Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 3, 2023 – Lower Your Expectations

Sagittarius capThe full moon in Sagittarius will take place in the evening on Saturday, June 3rd at 13 degrees. Sagittarius is fun but this is a complex situation.

The sun and moon will be checked by Saturn in Pisces, as the three bodies form a Mutable T-square. While I understand this can help a person ground their vision, it feels more restrictive.  This is probably because this T-square has to compete with a second T-square, involving Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.

I’m reading this as if the big and fun and open or impactful portion of our program (Jupiter) will play in the Pluto realm, while the sun and moon are restrained.

I would love to be wrong but the Mutable T-square reads like one of those situation where you plan to go to a party. The day comes and you don’t feel like it.

Saturn is Pisces can weigh on the moon to various degrees in an endless number of ways.  It’s very simple. Sagittarius prefers to be unrestricted – Saturn restricts! Whatever you want from this, you should probably lower you expectations which is not the Sagittarius way!

Now I’m sorry but if you don’t like your fun curtailed, I’m sure there will be plenty of hype and tripe from AI and other sources, to counter my opinion. But as far as I’m concerned, the idea you’re not tethered when you are in fact tethered, is ludicrous.

You may win big under this full moon, but if so, it will likely be tied to Venus, Jupiter & Pluto, acting in concert.


Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 3, 2023 – Lower Your Expectations — 37 Comments

  1. This is a good heads up. It sounds like it might be a time to get ready to adjust as needed, whether it’s attitude or expectations from others or yourself or the situation. It sounds like it could still be a time to learn.

    It also reminds me of something retrograde: you are prepared to do something or for something to happen, and it looks all FUBAR when the time comes, but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. A near miss, a better opportunity in the future, or a chance to redo.


  2. We are planning to go to a party that evening, it’s my oldest daughter’s birthday! Hope it’s not too somber!

    • I would not go as far as “somber”. There is just a tether there and a tether is a tether; I say this as a Jupitarian, unbound puppy-type person.

      • lol, I scroll to this as I’m thinking, where is that Venus, Jupiter, Pluto concert, must get me some tickets if it’s in my vicinity … A good place to attempt to slip the tether?! lol!!!

  3. Yikes, this looks to affect my finances. Natal Sag Moon/2 at 12° opposite Gem Venus/8 at 14° in a t square with Pluto! Thanks for the post Elsa.

  4. My birthday. I’m sick at the moment and my work is exhausting. Definately won’t be in the mood for any type of celebrating. Just wanting to get better.

  5. I have Neptune 11 Sag, close to MC 4 Sag opppsite Sun 4 Gem.
    I expect further shenanigans at work🤣, crushed dreams, disappointments, aspirations. Part of life.. but this isnthe end of Saturn squaring my immense stellum from 11Tau to 5 Gemini…

  6. The sun and moon will amplify a mutable Tsquare I have which is already getting activated by Saturn sitting on my Pisces Moon at 7*. My Moon squares Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Sag. Good to have a warning because I’m already feeling unstable with this Tsquare being triggered, and it goes on through June as Saturn is going rx on my Moon.

    • Sounds like an upside – you can stabilize it. It’s the people want to have non-stop unfettered fun (me) who have a problem here! 🙂

      • Thanks Elsa! I do think the Saturn transit is beneficial, it has me deciding once and for all to live my truth/reality, but I’m struggling with letting go of the brainwashing/programming, whatever is best to call it, because there’s attachment and grief involved, even though it hampers me. Perhaps unfettered truth 🙂

  7. This moon lands right smack on my natal Jupiter in the 4th, making a wide conjunct to my natal Mercury and Venus in the 5th. Pluto is sextiling my sun. I hardly know where to start. Maybe with some lottery tickets?

  8. Oh Im hosting my nieces Bridal shower on 4th June…good heads up! Lowering my expectations so I’ll be pleasantly suprised, exhausted but content!

    • Me too Katie – Chicago here we come
      It’s probably bad that I’m that excited about it lol
      Thinking Pink in Milwaukee might be good too

  9. Somehow I scored a ticket to Taylor Swift for that night in Chicago
    With my daughter & granddaughters … I’m ok to feel somewhat tethered, hopefully that means grounded and safe travels . (BTW TS is a 21 deg Sag Sun )

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  11. It’s my husband’s birthday. What does it mean to have a full moon on your solar return? Is it good or bad?

  12. Oh my- my natal moon is at 9 degrees Sag conjunct natal mars at 13 degrees in my 2nd house. Any help on interpreting?

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