Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: June 5, 2020 – T-Square

saggitarius vintage pendantThe full moon in Sagittarius will take place in the afternoon on June 5th at 15 degrees. You can expect to see a lot going on, considering the moon will oppose the sun and Venus in Gemini while she squares Mars and Neptune Pisces.

There are so many ways might play out. The word “beaucoup” comes to mind, first. Here are some other ideas:

  • Worldwide fairy story
  • Deliberately obscuring the truth in relationships – catfish-type stuff.
  • Also, ghosting in relationship. Love (Venus) disappears.
  • Money (Venus) can also disappear… or appear, like magic.
  • Heart opening. The tides comes in and brings with it the ability to forgive.
  • The truth may be presented, surrounded by lies.
  • Definite mixed up communications
  • Veil drops on people who deceived.
  • Misunderstandings my be cleared; but new ones may be created.

I did not intend this list to be this long, but I got running at mouth. Yes, blathering is another probable manifestation of this full moon.

You can also expect, whatever circus or distraction manifests, it’s going to utterly dominate the 24-hour period leading up to the full moon.  This is because so many planets are caught in the t-square.  Heads up to Virgo; your sign fills to close the grand cross. All this energy will be flung in your direction.

The Mutable signs tend to be busy and on the go. This push will increase exponentially, the closer we get to the full moon.

If you want to enjoy this, think about feeling optimistic and spreading good cheer. This is easy to do. When you call the tech or customer service line, be kind.  This is the Anti-Karen full moon! I’m going to enjoy it for sure.

Here’s another tip; if someone lies to you or about you or tries to trick you, just laugh heartily. There is no need to explain.

Got plans for the full moon in Sagittarius?



Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: June 5, 2020 – T-Square — 30 Comments

  1. The full moon/eclipse exactly conjuncts my natal Moon (which is the profected ruler this year) so I’m all up for some changes in my domestic life, emotions habits and for some feelings being illuminated for me to see.

    Thank you for the heads up (now for some time) around Neptune squaring planets and the potential for deceipt. I’ve seen and experienced it (especially at work where often the lies hide underlying needs in the person) and felt really prepared thanks to your notes, Elsa.

    I know there is some more potential so I’m staying clear (grounded), alert (yet receptive) and forgiving in some way.

  2. The Sag FM will be in an applying conjunction with my natal Saturn – good anchoring. However, this mutable T-square will form a grand cross in my chart because it will aspect my 7H Virgo Venus and natal asteroid Juno. I guess a personal relationship of mine will remain confusing for a few more weeks.

  3. This Moon conjuncts my Neptune in 2nd house and oppose Mars in 8th. This is an eclipse as far as I know, so effects will be stronger then ordinary full moon.
    My partner’s birthday is on june 5th, this is his SR. Moon falls in his 11house. I’m expecting a turbulent year for him, and me as well.

  4. Probably get a little preview of what going down and how to deal with it when Moon is in Virgo opposing Mars square Venus on the 30th. That spot there is the empty leg of the T-square Full moon on the 5th. Guess a Virgoian “chop wood, carry water” approach will ease all the mental and spiritual issues caused by all that Gemini, Pisces and the Sag confrontation.

  5. Beaucoup plus – trine my Jupiter. I plan to finish planting my garden… Or gardens, rather! A lot going on for sure.

  6. I start the process of sorting out my anxiety issues on June 3rd with a therapist after suffering from what I see has been generalized anxiety for some 20 years (better late than never, huh?!)

    They will find out (hopefully) what’s wrong and if there any underlying undiagnosed things behind it.

    I hope to uncover the truth about my state of emotional nature as the summer/autumn progress.

    This eclipse will hit my 4th/10th house… Some important stuff will come up I assume.

  7. Sounds potentially enlivening. I will have to check what I’ve got going on this day. If I don’t have plans, I’ll make some.

  8. Conjunct natal vertex. Emotional turmoil one tag I see. This is also in the fifth house. One take on vertex in Sagi is that I can drift through life, not attached to accolades or accomplishment. I find that to be credible as I relate to the Tao, and Buddhist sentiments like – not to be affected by praise or scorn. I was positive this evening during a 12 step woman’s meeting I sometimes attend – this night by FaceTime due social isolating. I’m thinking there may be some action in my romantic life – not necessarily sensually, moreso I expect – and hope – some higher thinking and hopefully good conversation between us – good as in not angry or frustrated. Open and engaging.

  9. Yes laughter, enjoyed by the laughing, those at arms, totally taken thrown in a different direction from their anger or attack.I am hoping to be ,honestly ,cheerful.no complaints ,worries ,fear or war. Sad and mad chew me up ,like harsh coffee.I swear, I wish to gag if I even hint with a complaint from now till well past full moon and eclipses retro grades and familiar tripping spots. This is a special new time .Everyone deserves a break from me complaining.Smile and wave,in the rear view.Thank you for the heads up about the circus coming to town,I can so miss the clowns.

  10. Money disappearing like magic – interesting as this day carries a likelihood (per financial astrology) for aa significant drop in the financial markets. Of course, that’s become a weekly event during this pandemic.

  11. Will be conjunct my 10 degree Sag rising yaaaay. Awesome. Hurrah. I’m a 0 degree Virgo sun! And a Scorpio moon. Whaaaat. I don’t feel any changes coming, though. Maybe it’s brewing up.

    • hello from a 14 degree Sag rising ‘cousin’. I read somewhere that this sun/moon axis conjuncts the Great Attractor too (the area in the cosmos we are hurtling toward at 600Km/sec). So the alignment plot grows thicker. We’ll have to compare notes later … Best wishes!

  12. This full moon opposes my Mercury-Mars conjunction in the 10th and inconjuncts my Uranus in the 11th.

    Neptune in mid-Pisces at the same time suggests more of the same I’ve had during the past couple of years–deception by people I had trusted. Or does this mean that their deception will become more public, more visible to others, at this time? Either way, it’s uncomfortable vibes.

    A astrologer who read my natal chart years ago said my Uranus position indicates frequent sudden losses of friendships over the course of a lifetime, which rang true then and still does. Is someone else about to split? We introverts don’t have that many friends to begin with.

    But I am not in total despair. The full moon trines my Leo Ascendant and Venus in Aries in the 9th.

  13. I have been married 43 years. This hits his asc/desc within 2 degrees, my progressed Jupiter within a degree and my POF smack on it.

    Neptune has been hovering on my 2nd house cusp for a good while and his Jupiter in 2nd has been hit multiple times with this Capricorn stuff going on. His Sun in Virgo in the empty spot of T.

    Might need my roller skates to keep up. Wait! I don’t have any skates……

    I will watch this thread and probably eventually post what I think resulted from this eclipse in our lives. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it.

  14. The full moon will be conjunct my Ascendant ( My Sun being Pisces).

    Can anyone guide me on what I’m gonna be up for?

  15. I think it could be the start of a pull back in the stock market. Full moon usually represent the culmination of whatever trend was in place in the market.

    Since the market has been especially strong it could reach an interim peak by June 5th and then consolidate or go down a bit.

    If so, I will be buying.

  16. I am going to take this one to heart! I have a feeling I may need this approach. “Here’s another tip; if someone lies to you or about you or tries to trick you, just laugh heartily. There is no need to explain.” Also the be kind note. Thank you Elsa

  17. When you get a list of acceptable surgeons, run the list by either the nurses in your original surgeon’s office or your original surgeon and ask who they’d choose. That way you’ll have a more informed choice.

    • That’s exactly what I did – thanks.
      My surgeon recommended the head of the spine department of the hospital… he’s on the list, so that’s who I’m going to, if possible.

      Not sure I will be able to BUT… I have an interesting, gross, spine, so in this case, it helps my cause. I will hear *something* today.

      • I’m sure it will work out better for you. My sister had Harrington rods surgery last year for her whole spine. She was all set to go with surgeon #1 when she found out that he wasn’t that stellar. Surgeon #2 was recommended & she had to wait a while for him, but he did a great job. She’s much more vertical and in much less pain.

  18. My Bday is June 5th, Asc at 22* Gem , have a stellium in Gemini w/ merc at 15* Gem, Pluto/Uranus conjunction at 15* in the 4th house Virgo.I’ll be Moving into my new house that’s been under construction since March.. 🙏 🙏 cancelling all bday plans to focus on the new house 🏡 CAP MOON 🌙 Saturn says work and be responsible, even if it is your bday. 🎈 venus retro will likely make me extra picky to boot ..ughh

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