Full Moon In Pisces: September 20, 2021 – Look Out Mutable People!

Pisces mermaidThe full moon in Pisces will take place in the evening on September 20th at 28 degrees.  This is going to be an odd one.  It just seems a bit overdone like a potluck dinner gone wrong.

Theoretically, this should not be possible. A potluck dinner is supposed to be a mishmash but what if there are too many dishes to fit the available space?  Should some of the dishes be set on the floor?  How about under the table rather than on it?  I have to resort to a bullet list to try to makes sense of this:

  • Mars has been in Virgo agitating Neptune in Pisces. Mercury has done the same so people are sensitized in the areas of their chart where this tension will take place.
  • Mars in Libra (detriment) is conjunct the sun in Virgo, agitating the full moon, out of sign. Virgo ruler, Mercury, is also in Libra. Virgo often prefers to be alone, especially in times of stress. Libra is social so that’s stress!
  • Neptune in Pisces will conjunct the full moon, but the aspect is not tight so it just sort of distracts. You know how you can be talking to someone and drift off?  Like that. Focus just falls off.
  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde. This has been frustrating for people and some are at the end of their rope.
  • Venus in Scorpio (detriment) is opposing Uranus in Taurus and squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Sounds cruel!
  • Mercury in Libra is tightly square Pluto in Capricorn.

Now I’m sorry for this report but I’m hoping that knowing this is coming, you can prepare. Don’t use this as a reason to go off your diet. I think it’s more something to try to dodge.

You may not have the option.  You may need to be at this potluck dinner but if so, you can know going in, it’s going to be whack. Expect people are going to be hopped up (Mars) on glue, basically.  Expect them to be impaired.

The only easy aspect under the full moon is Mercury trine Jupiter in Aquarius. Consequently, the strong play here looks to be forgiveness. Note that Mercury and Jupiter rule Virgo and Pisces so this really seems to be the key.  Say nice things and think big thoughts?

I don’t think it will be easy but it will be smart because if you slip and stab someone under this full moon, you’re going to wake up with an epic hangover. It can’t possibly be worth it.

Got planets in the late degrees of Mutable signs? Got plans for Monday the 20th?


Full Moon In Pisces: September 20, 2021 – Look Out Mutable People! — 47 Comments

  1. In my country there’s a holiday starting with a dinner on Monday eve.
    I live in a studio behind the main house for the last 10 months, trying to get divorced. Kids with their dad. I’m not going to join the dinner.
    I could blame the Saturn Pluto conjunct last year exact on my descendent North Node conjunction. But there’s far more to it.
    My natal chart is a mutable based, with Sun, Mercury, Mars in Virgo. Moon and Jupiter in Saggo. Saturn in Gemini. All starts at 20 degrees.

  2. “Expect people are going to be hopped up on glue”. I almost lost it when I read that line Elsa! I can’t even imagine being at a Potluck with people hopped up in glue!….lol I will be on pins and needles though because I had completely different plans (already) for my life and finding out now, nope! Not retiring. Going back to work in October and the whole BS of getting up at 5:30a.m. , making lunches for everyday, commuting for two hours every day and then having to make dinner, where I’ll have about 3.5 hours an evening to chill before bedtime, is going to start up again. Pisces is my IC and the is Full Moon is opposite my MC, so my life is topsy turvy. Also at the same time need to move due to extenuating circumstances and my area is short on housing. Maybe they’ll let me sleep in the office until I get a place. Geeez!

  3. Mars is opposing my 28 degree Pisces Sun conjunct Mercury now. The Full Moon will be sitting on them on 20 Sept. I am taking your dodge suggestion, Elsa: food stacked in, doors locked, alarm system on, phones off. Thank you for your heads up!

    ‘people are going to be hopped up (Mars) on glue, basically. Expect them to be impaired.’ No way am I going to that dinner.

      • Crazy part is Trudeau our prime minster or better known as Fidel Castro son (kid you not! all Canadians know this due to his famously promiscuous mother pictured with Castro numerous times) is able to CHOOSE and SCHEDULE when he wants an election (snap election) and he can CHOOSE and set the date of the election.

        This trickster chose this very date for a very good reason.

        • Hazel, as Elsa mentioned in her email today, there’s a lot of “you’ve got to be kidding me” going around these days! I’ve been asleep at the media wheel because I hadn’t heard about Justin being Fidel’s petit fils. Thanks for that bit of truth you shared. Started off my day with a good chuckle and juice to chew on. I’m bringing orange mangos to the Canadian potluck next week, nevertheless!

          • Hee-Hee 😉
            Glad this gave you a chuckle!!
            Have an even bigger better chuckle with some OMG moments when you type Justine Trudeau Castro in google images. Ah but now le petit fils cleaned up his daddy’s signature scruffy look in time for the campaign to a real clean shaven ROOTS look. ;0)

        • Just wow… not ALL Canadians “know” this because it is spurious and utterly unproven. Trudeau’s mother was not “famously promiscuous” any more than anyone else in the 70s, she has bipolar disorder and behaved erratically. And why his paternity an issue at all in how he is doing his job? Last I heard, Canada is not at war with Cuba and Castro hasn’t been in power for years. Trudeau was fairly elected, and if you don’t want the Liberals again then go vote. Calling him a trickster is empty hype. All politicians spin information to support their platforms. I really am sorry to see this unhinged slavering over conspiracy detract from real election issues. Factoid: 90% of Canadian media is now privately owned by billionaire American hedge fund managers whose goal is to inundate the country with fake news and promote their right wing agenda. And unlike your weird “birther” snipes, that detail is thoroughly documented by authoritative and independent analysts.

            • Lol, no. That was thoroughly enjoyable. I do object to the circulation of untruths which obscure and deflect from urgent matters, so thank you for providing the perfect example! What’s cool is this non-exchange succinctly illustrates Mars in Virgo clashing with Neptune in Pisces. I have Mars in Leo and Neptune in Scorpio, what about you?

    • Oh Canada. Dear precious neutral land to the north. Was always so good to imagine such a calm peaceful place. This nuttery is universal I guess. Sigh. ?. Virgo asks what is the purpose.
      What do you want? What’s the end game? What is being accomplished? What’s it all for? That’s my full moon question.

  4. Venus in Scorpio (detriment) is opposing Uranus in Taurus and squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Sounds cruel!

    Sounds cruel? Why cruel? Actual cruelty or cruel pain?

  5. Oh No !
    I have just had the worst week of my life, I really wanted to jump off the roof
    The reno was painful with do overs,I finally painted the rest,and the painters left.
    Misunderstanding s galore, do overs, and just “Stress”, its like its hanging in the air.
    I m all hopped up on glue,if I go to a potluck,there’ll be no luck…lol.
    Im definitely feeling the tension,and totally out of whack.
    Hope this passes soon,and then I wake up.

    • I feel you Shonaaa!

      @Notch: right? Moon in Virgo here. May be we Virgo influenced will feel like WE are hopped up on glue! ?Of course being the health nut I am I would only use Emerson’s Class Room approved safe for kids and pets LOL. Actually I’ll stick to just eating right, meditation and getting in some exercise. It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to stay sane during this pandemic pandemonium.
      Wishing everyone well on September 20!

      • I am gonna try to prioritize and power through the work. I feel like I have been resistance training for some time with the sensation of a heavy downward pressure bearing down on me. The ‘stress hanging in the air’ makes sense to me. I don’t feel stress but I do feel weight bearing down on me.

      • Thanks Dawn ,yes the squares and pressure bearing down feels oppressive.
        Have no time for meditation now,still have clearing up after,but I can feel something lifting now.
        Like a light at the end of the tunnel.
        So just pushing on,(a Taurean thing) and breathing deeply.

      • Virgo… I’m interested in how stuff that is not necessarily astrological has such strong influence on that ‘normal living’ processes and how it hooks up with other influences (such as astrology, synchronicity, so on).
        Sorry, bumbling this am… I have an (apparently) ASC at 29 in Virgo. So many people think that I am a bent Virgo that I guess I have decided to go with that flow and it only took a little over 60+ years to make that decision.
        RE: hopped up… Yes; now for at least a few months and growing intensity. Everytime there is a changeful transition, I think it has finally peaked only to find out there’s another step up and I can’t tell if there’s a peak anywhere in sight. So here’s something that seems to be insightful to me:

        “If Virgo is anything, it is the furious attempt to keep genius in check. All Virgos are tormented by this. They are furious but excited when they change their minds, when they discard ideas, and when their citations lead them down rabbit holes. Virgo is not the ability to keep things neat and pretty. Virgo is the inability to be neat and pretty because there are too many things to consider at once.”

        “Virgo isn’t about clean kitchens and scrubbed floors. Virgo is a will to describe the world, all of it, at once. This is because Virgos are instantly curious creatures. They are able to hold curiosity on two opposing things at once while looking for the gaps and the overlaps.”

        And, this is not mine. I lifted it.

        • Well this explains things! Yes experiencing all this too but I do get pleasure in order and cleanliness. But Moon in Virgo May be instinctually different than Sun in Virgo.
          I hope you, notch and I see the light at the end of the tunnel soon!

          • Interesting… I have recently been studying Sun/Moon birth sign and day/night charts. Right now, it appears to me that whether you have day chart v whether you have a night chart is one of those primordial/foundational astrological determinants.

        • As a stellium Virgo, I agree with this. However, in the back of the Virgo’s mind there is guilt for not being perfect. Even tho we know there is no such thing as perfection.

        • Thank you for this, j. My Mercury is in Virgo and is one of two final dispositors in my chart (the other one being a Sun / Pluto conjunction).
          Also in Virgo are Juno, Jupiter and MC.
          It’s great to be given the gift of this additional insight into myself.
          I’ve been going nutso for what feels like forever… and it keeps on revving up… with 7 mutable positions (that includes Juno) it will probably get worse before it gets better … OY!!

  6. How can Mars in Libra be conjunct the sun in Virgo? Also, is the Sun in detriment in Aquarius since it’s opposite Leo which it rules?
    PS. Pisces tend to get a bad rap. Or incorrect interpretation. Probably since they’re at the end of the line they have the overview/understanding of looking backwards that none of the other signs do, though those also try.

  7. My birthday is on the 21th of September, so this will pretty much be my solar return chart….And I was hoping for calmer waters ahead, after a turbulent few years….hmmmm

  8. So funny. Just read your Monday morning email about mutable-ness/Bobby Axelrod and then read this. Billions is my favorite show. My only mutable is Pluto in Virgo at 24 degrees, but I’m a Scorpio rising so….and I literally just googled the actor Damian Lewis’s astrology chart and he and I both share an Aquarius Sun & Mercury near the same degrees. Maybe that’s why I vibe with the show? Interestingly enough, I just applied for a job to be the assistant to a CEO who is WAY mutable, so we’ll see if anything comes of it around this full moon…

  9. “Venus in Scorpio (detriment) is opposing Uranus in Taurus and squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Sounds cruel!
    Mercury in Libra is tightly square Pluto in Capricorn.”

    I think I see where you’re going with this. They key, mercury trine jupiter, they also point to the rulers of the signs they transit, hence it all seems to correlate to the potion/venom Venus might be drinking up/throwing in the mix of the current epic of uranus sq saturn. Of course, pluto also comes to stir the pot at this party. Your advice is precious. Id just like to point out that dodging comes in many forms. Perhaps jupiter will actually help mercury and uranus help venus to detach and watch pluto and saturn get their own medicine for a change… Mars will be irritated for sure in my case, as he will oppose my natal venus… but, you know, an aries venus enjoys seeing that bow and error…err..arrow contest!

  10. The solstice is on Wednesday. Let’s hope this will bring more of a sense of balance to all of us (says she, desperately trying to believe that the light at the end of this endless tunnel is not an oncoming train)…

    • Needed that word balance this morning. I could do this today. I could do that today. Hell, maybe I’ll just get in the car and keep driving. Or pack my knapsack and just keep walking. But then there I would be, driving or walking away. Wherever I go, there I am. Okay balance time. For me that means outside the canning kitchen. To the outdoors I go for re-balancing. Nature has a way of doing that for me.

  11. I have all the angles of my chart at 27 degrees, so this is just barely in the 7th house. I’m single and I only have a few friends, so hmmm this is interesting.

    ? I think at last year’s and the year before, I was over-working myself which is a very Virgo thing to do.

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