream that I never thought could come true! My son’s recovering well after chemotherapy, doing kiddie stuff once again! I’m back home implementing our house refurbishment plans and the youth movement that I’ve trying to get moving for sooo many years are calling for me to come on board – all previous conflicts while not erased are at least workable (And I have no time now really. . . but I’ll find it of course)I’m happy where we’re we heading. Oh yes.

  9. This Full Moon will conjunct my Sun and Venus in Sagittarius and trine my Jupiter in Leo. It will be interesting, I guess ?

  10. A full moon birthday for me…..hoping for interesting….and conclusion of things I have been working on. Please not jarring ….I am full up of jarring.

  11. Yes, I like that my career has finally found a small start in my job life. I will start a new job June 1st. Yay! It’s veen some grueling 2-3 years with the Saturn-Neptune and Neptune squaring my MC. Cripes!

    But I don’t like the way my relationship is going these days. It’s like my partner haven’t had any sexual feelings for me the past many many months and I think I am done with this. He takes anti deprressiva but I can’t stay in a relationship where there is no spark or desire – and it’s only one-sided (me). So this full moon will probably kinda see an end to this relationship. It saddens me but I have too much 8th house/Mars energy/libido stuff inside to go theough a long distance relationship when there’s not even a tiny spark of desire from his side.

    His Pluto is conjunct my 8H Moon, and his Saturn falls in my 7th house, square my sun. I relaize this makes it harder to let go, but I can’t stay if things don’t change. And I don’t want anyone faking desire just to prevent me from leaving. People are people, and we are all unique.

  12. I am proud of myself; kinda feel like I am awash a-shore after the storm. Every morning before I lift up I pray , I thank the spirits above, I am safe
    I feel like I live on an incline, but I keep my chin up, trying,trying to believe there is a master plan, if I give of my heart , eyes, way,wide open ,listen always listening with my special built for me filter on, the day is a gift, the nite a relief, also kinda had a very special dream
    Warm milk always treats me right
    I guess Where I am headed ,has at times,
    The unexpected, but my balance
    Is getting real strong!

  13. This moon hits my 5th house Neptune on the nose. I’m dreaming (Neptune) up all sorts of fun (Sagittarius) creative activities for my kids (5th)

  14. My sixth house cusp is 16 Sag….. I guess I will be working…..I hope it will be creatively…..other than that, I hope it is good for my health…..the grind continues…..!

  15. This will be exact on exact conjunction of transiting Saturn on natal Jupiter in 6th. Things are not good at work, its been ripe for change, I’ve interviewed elsewhere, perhaps this will help things along

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